What lubricant is safe to use while pregnant?

Welcome to the world of pregnancy, where everything changes once the baby starts growing inside you. This includes your sex life too. Sex during pregnancy can be challenging as hormonal fluctuations may cause discomfort, and lower back pain or swollen ankles sound like an excuse rather than a hindrance. However, there are some practical measures that can help make things easier for you when it comes to using lubricants.

Do I Need Lube When Pregnant?

Pregnancy does not mean you should goodbye sensual pleasures if anything; it makes more sense now than ever before. However, with all sorts of natural physiological and anatomical changes going on in your body plus a tiny human being growing inside of you – things will feel different in bed- drier specifically.

Let’s face it perhaps prior to conception lube wasn’t really essential given that our bodies’ natural juices were plenty enough for frictionless fun but because those juices may become scarce now during intimacy adding some form of lubrication becomes imperative this is especially true later into the pregnancy cycle when vaginal dryness increases due to hormonal imbalance.

The Rulebook – What You Should Consider

When considering what type of lube would suit your body while pregnant remember always:- only use clinically tested fertility-safe formulations containing fewer chemicals & perfumes which could potentially upset pH levels thereby causing infections further uncomfortable issues down below nothing short of everyone’s worst nightmare.
Below are more specific factors one should consider:-


Our mothers always advised us never rub anything on our skin we wouldn’t put in our mouth – how very sage-like indeed! Now let’s think thoroughly-reasonably so if we aren’t supposed ingestion might impede harm internally what then about inserting substances desired for coital ecstasy….can they still pose risks?
Surely synthetically made products containing parabens petrochemical by-products propylene glycol or glycerine sound like something to be avoided. These additives can cause disturbance of the body hormones & bacteria vaginoises???mood-alerts

Instead opt for organic formulations made with natural ingredients you could try commercial lubricants containing aloe vera, chamomile extract or Vitamin E – all known for soothing properties.

Osmolarity :

This refers to salt levels in any lubricant- Sperm cells being very delicate and sensitive slightly acidic environment manufactured by your cervix maintains their wellbeing while they are navigating toward fertilizing egg cells-Aberrations such as tonicity however instantly kills these cells

While most lubes have varying osmolality/tonicity ranges established safe limits vary among brands-naturally occurring forms such as coconut oil olive oil or saliva may possess extremely unfavorable ion concentration which can alter the healthy pH balance within inside creating big problems if used during sexual activity.NOTE? tables?

During pregnancy, it makes even more sense since hormonal fluctuations tend to alter one’s cervical mucus thus impacting on sperm motility; shouldn’t we ensure that every sequence is optimized enabled well accounted???

To avoid this specific form of mishap select products specifically calibrated (between 7 hr over 10—table possible) so as not malfunction negatively alter those perfect little swimmers’ chances.

Lubricant Options During Pregnancy

There are numerous types available but don’t get overwhelmed here below take a look at some reliable descriptions they might help you guide decisions better.

Water-Based Lubricants:

Ideally speaking water-based solutions would suit just about everyone due to its capacity work seamlessly irrespective individual limitations skin sensitivity etc.Created dehydration polymers which soak up excess moisture exposing protective hydrating layer allowing stimulated feel whilst maintaining appropriate consistencies.Not greasy-not sticky-dries quickly-allows intimate sensory sensations remain high advisable use condom usage day.Aqueous tisanes got you covered!

However if experiencing particularly difficult periods during pregnancy or something traumatic like choosing sobriety lacking natural flow-body self-lubrication using oil-based creams may prove more fruitful.

Oil-Based Lubricants:

Oil-based lubricants have endless opportunities to offer couples from preventing HIV, STD and premature aging protecting perineum against stretch marks. Unlike water-based ones, they don’t dry out fast-thus suitable for longer activities as well.

Popular options include baby/sunflower oils as mentioned earlier or even specifically tuned products such whipped cream Shea butter cocoa-castor-made devoid petroleum-derived contents.Note being impenetrable by latex-use of synthetic rubbers/diaphragms are NOT feasible with Oil based lubes so avoid having unprotected sex (cue the rainbow) while going down/down?

Almost There

As exciting and necessary as selecting right body potion might seem-keeping it a role in helping achieve pre-delivery satisfaction there’s abundantly important information we need to take into consideration medical practitioners all firmly advise on waiting until postpartum return sexual activity performing throughout gestation is completely safe therefore keeping fun kinky things only privately ethical. Does this mean you should abandon your prowess altogether? No! Just choose wisely what actuating substance goes inside!

Remain open-minded adventurous compliant willing try whatever works best strategy move ahead—don’t undo progress made simply because the situation is unfamiliar quirky!!!

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