What makes your poop dark brown?

Are you curious why your poop is the color of chocolate? Random question, we know. But have you ever stopped to think about what makes your poop dark brown and how it gets that way? Well, no need to search high and low for the answers because we’ve got all the juicy details right here!

The Color Wheel

We’ll start with some elementary science. Remember learning about primary colors in school? Well, those same colors apply to everything around us, including our feces!
– Red
– Blue
– Yellow

Yes folks, these three colors mix together in our bodies to create every shade under the sun including brown which just so happens to be made up of a mixture of red and green.

Pigments Galore!

Now let’s dig into those pigments responsible for giving us multi-colored dookies.
1. Bilirubin – This pigment comes from our liver via broken-down red blood cells during digestion.
2. Stercobilin – Do not try pronouncing this at home kids’ …this pigment is created when bacteria break down bilirubin which results in a…you guessed it: brown color

These two giant pigments are usually responsible for creating an even-toned stool.

The Detrimental Effects Of Soil!

If you’re questioning why suddenly become exhausted after gardening or farming all day long then look no further…
You might get tetanus caused by Clostridium tetani present on soil readying itself as an ambush waiting for its prey.
In severe cases symptoms such as muscle stiffness might occur leading eventually toward paralysis similarly like getting exposed towards deadly toxins resulting in harm affecting brain stem influencing spinal cord carrying out various functions spanning from swallowing food properly (dysphagia) exhaustion tiredness among other side effects .

Oops,you wanted information regarding bowel movements didn’t you? Back to poop!

Androgens: TMI?

Yes, those pesky hormones are back at it again. If you’ve ever stopped and pondered why men’s stool tends to be darker than women’s it could potentially boil down to those pesky little testosterone levels fluctuating up and down in males.

Note: This is not a suggestion for all the gals out there who find themselves curious about dabbling with some hormonal prescriptions to achieve browner bowel movements. Let the natural process of bodily functions do its thing people.

Color Coding

Just in case you have an itch for knowing exactly what colors your feces can throw your way; we got you covered!
– Red or black stool coloration might indicate potential bleeding present somewhere within gastrointestinal tract
– Yellow or green stool coloration might indicate infection by harmful enteties like Shigella bacteria via food poisoning coming from undercooked poultry items among others.
– Intake of iron supplements regularly may make stools turn tarry dark akin like going for watered-down sticky caramel causing confusion often leading towards alarming decisions regarding health which 90% aren’t even remotely necessary if samples analyzed properly without taking into account multiple variables like diet etc damaging psyche leading ultimately close observation endeavors turning disastrous

Fiber To The Rescue

Finally, our friend fiber has made his appearance once more. Like always he arrives right on time staying loyal and true.
A healthy diet consisting of a sufficient quantity of vegetables, fruits & grains containing insoluble fiber contributes ample help assuring smooth flow directed within digestive system allowing room clearance safe exit strategies making sure no abrupt surprises surface amidst regular daily tasks.

So there you go folks – the answer to that burning question that nobody ever seemed too keen on actually answering before now!
Remember, keeping track of changes in your bathroom habit is still essential as certain shades warrant emergency consultations so check thoroughly & maintain hygiene religiously afterwards.