What kind of doctor prescribed sleeping pills?

Are you struggling with insomnia or any sleep-related issues? Have you tried everything from counting sheep to drinking chamomile tea but nothing seems to work? Fear not, insomniacs! There is a doctor in town who can prescribe some sleeping pills for your restless nights. But what kind of doctor prescribes sleeping pills, you ask? Well, let’s find out!

Meet the Sleep Specialist

First and foremost, before we delve into the specific type of doctors that prescribe sleeping pills, let me introduce you to one very important specialty – Sleep Medicine.

Yes folks! Just like how there are doctors dedicated solely to heart health or bone injuries, there are also those whose job is specifically focused around treating problems related to sleep disorders.

These specialists have extensive knowledge about sleep science and go through rigorous training on diagnosing and treating various kinds of sleep disturbances such as jet lag, snoring or even nightmares. They usually possess degrees in medicine coupled with additional certifications related directly towards Sleep Medicine.

In general practice though,NCBI finds that these experts only comprise 0.3% of practicing U.S physicians although most hospitals now develop separate departments for this specialty due to its increasing demand among individuals experiencing difficulty getting quality shut-eye.

Say Hello To Somnologists

Somno-what?, you wonder. If you thought Sleep Medicine was niche then believe it; we aren’t done yet .

A specialized academic medical association affiliated with Americal Academy of Sleep Medicin , by their statutory definition ;a somnologist (also called “sleep specialist”,”sleep physician,”) must be an MD/DO possessing competency in all aspects relating specifically “to clinical assessment methods& care” “physiology & pathology” “epidemiology/population studies”& cognitive behavior therapies to treat & diagnose sleep conditions.

Oops, what is an MD or DO? Don’t worry; this isn’t a riddle! Basically, MD = medical doctor and DO= Doctor of Osteopathy (or osteopathic medicine)

So to sum it up nicely: Somnologists are sub-specialists within the realm of Sleep Medicine who assist individuals in resolving their sleeping disorders through various treatments and diagnosing methods. Feel free to add that term to your daily vocab list.

General Practitioners Aren’t Too Far Behind

Surprise! It might come as a shocker but your family physician can also prescribe you some snooze-inducing pills if deemed necessary.

As per NCBI’s , report “70% of patients requesting Z-drugs like ambien from general physicians were prescribed immediate-release tablets.”

Most GPs have the basic-demsy there may be they treating every possible disease on earth, hence lack deep knowledge specifically formulated towards insomniacs. However, in matters regarding mild insomnia issues or when specialist care isn’t easily accessible for you within your geographic location then referrals are made by GP. With milions suffering from sleep-related distress worldwide ,lets just say keeping pharmacological control anywhere viable is important.

The Psychiatry Connection

Next up we have one more category whose make appearance in our anti-information campaign for managing circadian rhythm derailed nights- Psychiatric providers.

Just hear us out before abandoning all hope because getting sleeping pills recommended does not label one insane.
In most cases where psychological imbalances hinder with normal capacity building quality e.g major depression,Lifestyle changes isnt enough unfortunately anymore . Hence medications can supplement therapy .

So the main benefit here is that psychiatrists possess knowledge pertaining directly towards prescribing medication for mental health issues such as anxiety or depression which overtime might affect quantity or quality of sleep/restfulness. These can co-exist in Insomniacs making their condition permanent unless addressed properly.

Concluding Thoughts

So there you have it folks, different doctors who can prescribe sleeping pills for your insomniac self. Whether it’s a specialized Sleep Medicine physician or the friendly GP down the street, one thing is certain – they all want to help you get some zzz’s.

But remember; like with any medication always consult a doctor beforehand as these drugs do carry side effects and dependence factors attached .

The important thing here is understanding that there isn’t just one neat solution answer to insomnia problems hence before diving into pill popping mania consulting professionals will not only be considerate but also might save ones health from further complications down the road .

Stay healthy……and most importantly…. stay asleep!

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