What makes piriformis syndrome worse?

Piriformis syndrome is a condition that occurs when the sciatic nerve gets compressed or irritated by the piriformis muscle. Although this muscle may sound like a desert fruit, it can cause pain and discomfort in your hips or buttocks.

You might be wondering why we’re discussing how to make it worse, rather than how to get rid of it altogether like rational human beings? Well, dear reader, this article is not for you if you want concrete solutions. This article is for people who love self-sabotage and are always looking for ways to make their lives more difficult.

If you happen to have piriformis syndrome and enjoy adding fuel to the fire, keep reading! We’ve compiled a list of things you can do right now that will undoubtedly worsen your condition.

1. Sit on Your Butt All Day

The best way to irritate your piriformis muscle is by sitting all day long as if working from home wasn’t already comfortable enough! Sitting puts excessive pressure on your glutes and hamstrings which further compresses the sciatic nerve causing inflammation leading ultimately worsening the pain from piriformis syndrome. Pro tip: don’t take any breaks while working – work straight through until sundown!

2. Wear High Heels Whenever Possible

High heels force your body weight forward towards the balls of your feet thereby causing an anterior pelvic tilt resulting in increased compression between lumbar vertebrae exacerbating symptoms of Sciatica & Pirformis syndromes .

Bonus points- wearing high heels consistently has been linked with bunions , plantar fasciitis , hammertoes among other such unmentionable foot conditions.

So ladies forget flip flops & sneakers which were designed for comfort let’s give painful pinchy high heels a try!

3.Sleep In A Soft Mattress

Snoozing uninterrupted all night, in a marshmallowy bed might feel amazing, but it puts your spine into an unusual position- it is neither straight nor supported. Soft mattresses make the job of supporting your lumbar spine and pelvis more difficult making piriformis syndrome pain symptoms worse.

So clear out that solid foam mattress and bring on this plush marshmallow monstrosity !

4.Avoid Stretching

Stretching helps maintain flexibility thereby reducing muscular tension . It can help prevent sciatic nerve irritation . But who has time for stretching? Ignoring mobility and stretching routines will lead to tighter muscles surrounding the hip resulting in pulled or torn muscles & tendons present around the affected area which increases Piriformis syndrome pain even further Remember: Tighten up don’t stretch!

5.Never Engage In Physical Activity

Regular exercise such as walking , jogging etc goes a long way towards lower back health strengthening gluteal muscle fibers which indirectly helps with reducing pirformi’s syndome. A sedentary lifestyle only makes you susceptible to bunches of not so fun complications like chronic back pain.Weight gain due to inactivity might also create added pressure over nerves forming part of your lower spine.

So stop moving & pick up those snacks – let us get couch potato-ing !

6.Sit Cross Legged

Sitting cross-legged changes weight distribution from one buttock onto both buttocks equally increasing internal rotation at hips putting extra stress on already fatigued Glutes leading ultimately developing or worsening Pirromfis Syndrome massage anyone?

Permanently stick yourself into that pretzel yoga pose friends! Your knees will thank you later!

7.Consume Excessive Caffeine& Processed Foods

Eating processed food items high in sugar level spike insulin
interfering with carbohydrate metabolism causing fatigue by pulling blood glucose down therefore decreasing sensitivity persistant fatigue results after consumption Additionally caffeine plays the dual role of decreasing blood flow while increasing heart rate. Thus it reduces circulation and impacts on its effect on tight muscles which might cause spasms worsening Piriformis syndrome.

So transform into a vending machine for junk food items , coffee or energy drinks- sugar crash & jitters will surely make that piriformis worse!

8.Implement Heavy Lifting as your Primary Form Of Exercise

Lift those weights like there’s no tomorrow !
Weightlifting with abnormal lower back mechanics forces you to incorporate other muscle groups creating more instability
resulting in reduced mobility,increased tension & ultimately worsenening your symptoms try heavy deadlifts squats and kettlebells lifts aiming all time max. Do not follow proper lifting techniques – just pull away!

9.Avoid Drinking Enough Water

Chronic dehydration often leads to low fluid volume around spinal cord area . Long duration sitting lead further enhances this complication leading to increased inflammation causing irritability along Sciatic nerve making pirformi’s syndome worse than ever before.

Not only does water add glimmering freshness and glowing skin but it also helps reduce the risk of kidney stones among various health benefits including minimizing stress over lumbar spine nerves .

Make sure that Brita filter is collecting dust! Its better if you stick to soda anyways .

10.Prolonged Use Of Devices Like Mobile Phones And Tablets

Piriformis Syndrome can be caused by poor posture, muscular imbalances and overuse of mobile devices due to physical strain placed during prolonged periods hunched forward staring at electronic screens reducing space between discs pinching nerves increasing existing pain symptoms.

Bone up on tech-gadgets folks – strive towards constant slouching & maintain awkward head position whilst texting/social media-ing endlessly !

We hope these tried-and-true tips have convinced you of our sincerity in making sure you’ll never rid yourself from aches caused by Pifromis syndrome.

Thank you for choosing our guide, however – this is all sarcasm! Please take measures to improve your health such as stretching and exercise allowing yourself a good night’s sleep in the process.