What lettuce is being recalled?

As of late, breakout campaigns have been going viral with headlines such as “Lettuce Recall: Is Your Salad Safe to Eat?” which distresses millions across the nation who feel their go-to salad has betrayed them. In order not to put my penchant for hilarity in jeopardy, let’s uncover what began the lettuces’ downfall.

The start of a tragedy

It all began on December 18th, 2020 when Missa Bay LLC initiated a recall of roughly 75K pounds – yes, you heard that right 75 thousand pounds- of products containing romaine lettuce. It was then that we realized this wasn’t your everyday recall and something must have gone severely wrong.

But why Missa Bay?

Well folks, it turns out that they were unable to confirm whether or not the lettuce used in these contaminated products were processed without receiving various grade inspection approvals from FDA (Food & Drug Administration). Essentially this means that if you don’t tick every box during processing when working hand-in-hand with perishables like fresh vegetables and fruits; there are significant risks involved when delivering said food items to consumers.

But which brands specifically?

The affected products supplied by Missa Bay LLC consisted mainly of pre-made salads under brand names such as:

  • Signature Cafe
  • Bon Appetit
  • Marketside

Attempting to keep up with which specific foods had the tainted greens became time-consuming due to how many retailers tend to resell these kinds of pre-packaged salads—targeted crowd being office-goers who want something quick for lunch – but at least now we know where our favorite grocery stores stand concerning consumer safety practices!

How about some more noteworthy details?

On top of everyone’s growing worries over health concerns regarding eating romaine lettuce besides missing out on holiday-specific dishes requiring greens.There was also increased pressure placed towards universities trying to pin down suitable verbiage for their concerned students. Notably, due to the fast-spreading nature of social media and the sheer chaos involved in handling protocols pandemics like E.Coli( bacteria) outbreaks.

Fear not satire-loving readers—your dear author is here with a table that shows departments(e.g sales, delivery)|recalled time| affected states!

    • | -|-
      Department name/sale type/store name recalled from |10th of November 2020 and early December 2020 |District of Columbia
      Alaska |California |
      Arizona |Colorado |
      Connecticut |Georgia |
      Florida |Idaho |
      Illinois |- |
      Indiana |- |

Based on what we see so far—you’d have an easier time pinpointing which state/territory isn’t infected by ROMAINE lettuce than those affected. In case you weren’t aware—we keep seeing recurring themes concerning this romaine epidemic around holidays leaving people scratching their heads over why it’s kicking off this year specifically.

What’s next?

Well, folks as they say “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Considering how widespread pre-packaged foods are nowadays—it never hurts to consider maintaining your own salad (not those type ;)) but hoping everyone eats healthier while avoiding these grueling cycles.

Keys takeaways to ruminate on

After munching away at your favorite greens or salads here are some points you should remember:

  1. If You’re Prone To Vomiting Or Diarrhea Alike Post-Romaine Consumption— Head To The Nearest Clinic And Get Tested ASAP!
  2. Always go through FDA consumer advisories.
  3. Locate where CDC issues news releases about recent recalls; It means more work on your part but better safe than sorry.
  4. Minimize consumption risk by eating homemade meals/assembling your salad when possible.
  5. Convince family and friends to increase their veggie intake for lower healthcare costs in the long run!

I hope all of you have learned a thing or two reading through this here article, and we’ll see you on the next one!

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