What is vit d3?

Greetings, fellow earthlings! In today’s edition of our broadcast here on Earth, we’re going to talk about something that often takes a back seat in discussions when it comes to nutrition – Vitamin D3. Or Vit D3 as the cool kids call it.

In recent times, research has been shedding some much-needed light on this vitamin which had long been overshadowed by its more illustrious peers like Vitamin C and B12. So come along as we dig into what Vit D3 actually is, why it’s important for us humans and how you can make sure that your body gets enough of this sunshine vitamin!

What is Vit D3 – The 101 Guide

Let’s start with some basic definitions here. Vitamins are essential organic compounds that play crucial roles in maintaining good health. They can be divided into two types: water-soluble vitamins (such as B vitamins and Vitamin C) and fat-soluble vitamins (like A, D, E and K). And yes folks there isn’t just one but numerous types of vitamins under each type.

Vitamin-D itself falls under these fat-soluble ones which means once consumed they get stored away somewhere nice where all those lipids bide their time until needed by the body to utilize them whenever required(unless you consume too much leading to overconsumption).

As you may have guessed from its name already – there are different forms of Vitamin-D such as ergocalciferol or vitamine-d2 found naturally in fungi while cholecalciferol also called vitamin d-3(which happens to be what we’re discussing today) is synthesized via ultraviolet exposure(essentialy sunlight!) on our skin or though certain foods(one tiny square inch patch synthesizes around 10k iu depending upon melanin content among other factors)

Vit D3 stands for Vitamin D – 3 and is an active form of Vitamin-D in our body.

What Does Vit D3 Do Inside Your Body?

Most people are aware that calcium plays a major role in developing healthy bones… After all, mother always tells you to drink your milk right? But do you know how those munchkins actually come into existence??

While mama cow’s and the goat’s supply helps supplying a portion of it (for the young humans), here’s when Vit D3 enters the picture! Yes folks, Vitamin-D-3 assimilates with dietary intake or supplements consumed -> goes to liver -> under enzymatic action gets converted into Calcidiol(from vitamin d-> calciferol) which then subsequently jogs down to kidneys where one new enzyme comes into play again converting it finally into th potent hormonal form Calcitriol. Through this staircase of events,

-Calcium and phosphate metabolism get regulated.

-Bone formation – because Calcium needs Phosphate; through Calcium Transporter(CaT)..Calcitriol facilitates release from bone matrix while preserving optimal serum levels , while ensuring steady-state between osteoclasts(breaking cells) & blasts(buildup ones).

-The immune system: different tissues express vitamin-D receptors which function accordingly – reducing inflammation shown by certain cytokine reductions & potentially influencing genes responsible for cancer regulators.

-Nervous: personal statements have confirmed pain alleviation upon appropriate supplementation

-Muscles need constant influx of Vitamin c(also known as Ascorbic acid ) which help maintain them .

-A possible correlation has been observed over individuals succumbing to hypertension who had lower plasma concentrations compared with others who retained regular physiological arterial pressure levels…

Just wait until we talk about mood management y’all! 😉

How much Vit D3 Is Enough?

So now that you know what awesomeness vit-d does inside us, let’s take a moment to chat about how much of it you really need in your life.

While some people may assume that since sunshine stimulates vitamin D, lotsa times the amount received or synthesized isn’t enough for certain individuals, depending on where they reside geographically(less UVB rays when higher latitude and during colder months), sun-molestations like sunscreen(effective SPF 15 & above) use resultantly blocking right from reaching skin layer ,or covering most of body-parts due to conservative reasons . In such cases the phys-ed docs usually recommend taking Vit-D supplements up to a dosage understood as appropriate – funny humdinger here is with so many listed products available To which folks do you suddendly develop near infallible trust ?

In practicality though , there are plenty of sources from where Vitamin D3(only active form among other d vitamins ) can be sourced. This includes fatty fishes such as salmon, mackerel; egg yolks; mushrooms (exposed to light); cheese etc…It’s quite hard for vegetarians and vegans specifically who have restrictions dietary but your neighbourhood chemist will know what works keep those bonkers healthy!( non-gmo ingredients ftw ).

According to experts at institutes responsible for public health guidelines like National Academy of Medicine:

Babies upto 12 months should consume approximately 400 IU per day.

Kids between ages 1-13: <=600 IU/day

Adolescents aged between 14-18: approx. 600 IU/day.(females might require higher dosages.)

