What is thiamine 100 mg for?

We are living in an age where everyone’s going crazy over vitamins. But let’s face it, we hardly know anything about them except that they work kind of like magic potions. And one such vitamin is thiamine – the gift of nature that can save you from so many troubles with just 100 mg dose per day!

Meet Thiamine: The Hero We Need!

Before talking about why we need thiamine every day, let’s understand what it is and how amazing it is! Thiamine or ascorbic acid (Vitamin B1) was discovered back in the early 1930s by Umetaro Suzuki when he extracted it from rice bran (yes, that seemed odd to us too).

It belongs to the class of water-soluble vitamins which means irrespective of whichever food you eat this precious nutrient comes free along with it (Sorry picky eaters).

Mentioned extensively used for its various roles ranging from being an ideal mood booster to protecting your heart health – not even Spielberg could have written a better script if this vitamin were casted as our superhero!

So ‘if’… sorry when you take thiamin tablets always remember ‘You are holding a miracle capsule’.

Fighting Fatigue – Thiamin To Our Rescue

Are you often fatigued? Does yawning almost cause a blackout while driving?

Well then put on your cape and grab some thaimin because here’s news for ya folks- taken regularly at around 100mg/daily dosage – this trusty vitamin can significantly reduce symptoms related to tiredness including fatigue both physical and mental.

This special holy grail works hand-in-hand with enzymes involved in energy metabolism thus giving us more access to usable forms of energy throughout the long days ahead Brainwave

Be a Thiamin Guru and Boost your Brain Cells

Are you accustom to feeling foggy more frequently? Has this affected both, performance at work AND life in general?

Well instead of banging head against the wall or reaching for sleep aides – try thiamine!

Research shows that sufficient intake of the vitamin enhances cognitive function leading to better brain processing speed, improved mood and memory

In fact, according to certain studies done on elderly individuals showed even an 80% less chance of developing early-onset dementia when they consumed adequate amounts!

Take Care of Your Breaks: Heart Health

The perfect solution for keeping optomistic whilst facing trivial heart related health issues – Thaimine can only come out champions yet again!

Ensuring our body receives enough supply maintains healthy cardiovascular condition as thamine partakes in regulating pulse rate & arterial pressure. Additionally it also helps prevent inflammation ‘the root’ behind several cardiac problems while increasing ooOoOoooo high density lipoprotein(HDL) levels (not all cholesterol is bad carryover from childhood apparently).

Migrane Warriors – Beware Vitamin B1 is Coming

Now we don’t mean any harm insult but I know what’s on everyone’s mind after seeing that heading… “Will someone please tell me how exactly will popping a few Thamin pills exempt away my migraines”?

Well folks once ingested Thaimin supplements prompt functionality in cytochrome enzymes which reduces generation toxic chemicals within cells.

In layman’s terms — basically neurotransmitter secretion gets stimulated making us less sensitive towards pain messages sent by our nerves causing frequency /intensity of headaches escaping even before they occur rather than patching them up afterwards.

Take note migraine-sufferers this remedy could potentially change your life (no joke)!