What makes poop green?

Ah, poop. The ultimate taboo topic that nobody wants to talk about, yet everybody does it – dogs do it, cats do it and even unicorns (well they must) do it! Every time you step into a bathroom stall, you can’t help but notice varying shapes and colors of poop.

Green poop is one of the strangest sights; after all who would have thought that such an innocent looking plant could be responsible for green feces? So what makes your brown waste turn green overnight? To answer this question we have to embark on a journey of discovery together – investigating everything from diet to digestion!

First things first: What Is Poop?

Poop or stool as some would prefer to call it is simply digested food mixed with bacteria living in our intestines – well-behaved bacterias that are essential in breaking down food mechanisms. In essence every bite you take starts a biological process whereby nutrients are absorbed by your intestines before being passed through your body’s filtration system ready for excretion via the rectum… All very science y right? But don’t worry – there’ll be no scientific jargon ahead- just pure fun.

Let’s move on

Most individuals may argue against consuming vegetables like spinach and kale because they find their taste unpleasant; however guess what folks- these veggies will shed light on why you may have experienced green poops recently.

1. Indulgence On Greens

Dark leafy greens such as kale and spinach comprise high levels of chlorophyll which absorbs sunlight from the environment during photosynthesis: creating those remarkable big leaves! When consumed as part of our diets green foliage combines readily with vitamin C precursors transforming compound into biliverdin (Despite sounding strange trust me this substance interesting). Next comes trouble when biliverdin contacts with faeces’ breakdown products giving us blue-green coloration intensifying until feces completely turns green.


The human body tends to absorb better when taking high-caloric intakes regularly as compared to low calorie ones (So put down that bag of chips for your health’s sake!). When combined with an effective exercising regimen, consuming simple carbohydrates will not only make you healthy but also may reduce some gastrointestinal problems especially constipation; making sure your bowel movements are smooth sailing without disturbances[]. However there’s a hitch – the unabsorbed fat from certain meals taken like salads and entrees- passing through our poop! Thus expect greenish coloration whenever you munch on salads often (PS keep it up) – logically any material which has property absorption almost null is excreted directly back out retaining their original hue hence feces attains a strikingly exotic look.

To clarify this further I’ve compiled a list below of possible factors responsible for why poop turns green:

  • Diet high in leafy greens: Kale, spinach, and arugula.

  • Consumption of Iron supplements.

  • Munching too much sugar-free candies or gum? Sorbitol maybe?

  • Antibiotics disturb digestive balance converting stool into pea-green entity.

3. Bowel Movements & Transit Time

With transit time simply meaning how long food takes to travel from mouth all-through small intestines until ejection via rectum (funny how everything comes round full circle) varies by individual: ranging roughly between 12hours-to-take-two-days dependent upon type diet eaten on average over the preceding weeks-time-period called ingestion window_.

If we happen towards quickened digestion Green hues appear typically lighter or more vibrant than darker browns due increased production muscin receptors letting instead excess bile enter colon undiluted as opposed typical cases whilst slow-moving digestion can provoke shifts into yellow-blue shades of uncertain origins Just imagine this random color wheel chart using shit as it’s shade selections.

Although these changes in color may be worrisome at first sight, there is typically little to worry about! Poop comes out green and a variety of other colors for many reasons mostly always being related explicitly back to the person’s diet ultimately eating habit or “regimen.”


Learned something new today? So did I! Who knew that simple vegetables like spinach could have such an effect on our feces?! Although unusual all along its’ really not that weird – so no need to panic or overanalyze your poop every time you take a bathroom break just because it occurs once.

The next time someone asks ‘what makes poop green,’ you can go ahead with confidence knowing everything you learned here from kale to bowel movements is enough knowledge to hold hands on this scientific journey together. Just remember – eat good food and exercise well; taking care of yourself can impact even which hue will appear when somebody next needs to use that public restroom!.

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