Adults between ages 19-70 years-either gender :recommended by The Endocrine Society – Minimum recommended intake is/ ~may lean towards~ supplementation level range: suffering deficiencies around if applicable(upward till approximately) 1500IU daily(~4000Iu being still considered safe based as consensus).

Senior citizens living around nursing facilities particularly a possible area higher for deficiencies where the elderly might require somewhere around 800-1000 IU/day.

With so much individual variation and new research emerging all the time, we encourage you to speak with a medical professional to figure out what dosage is right specifically for yourself!

The Role of Sunlight In Production Of Vitamin D3

As we mentioned above – sunlight plays a major role in our body synthesizing its own little stash of Vit-D! Ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation in specific wavelengths(290–320 nm range) reach onto the surface layer of our skin pockets(namely epidermis/outermost part), prompting within several minutes dermal vitamin-d synthesis(successive steps partially explained above).

So it’s understandable that during colder months or regions having high latitude, due to low availability syndrome getting insufficient quantity . However be careful running along simply because few more hours on sun mean better d-synthesis(not really!). That being said though – depending on environmental conditions such as pollution levels etc., amount received can vary geographically from person to person.

Unfortunately people like those having melanin rich skin are at immediate disadvantage clinically speaking. As Melanin actually plants itself within dead layers gives outward appearance darker surrounding makes less UV absorbable by going into large distances – this leads clinicians urging folks belonging POC(no racism intended; just abbreviation meaning “people-of-color” ) group currently residing outside tropical zone should consult physician/screening analysis annually.

And yes don’t even think about tanning beds y’all ! Some gigabytes can go array there resulting: excessively dry/inflamed patches ;risk accelerated ageing procedure…so nope when it comes to Vitamin-D exposure, stick strictly only natural sources!

How Can You Test Your Levels Of Vit D3?

So how will you know if your body is Vit-D deficient without often diving deep down symptoms-related blood tests? Here are some warning flags one may encounter :

  • Tiredness and weakness after routine activities

  • Feeling super blue even when there seems to be no reason for it(long story short: “Serotonin” neurotransmitter get improved upon Vit-D stimulation; works as mood stabilizer.)

-Unexplained bone-pain/stress fractures(chesterly dance might really take a toll on long-bones!)

-Muscular ache(probably showing low Vit-C levels too)

-Gastrointestinal issues like IBS etc (Adequate D3..err D2 levels aid with calcium absorption in intestine significantly).

  • Hair Loss/Thinning occurs(most definitively maintain being within recommended dosages particularly if suffering from PCOS certain other auto-immune disorders etc).

If one finds some of above match that feels peculiar, dial up the physician at earliest availability – these symptoms have numerous root causes ,but just Vitamin-d related concerns will mean taking supplements irrespective weaning off potential overdosage:

What The Experts Say About Vit D3 And Its Benefits?

The research community has caught onto something quite interesting about vitamin-D in recent years – its benefits extend beyond our immune system and musculoskeletal health.

As mentioned already though because receptors are present all over body so implications stretch deep just by being hydrated regularly(even your organs behind rib-cage may receive glint of happy shimmers!)

A few areas where growing number clinical evidences suggest positive usage manifolds :

Infection reduction : medical epidemiologists world-over researching shown associations of prognoses improvement w.r.t various infections including respiratory.

Diabetes prevention/reduction? Some analysis with type-II diabetic subjects have actually pointed to supplementation ergo close monitor is advisable .

Cardiovascular Health: Experimental data providing evidence accumulation indicating reduced risk progression against several problems such as hypertension or heart disease.(it acts as angiotensin-coverting enzyme inhibitor)…have seen recommendation both online and offline encouraging folks become more proactive part at some point earlier on.

But as mentioned already numerous analyses and interpretation stances differs constantly so good idea? Regularly consult physician who will guide accordingly.

Wrapping Up

I hope you enjoyed this fun ride, folks! As we wrap things up here for now(hard to believe right?), let’s take a moment to just block out all the noise around us about our body needs . Start with an awareness of better lifestyle patterns, holistic approach towards incorporating daily habits or dietary intakes(whether it be Vit-D rich whole foods discussed above) can potentially contribute significantly in long-run manifolds – whether that be quality life extension period overall-maintenance from active consciousness ensuring healthy brain-activity all over way reducing susceptibility several/certain diseases(which no one among us actually wants occurring)

So get your Vitamin D3 groove on friends, and thrive away like this is last time through!

Because We All Deserve Perks Without Paying A Penalty So Let’s Take That Step Today 😉

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