What is vzv infection?

If you’re thinking, “what in tarnation is VZV infection?” then don’t worry, sweetie. You’re not alone. This sneaky little virus can be quite the troublemaker, so let’s learn all about it.

What is VZV Infection?

Let me break it down for y’all: VZV stands for Varicella-Zoster Virus. It’s a member of the herpesviridae family (why yes, there are several members), and causes two distinct diseases- chickenpox (varicella) and shingles (herpes zoster). Some folks might call it by its other name—human herpesvirus 3—but that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as ‘chickenpox’ or ‘shingles’.

How Does It Spread?

Well darlin’, most people catch chickenpox by coming into contact with someone who has already caught this virus-except if they’ve had one of them jabs before because we ain’t getting sick if we don’t want to. Although less common, adults can still get chicken pox too! Chickenpoxy symptoms include developing an annoying rash after two weeks hanging around someone scratching their spots so much they’d practically peeled off their goddamn skin

As for shingles well baby girls—and boys – here’s where things get even more interesting—the varicella-zoster virus lingers dormant inside your nerve cells once you’ve had chiken pox like that ex-boyfriend who keeps tweeting years later wanting to see ya again but makes no real effort until he gets bored on his day off from work; outta nowherethis sleeper cell wakes up when ya least expect it- usually when you’re run-down AF or stressed out AF OR both at once which leads us onto…

Are There Any Symptoms?

Oh honey, you betcha. And they ain’t pleasant either! For chickenpox, ya got your run-of-the-mill symptoms like a fever and fatigue but soonest that rash starts to spread… be prepared for sufferin’. Itcky red spots cover every inch of yer body making it feel like army ants on amphetamine are attacking you. They start blistering after a few days, popping soon after into masses of crusty, scabby sores which means itchiness gone wild!

Shingles (herpes zoster), meanwhile likes to keep us on our toes-what’s new?- with surprise outbreaks too. Coming back more frequently as we turn grey n’ grow wrinkles… Ain’t that just peachy? But shush now—let an old gal explain exactly what can happen y’all.

It strikes by running along one side of thee body (which corresponds to the pathway of the infected nerve)Luckily honey-bun,the rash isn’t ever-present with shingles small blisters appear which could cause or pain shockingly severe.Letty-tell-now about postherapeutic neuralgia sonny; some folks may find their nerves still hurt long after the rash clears up-like when Aunt Blanche tells those same darn stories again and again ’cause she found someone who’ll listen … numbing creams won’t stop this type o’ annoyance baby-cakes

Is Chicken Pox Contagious?

Whoo-wee yes ma’am/ sir – —you’recontagious from day one till them little craters all disappear! See sweetie let’s talk hygiene-since droplets that zoom outta our mouth or nose are possible carriers –wanna go around scaring folks away lol?-of varicella-zoster virus RIGHTROCKIN’WELL easy–I mean why wouldn’t it be?! Anyways hon,fam here in quarantine in no time flat-just wanna mention that skin to skin contact does the trick, too.

If ya want to avoid spreading it around like a bad rumor in high school — you need to stay home till yer all healed up! Good news though:after one episode your immune system sends any lingering virus right back in hiding where it belongs. And then honey-lamb-chop… no more chickenpox(ideally).

Can It Be Treated?

Well sugar, there ain’t no quick fix for VZV but don’t despair just yet-my grandma always said” patince is apertue child.” There’s an antiviral called acyclovir which can shorten symptoms of both shingles and chickenpox if taken early on.Damn computers—they have like everything huh? This means less time spent scratching (and scarring!), fewer blisters and longer sleeping AND waking hours. The arsewipes makin these pretty pills do remind us lovin’ folk tha taking those meds as prescribed by a kind doc helps battle off certain mind-shatters brain tissues getting compromised.

How Can You Avoid Catching VZV Infection?

Prevention is key feliiows -we gotta take care o’ ourselves here-and we ain’t talkin’ ‘bout applying ice-bags or calling them ol’ witches cacklin spells y’all-. Instead, below are some helpful tips:

  1. Get vaccinated – vaccines help develop immunity against developing Chicken Pox
  2. Wash Your Hands- come on ladies!Grandma warned us ’bout this since we were born!
  3. Avoid those who got chickenpox bubba s– even someone looking spry n bright could still be infectious

4.Watch out for anyone with Shingles; the virus lies dormant so sometimes they might not know.
5..…. Any more ideas darlings?

In conclusion my loves!,when it comes down to preventing varicella-zoster virus from taking over all y’all’s lives: prevention is always better than cure! Y’all know what they say- “An unhealthy body leads to an unhappy soul.” And no one wants that.

Stay safe, take care of yourselves and your loved ones in the era of Covid-19. Ta ta for now lovelies!

Note: Any medical information provided on this article is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should always speak to a doctor or healthcare professional with any questions you may have regarding treatment options

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