What is wellbutrin used for?

Well, you might be asking yourself this question as you stare at your pill bottle filled with those strange little pills. Fear not! Today, we’re going to discuss what Wellbutrin is used for.

It’s Not Just a Fancy Name

First things first! We need to understand what in tarnation Wellbutrin even is. It sounds like something that came straight out of a sci-fi flick, but fear not my friends.

Wellbutrin goes by its generic name– bupropion hydrochloride. This medication belongs under the category of antidepressants known as norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitors (NDRI). Try pronouncing that five times fast!

But wait…what does all of this medical jargon mean? Simply put – it helps balance levels of certain chemicals in your brain known as neurotransmitters which can often become imbalanced if one deals with depression or anxiety.

Now that we know what Wellbutrin actually IS let’s talk about why someone might take it.

The Reasons Behind Taking Well-loved-But-not-well-known-WELLBUTRIN:

Treating Depression

Depression stinks big time, and sometimes talking through our struggles isn’t enough to combat those extra tough days– in these cases antidepressants have come into practice.

Enter: Wellbutrin ! People struggling with mild-to-moderate depression tend to find relief when prescribedthis medication.It works by boosting dopamine&norepinephrine/neurotransmitters which are commonly lacking for people dealing with depression. And I’m sure many mothers will breathe a sigh of relief now knowing they aren’t alone postpartum-depression suffers!. Some antidepressant medications cause weight gain which most people hate more than acne breakouts during prom week. With Wellbutrin, however, many folks actually experience weight loss as it decreases their appetite.

Put Down That Cigarette

Alright alright don’t get your britches in a bunch! We know that smoking is both risky and pretty darn expensive(especially since last time I checked,federal government ain’t handing out those tobacco fields for free). But breaking the habit can be quite challenging. Wellbutrin has been known to help significantly with quitting by suppressing cravings and symptoms of withdrawal. This makes the process easier for those who might not have been able to quit all die-hard-cool-turkey!

It’s important though that you discuss this use of Wellbutrin with your doctor first! Just because Aunt Karen was successful in quitting using her cousin’s leftover medication does NOT mean that taking something like wellbutrin should be encouraged couch side discussions among family members.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Those living with ADHD are already familiar with how hard focusing or staying alert can be– even if they did skip their morning coffee(And No-By-the-way-Caffeine intake won;t cure ADHD!). Some people recognize an improvement in concentration when prescribed stimulants such as Adderall, but others tend to feel its adverse effects..enter Wellbutrin!

Some doctors prescribe Wellby as an alternative to stimulants. The idea behind prescribing Wellbyfor those strugglingwith ADHD is that dopamine&norepinephrine-aforementioned neurotransmitters- are re-balanced -allowing better focus without adding any hyperactivity or crazed behavior into the mix.(Remember; do not self-medicate)

Shoo Away Seasonal Depression-like Symptoms

According to Mayo Clinic, “seasonal depression-like symptoms may begin in the fall (autumn) and may continue into winter months.” It takes more than just a pumpkin-spiced-latte to escape these winter blues! When light therapy or changes in routine are not enough, Wellbutrin has been known to be effective in treating the symptoms of this type of depression.

Alrighty then; Who’s eligible for a date with Wellby?

Since we’ve gotten through reasons ‘why’ wellbutrin is used , let’s discuss who is even allowed to dance with Mr. Bupropion:

  • Anyone struggling with mild-to-moderate depression may benefit from taking Wellbees.
  • People wanting an appetite suppressant and stop smoking aid can count on Wellboos!
  • For those already taking medication that might cause weight gain {e.g., select SSRI medications}, will likely appreciate another option such as WELLY-BOO

Mention: Keep in mind ladies and gents– every person responds differently&therefore it is essentialto consultwith your doctor regarding any potential side effects or concerns – prior to startingthis medication.

Gimmie More Information-so Says My Pharmacist:

Now that you know what Wellbutrin is used for, there are still a few things you should know about its use!(Sorry folks – I know “just give me the magic cure” sounds tempting!).

Common Side Effects

It’s no secret–most all medications have common negative impacts/side effects/ warts staring back at us once we’ve procured medicine bottles. With Wellbuuuuuntrin here’s what individuals should keep an eye out for:

1) Insomnia
2) Dry mouth just like how my tongue feels after too many saltine crackers (ugh!)
3) Nausea – heard times abound when individualscan’t seem totake anymorebites(chewed-food becomes their new kryptonite)
4) Constipation…
….And basically everything else everybody hates!

Luckily — most folks that take Wellbooby don’t experience these side effects, and if they do all of themaren’t usually that door-slamming irritating. Moreover, for individuals who have felt frustrated with weight gain amongst other antidepressant meds well-but-rin seems to be happy exception.


If you’re thinking about taking one of those little magic pills there are certain precautions to keep in mind:
– Not recommended for those coping with epilepsy or seizures (Nope – no disco parties allowed!)
– Those marked by an eating disorder normally should not take Wellbutterfly,as it can impact their symptoms even further.

Mention: Consultwith your doctor regarding any potential concerns-
for example,Wellyboy when taken along medications labeled as MAO inhibitors could leadto adverse reactions like high blood pressure.

Say Hello To a Healthier You

Hmm think better focus& fewer dark clouds might benefit you?It’s worthletting your doctor know how things have been moving through up there! Approach the next appointment with confidenceYou now know what Wellbutrain is used for – whether needing appetite suppressant ,help quitting smoking, focusing oreven wanting something useful leaving behindthe winter-grumpiness& more.

So fret not about medicationnames sounding complex you now know what this one isa llabout.Wellby boy has comeinto playto help live life …..just maybe a l’il brighter!

Now off ya go,. Be sure to discuss things thoroughly atyour next checkupand hopefully we’ll be on the road towards some real self-care moments(:

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