What is vitagen good for?

VITAGEN should be taken daily to maintain a balance of good and harmful bacteria in the gut. When a good balance is maintained, we feel fit and healthy. VITAGEN also provides a constant supply of Lactobacillus to our intestinal flora which, together with the good bacteria in our body, can suppress the harmful bacteria and prevent them from

What do you need to know about vitagene? Vitagene (Vita Gene) is an autosomal DNA testing company. Unlike many other DNA testing companies, Vitagene uses your DNA test results to produce personalized health and wellness plans. With these personal recommendations, the company wants to help its customers make better health and lifestyle informed choices and achieve their health goals.

What kind of bacteria does vitagen give you? By drinking VITAGEN and supplying the body with the good bacteria it needs, you’re fast-tracking your way to being back in tip-top shape. VITAGEN supplements your diet with billions of good bacteria called Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei from Chr. Hansen’s Laboratories in Denmark.

Is it safe to drink a bottle of vitagen? Probiotics are safe, healthy and are consumed in various forms, such as yogurt, kefir and cultured milk drinks (like VITAGEN!) by millions around the world. Each bottle of VITAGEN is packed with billions of live probiotic cultures.

When is the best time to take vitagen? Cultured milk drinks like VITAGEN can be consumed at any time of the day. But do you know when the best time to have them is? Half an hour after meal. You can have a bottle daily, say after a filling breakfast. The stomach’s acidity is lower after a meal, and therefore less probiotic cultures are destroyed by gastric juices and bile.

How does a DNA test work with vitagene?

How does a DNA test work with vitagene? Vitagene’s DNA testing kits combine your genes, lifestyle, and goals to create customized nutritional plans. Each DNA test kit results in a personalized report based on science, not trends. Our DNA testing kits take the guesswork out of achieving your goals.

What does vitagene tell you about your health? Vitagene’s reports are highly accurate and transparent. The company looks at certain genetic markers known to be associated with various traits such as the likelihood of being overweight, having elevated cholesterol, being able to build muscle strength, or having trouble metabolizing certain nutrients.

What does vitagene do to protect your privacy? Vitagene takes your privacy and the security of your personal information very seriously. The company implements all the industry standard security practices when it comes to storing and protecting your DNA file, test results, and any additional data you provide.

How long does it take to get results from vitagene? Your results should be ready within 4-6 weeks of the time when Vitagene receives your sample. Who should consider taking a Vitagene test? If you’re passionate about your wellness – from weight management to exercise to nutrition – you can’t do better than Vitagene.