What is tooth decay wikipedia?

Dental cavities are a pain in the tooth! They ruin your day by sending sharp jolts of pain through your entire head. It’s like someone jabbed a screwdriver into your mouth and decided to twist it around just for kicks. Well, that may be taking it too far, but you get the point.

So what exactly is tooth decay Wikipedia? Hang tight as we dive down into those tiny crevices only dental personnel usually have access to – where fungi, bacteria, and saliva go on an epic battle against each other.

What Are Cavities?

Cavities are like Lego blocks building their way up until they reach Fortress Cavity – which can cause some serious structural damage if not dealt with promptly. You usually can’t see them, but when they’re there, you sure feel them! Tiny holes form in teeth when acid-producing bacteria use leftover sugar particles from food to eat away at enamel (the protective outer layer of your teeth).

This might sound weird, but then again who cares; most people have heard about how cavemen would rub sticks together to start fires…well think of tooth decay as Mother Nature doing the same thing by rubbing two things together inside your mouth (bacteria and sugar) until she gets her fiery hole in one – aka a cavity!

Your oral health isn’t just about being nit-picky over wanting white straight teeth with no gaps or imperfections – getting rid of these Lord-Voldemort-esque deadly cavities should also be high up on everyone’s priority list!

How Do We Get Them?

It Almost Always Begins With Germs

Just like that time Spongebob was all traumatized meeting his first germ (whilst singing “Don’t touch me I’m sterile!”…anyone? No?), we must say goodbye to our innocence; germs get everywhere! Mouth germs usually come from yummy stuff we’ve eaten, and they begin preparing to use that sugary dinner you just had as a deadly weapon against your teeth.

The Role of Plaque

The Plot Thickens with the Formation of Plague

If you thought 2020 was enough drama for one year; well then be prepared to hear about an even more wicked plot. One where rogue soldiers – bacteria (trillions) take leftovers from your meals, multiply like cells on steroids, and conquer land – in this case : your tooth surface!

While that army multiplies relentlessly, it starts gathering other defectors (proteins) forming plaque – grey-ish film build-up at the base of the teeth. Now not only is there acid being produced by bacteria + sugar combo but also dangerous proteins hiding out under thick layers of sticky build-up leading to gum infections…just lovely isn’t it?

You’re crying now – because who wouldn’t after hearing how destructive these little things can be? But there’s hope still! Here are some tactics that will decrease their chances of winning:

Brushing Twice A Day Keeps Them at Bay!

Brush twice daily using fluoride toothpaste; make sure each brushing session lasts around two minutes so each tooth gets its four seconds cleansing time.

Flossing Removes Poor Aspects Toward Cavity Growth

Daily flossing removes those no-go areas between teeth where food bits tend to hide away producing maximum fuel for bad oral bacteria i.e: holes wanters aka cavities.

Sugar Reduction = Trying’s Worthwhile?

At least reducing/lowering intake or frequency is good for overall bodily health too. This may sound impossible especially when most meals always seem incomplete without something sweet after but healthy replacements such as fruits – which have natural sugars are great alternatives!

Also if you’re someone who loves soda pops despite all negative campaigns, do try with all your might to limit consumption – because these guys are extremely addicting and corrosive! It’s very easy for acid produced by soda, juice or carbonated drinks to get trapped in areas like braces, tooth crevices etc causing higher possibilities of cavities flourishing.

Drinking Enough Water Can’t be Stressed Enough

Drinking enough water – especially after meals helps rinse away any stuck food particles left behind ( prevents bacteria build-up + formation of plaque).

So there you have it folks! Taking control over cavity expansion doesn’t require massive effort or major lifestyle changes; just mindful choices here and there such as regular dental hygiene appointments for cleaning+fluoride rinses along the way.

Now don’t run from that dentist chair – unless you want a mouth full of sharp pain. Face your fears and keep those teeth healthy!

Note: If none of this works or if things get really bad (cue string instruments) then their expertise is needed at a nearby clinic…Doctor Tooth-Fairy will probably prescribe something strong against those pesky little germs camping around.