What kind of laxative should i take?

How laxatives relieve constipation

Type of laxative (brand examples) How they work Side effects
Oral osmotics (Phillips’ Milk of Magnesi Draw water into the colon to allow easie Bloating, cramping, diarrhea, nausea, ga
Oral bulk formers (Benefiber, Citrucel, Absorb water to form soft, bulky stool, Bloating, gas, cramping or increased con
Oral stool softeners (Colace, Surfak) Add moisture to stool to allow strain-fr Electrolyte imbalance with prolonged use
Oral stimulants (Dulcolax, Senokot) Trigger rhythmic contractions of intesti Belching, cramping, diarrhea, nausea, ur

Nov 12 2021

What are the dangers of taking laxatives everyday? There are many dangers of laxatives when they are abused. Taking stimulant laxatives for a long period can cause cathartic colon. Using any laxative as a weight loss aid is dangerous. The dangers of laxatives include laxative dependency and worsening of the constipation over the long term.

What are the effects of taking laxatives? Using laxatives on a regular basis may cause the intestinal tract and small bowel to become stagnant. Side effects of laxatives may include cramps. Herbal laxatives that lack stool-softening components may cause painful bowel movements. Overuse of laxatives may lead to unintentional weight loss.

When to take laxatives? Oral laxatives should be taken after meals with a full glass of cold water or juice, according to Drugs.com. Laxatives are taken after meals because they can prevent your body from absorbing nutrients if they are taken together with food.

What are the classes of laxatives? There are four main classes of laxatives: fiber, osmotic laxatives, stimulant laxatives, and. emollients.

What are the long term side effects of taking laxatives?

What are the long term side effects of taking laxatives? Side effects of laxatives can include diarrhea, dehydration, rectal bleeding, fainting and permanent damage to the gastrointestinal tract. Long-term abuse of laxatives can also destroy the body’s ability to create bowel movements on its own without a laxative. Laxatives can also interrupt menstrual cycles and affect fertility.

Is taking too many laxatives daily bad for You? Taking too many laxatives can put your health at risk. If you‘re taking excess laxatives for any reason, including chronic constipation or in misguided efforts to purge, cleanse your body or lose weight, serious complications are possible.

When to stop taking laxatives? Stop taking laxatives and seek immediate medical attention if you experience bleeding from your rectum or if you don’t have a bowel movement after using a laxative. Do not take laxatives if you have gastrointestinal disturbances that have not been diagnosed.

How many laxatives are safe to take in a day? The label of sodium phosphate laxatives states that they should be used as a single dose taken once a day, and the products should not be used for more than three days. Equally important, consumers who do not have a bowel movement after taking an oral or rectal dose should not take another dose of the product.