What is zostrix hp cream?

Are you someone who suffers from joint pain, nerve pain or muscle aches that keep them up at night? Do you feel like nothing can give you relief and your options are too limited? Look no further! Zostrix HP Cream might just be the fiery solution to all your problems!

What is Zostrix HP Cream?

Let’s break it down: Zostrix (not to be confused with “zodiac”) is a clinically proven brand of creams and patches with high concentrations of capsaicin – the active component in chili peppers. This unique cream targets specific points in muscles, nerves and joints, providing natural temporary relief.

But what about “HP“?

And here comes another party trick- this particular ingredient stands for ‘high potency,’ meaning that we bring some real firepower when it comes to combating chronic soreness.

How Does It Work?

It’s not magic; there is science behind it! Capsaicin triggers thermoreceptors on our skin cells by raising their temperature which acts as a temporary distraction so they have less capacity to sense discomfort in deep tissue areas. In simpler terms- once applied liberally over any targeted area of concern, its heat/warmth will act as a natural analgesic reaction thus improving mobility/relieving painful sensations instantly.

If you think these claims sound unrealistic-fret not because several randomized clinical trials reported complete reduced symptoms of adults living with chronic backaches/pain thanks due this wonder cure called ZOSTRIX®.

“applying an external derived source could provide temporary relief without resorting to more aggressive medications.”

But let’s get a little scientific now. Whenever capsaicin interacts with receptors impinging on sensorial fibers throughout dermal regions along epidermis layers around underlying tissues until affected locations transiently decrease main chemical markers for nociceptive inhibition. So, ultimately it’s fools the affected part of your body into feeling less pain without even realizing that it’s only temporary relief.

Wait! Won’t It Hurt?

We know you might be skeptical- won’t apply chili pepper extract to injured areas hurt? What if we told you that maximum strength Zostrix cream contains 0.75% capsaicin – not eat a Carolina Reaper sauce king-level hotness level! The burning sensation will last only temporarily and can be reduced by washing off excess cream or using cool water. You must remember not to rub as this can cause further injury/ damage.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Some Pros:

  • Cost-effective
  • Non-narcotic
  • Relieves nerve pain and muscle aches
  • Long-lasting relief effects when used regularly
  • Clinically proven safe

And Some Cons:

  • Unpleasant fragrance- ditch the idea of applying before dinner outings or dates.
  • If applied in large amounts, side effects such as redness, itching or blisters may occur.
  • May interact with other medication adversely in certain scenarios

That said, based on studies carried out over more than two decades by groups independent researchers efficacy/ efficiency adult patients with alike conditions have had excellent results alleviating/inhibiting symptoms shown below. A detailed review of studies found potential risks are minor compared to possible benefits.

Benefits Side Effects
Effective Pain Management Stinging/Burning Sensation
Low-Cost Treatment Option Possible Allergic Reactions
No Prescriptions Needed Skin Redness/Irritation

Who Can Use Zostrix HP Cream?

Anyone fifty years or older who experiences shingles (about one-third entering their lifetime)/nerve inflammation leading/scraping out mechanical activity nerves for prolonged periods/nerve/ joint/muscle pain may use zostrix,-anyone desiring relief from such conditions. It can be used as directed for all persons, excluding children under the age of two and anyone allergic to its specific components.

“Its formula makes it well-suited for those who are geriatric patients in otherwise good health but want a topical analgesic with low side effects.”

When Should You Use Zostrix HP Cream?

When prescription medicines or OTCs fail to provide relief/have potential long term harmful effects (such as liver damage from excessive doses) atopical alternative like our chili pepper cream seems ideal. And while there’s no harm in applying more often- frequency must be adjusted according patient’s response amount applied being influenced by availability treatment options

Best Usage Practices:

  • Always take doctor recommendation before you start any new medication.
  • Apply thin layer NOT MORE THAN THOSE RECOMMENDED by instruction on the packaging
  • DO NOT OVER APPLY – It won’t give better results!

Customer Reviews:

“Zostrix has been nothing less than an absolute knee saver! Rehab was going great until it started acting up again- persistent inflammation near resolved using traditional medications.” “Not only do i find myself lying comfortably in bed at night without having art book depth examination on each and every painful point…”

While these reviews should not serve as proof that Zostrix is everyone’s answer to chronic pain, individual experiences reflect overwhelmingly beneficial properties demonstrated by clinical studies.

So…Is it Worth Trying Out?

Chances are if you’ve read thus far no evidence-based argument could sway your decision into trying this wacky chance medicine-to-date-pharma-makeovers product? After studying extensive series of independent trials/searchings, we’d recommend visiting a physician about switching over non-capsaicin based pain discoveries first-but seriously,fair warning it’s HOT!.

However, if these “au natural” alternatives do not offer desired effects or you’re seeking a low-cost/unfussy approach to pain management-go for Zostrix HP and let our chili pepper cream turn up the heat on your chronic pains!

Before using any new pharmaceutical product, remember to read all provided directions/recommendations, take all necessary medical advice from trusted practitioners/licenses/professionals!


Zostrix is FDA-approved (regulated by federal government agencies). It’s important to know that before adding anything new into their routine should always consult primary care physicians.

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