What keeps your heart beating?

Have you ever stopped to ponder why your heart beats the way it does? Have you seen those cutesy cartoons of little hearts bouncing around like they have no cares in the world? Well, let me tell you, that’s not how it works. Our hearts are WORKHORSES and should be treated as such.

The Basics of Your Heart

The heart is a muscle responsible for pumping oxygenated blood throughout our bodies 24/7, never once asking for a break or overtime pay. It has four chambers: two atria and two ventricles separated by valves.

But what most people don’t seem to remember (tsk tsk) is that our two upper chambers collect incoming blood while the bottom ones pump it out – pretty savvy if I do say so myself.

Electrical System Overload

Our hearts function much like an electrical system (cue eye roll from the non-technical folks), relying on electric signals from specialized cells called pacemaker cells located in your sinoatrial (SA) node – yeah yeah we know its boring terminologies but listen! This helps trigger our heartbeats delivering emotional jitters even without real events!

A group of nerve fibers called atrioventricular (AV) nodes causes both ventricles to contract and push blood out into circulation. While this may seem robotic AF, go ahead and take a moment to thank this magical nervous system next time you hop up all sprightly atop morning sunshine rays bringing some extra oomph right when needed.

Pumping Blood

Yup! You read that correctly – drinking coffee counts too. Our body converts chemical energy found within food into mechanical energy used by our muscles including whoop whoop …uhhmm pumps your beating passionate sweet sweet organ inside us, which circulates roughly 2,000 gallons (gallllloons!) of blood every day.

Without a steady, uninterrupted stream of blood chugging away with each beat, that nagging headache or sluggish feeling would be building up like sediment at the bottom of a pond nobody cleaned in decades. So GLORY TO THE PUMP!

Keep It Pumpin’

We all know that cigarettes and antman costumes are detrimental to your health, but did you also realize saturated fats from overly indulgent meals can sneakily start spreading irreparable havoc within our heart’s electrical system? Unless we enjoy extra chest pains few hours per week? Didn’t think so.

Fortunately it’s not rocket science (pinky promise) – adopting some small lifestyle changes such as physical exercise (15 minutes is enough to get that heart-rate going!), staying hydrated by drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily, and choosing diets high in plant-based whole foods will keep our hearts beating strong long into the future. Assuredly incorporating routine medical check-ups too if reassurance allows you to sleep soundly knowing old ticker is well cared for.

Wrap Up

And there you have it folks – an impressive overview on why your doodled cartoon should essentially portray a thrilling modern hero battling valiantly against external forces threatening its ends unknown endometrial war imaginable…well maybe not quite like that; still though pretty impressive stuff here right?

It may seem like common knowledge but understanding exactly what keeps your SA node nodding happily along gives new appreciation for just how hard-working and necessary to sustain life itself this organ is pumping. Best ’til further notice: Keep calm & let stay together forever while both oowndirrrng makes us feel good keeping cozy one vibrant heartbeat after another (<3).

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