What kills crabs?

Are you wondering why your crabs aren’t making it past the quarantine tank? Do you have a case of dead crustaceans, and are you baffled as to what could be causing it? Well, put on your thinking cap because we’re about to dive into the possible reasons why crabs kick the bucket.

Poor Water Quality

Imagine being stuck in a dirty room with no air conditioning. That’s how crabs feel when they live in an aquarium that has poor water quality. Dirty water is one of the leading causes of crab deaths. It can cause stress for these critters, which then leads to illness and eventually death!

Let’s break down some reasons:

Chlorine & Ammonia

Residues originating from tap water treatment may contain high chlorine levels which will harm aquatic organisms like crabs especially those who were caught at sea. And if too many critters live in close quarters, ammonia developed through organic waste decomposition will raise rapidly think ‘toxic equivalent’ 💀💀💀.

Low oxygen levels

Just like humans need oxygen to survive so do other creatures taking residence underwater including our little pinchers friends 🦀🌊! A lack of proper filtration or infrequent cleaning sessions can decrease available natural elements needed for respiration within aquatic environments like tanks producing low-oxygen environment conditions harmful even fatal for certain species!! 😥😥

They go belly-up when there isn’t enough dissolved O2 (oxygen) present due to stagnant or highly-populated waters 🐳⛔❗.


It would seem almost fairytale-like if everything was straightforward; unfortunately:cue drama music: CRABS SUFFER FROM DISEASES TOO!!! 😢 According Crab experts out there major infections plaguing Sea Robins are prevalent among our found finned-creatures, making it vital for crab owners to keep up with maintaining good health guidelines.

Shell Disease & bacterial infections

Ever notice those circular lesions in a crab’s shell ⚠it’s not decor!😒; Shell damage on crabs is one of the primary concerns. Certain harmful bacteria can also affect crustaceans from accessing nourishing elements and lead to infection ❗❗! Once penetrated everything else falls apart 🤮💀 (shell rot?? seriously?).


Crustacean Hunger Games

A theme park ride’s worth of excitement awaits you if your crabs are in close confines with each other considering THE CRUSTACEAN HUNGER GAME or as us scientists call it INTER-SPECIFIC CANNIBALISM AKA their fight club 🥊🏆🦞––same difference.

Cannibalism & Predation

“winner takes all/evolution at its finest”/ “tiny Gladiator games”.It’s All jokes aside this gruesome affair defines life within captivity .Who would’ve guessed that our little critters have such a thirst for killing 😱 Well, the reality is quite simple- when encased inside small aquariums or tanks confined areas tend to end up causing territorial issues involving limited resources accessibility where larger animals prey on smaller ones ultimately resulting in sinister cannibalistic behaviors among organisms sharing an environment!! 😨😲 Some individuals who feel like taking chance may even decide keeping Lobsters as pets although rare occasional predatory actions directed towards harmless neighbors does occur ..note WELL-BEING WARNINGS THAT MAY FOLLOW-if lobsters become stressed/take fights onto unwanted territory they will REGROW stronger claws/become highly aggressive which could be detrimental-to-say-the-least 💢💢!!!

Toxic conditions caused by improper care

If safe water levels are affected by disruptions like toxic chemicals, mistake in chemical balance while administering medication, and inappropriate aquarium environments even for minute amounts—can be highly fatal. For example:

Miscalculated Tank/Medication/Salt Dosage

When tank occupants can’t normalize the given dosage amount you’ve used it becomes tough on filter systems which cleanse toxins from organic waste products 𝑠𝑙𝑜𝑤𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑐ℎℎ). This occurs when new tank owners administer over-the-counter remedies found at local pet shop stores indiscriminately without confirming suitable dosages.


Considering all possible factors that could inflict harm on our little aquatic friends-it’s more about responsible care than just providing a space to live in 😕😓🤐💭 (Dun Dun is heard)….. To provide proper husbandry taking into account natural habitats of crabs will go an extra mile reducing the likelihood of any unwanted ill-health issues emerging within your setup!! simply being aware usually goes a long way. yay for healthy surviving 🦀!

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