What is very high blood pressure?

Blood pressure is a vital sign closely monitored by doctors to ensure we stay healthy. In general, blood pressure that is below 120/80 is considered normal, numbers between 120/80 and 139/89 are elevated but not classified as high blood pressure or hypertension, while anything above this range can be indicative of serious health issues.

In this article, we will delve deep into very high blood pressure, exploring its causes, symptoms, treatments, risk factors, prevention measures and other fun facts! So grab your popcorn (or carrots if you’re watching your weight), sit back and enjoy the show!

What Is Very High Blood Pressure?

A reading of over 180/120 mm Hg signals very high blood pressure – a dangerous condition due to the extreme strain it places on the heart muscle which pumps harder than ever before. Critical readings beyond this stage need immediate emergency medical attention as people are susceptible to hypertensive crisis with complications such as fluid buildup in lungs (pulmonary edema) leading to shortness of breath; memory loss or confusion; chest pain; kidney failure among others.

Hypertensive Crises: Just Like Those Romantic Dramas We Love To Hate

We all love soap operas whether we own up to it or not-why else would telenovelasbe God’s gift? Hypertensive crises are like these shows in many ways-exhilarating yet scary at times. These seriously life-threatening situations occur when extremely high BP damages important body organs like retinae,kidneys,brain etc.Causing sudden unexpected bleeding,strokes,reduced mental focus & so much more!

What Are The Causes Of Very High Blood Pressure?

Very High BP can arise from multiple sources some lifestyles related such as:
– Fatty diets
– Sedentary lifestyles
– Chronic Stress
and also non-lifestyle related factors such as:
– Some prescription drugs like hormone therapy & over the counter pain-relievers
– Illegal Drug use
particularly cocaine & amphetamines.

Is It Hereditary Too?

Yes, Very High BP runs in families. However remember genes are not the end of the story for your health. Your lifestyle choices can determine whether you will become a victim to this condition or if it remains dormant.

What Are The Symptoms Of Very High Blood Pressure?

One gruesome characteristic associated with high blood pressure is ‘The Silent Killer’ nickname; people may be walking around with very high blood pressure readings unknowingly due to lack of symptoms but suffering from serious complications until proper medical examination takes place.
Other typical indicators include:

Nurse Ratched’s Checklist

If you have an excellent memory and especially love cross-checks then its time take out that nursing cap and start running down these list:
Severe headaches
Difficulty breathing
Chest pains
Irregular Heartbeat

How Can You Treat Very High Blood Pressure?

There isn’t one answer fits all –ranging from medication planning to self-care measures here are some common treatments available:

Medication: more like match-making

BP medicines come in types – diuretics (water pills), ACE inhibitors, Calcium channel blockers, Angiotensin II receptor blockages which work best differently based on patient needs aimed at reducing overall BP numbers by dilating constricted blood vessels thus improving circulation minus any harmful side effects .

Lifestyle Changes – Starting Something New With Lovable Habits

Loving oneself enough means making necessary changes and sacrifices for self-improvement.Even saying yes when ‘The Weekend’ invites us for drinks during Karaoke Thursdays ..

Here are 3 simple yet powerful tips for taking better care of your health while having fun doing so :
1. Engage in regular physical activity for at least 30 minutes every day :
2. Important to eat nutrient-filled food products like fruits, vegetables, and lean meats while avoiding saturated or trans fats.
3. Reduce stress-Practice mindfulness, yoga or any other activity that calms your mind.

What Are The Risk Factors?

There are certain characteristics placing us at a greater risk of developing high blood pressure:

Is Age Just A Number? Lmao no!

Age is paramount – most critical hypertension cases happening in people aged over 60. People below 45 years experiencing high BP levels is rare.However with current unhealthy lifestyles-even youth are vulnerable

Sodium: When Food Stays Salty For Way Too Long

This sound rings in voices salty enough to draw tears –those times when doctor says reduce salt intake! If only we could ask our stomachs which seem magnetically drawn towards all things greasy n’ salty.

Unnecessary sodium retention – this type resulting from eating too much-sodium laden processed foods often makes our bodies hold onto fluids thus increasing BP by exerting extra strains cardiac output and forcing kidneys to work harder maintain healthy fluid-balances.

How Can You Prevent Very High Blood Pressure?

Preventing very high blood pressure involves reducing the risks associated with its occurrence through making lifestyle changes;
Here are some steps you can take today :

Increase Your Heart Rate & Smile While Doing It!

Cardiovascular exercises works wonders plus its fun,yes it takes some time but think about longevity benefits – practicing good habits keeps one energetic yet relaxed.

So here’s the plan,take that long walk/jog ,biking session,or even swim round the pool these help increase heart rates hence improve overall hearts health while having fun

Mind Your Intake : Fruits & Veggies All Day Everyday

Rich colorful fruits and veggies daily ensure adequate fiber intake for gastrointestinal well being providing body vital nutrients contributing healthier artery & heart health.

Quit Smoking: Invest in a Better Lifestyle

It’s no secret that smoking causes numerous illnesses including high BP – this can be mitigated by quitting tobacco, inviting benefits such as better lung function and overall optimal health.

Fun Facts About Very High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is common among adults – every four out of ten American adults suffer from hypertension.
Did you know?
– A helping hand may be all You Need-Holding someone’s hand actually significantly reduces stress levels which consequently lowers risk for developing high BP.
– Exploring Bonsai trees or maintaining an indoor plant works wonders for overall personal well-being while Subtly elevating moods and calming the mind reducing hypertensive symptoms


Very high blood pressure signals danger to your life-similar to closing miles of space between ourselves with strangers during these Corona epidemic times. Its vital we invest into our own lives through lifestyle modifications,reducing sodium intake , exercising regularly eating healthier diets, quitting smoking etc. With proper action taken it leaves more room for longevity,easier time spent making various memories with loved ones.A healthy body contributes towards Holistic being hence why not have fun while caring for yours?

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