What is the worst bone to break in your body?

As human beings, we are prone to injuries; sometimes we fall, and at other times something heavy falls upon us. Among all other forms of damage that can befall us, breaking a bone has got to be one of the most painful experiences out there.

One second you’re living your life, and the next thing you know you’ve broken a bone in your body. Whether it’s from playing sports or just being clumsy, knowing which part of your skeleton is fragile could save you some grief.

Breaking a specific bone won’t prevent pain and agony outright, but it can give you an idea of what lies ahead/in store if heaven forbids such an accident happens. So bear with me as I take a humorous look at ‘What is the worst bone to break in your body?’.

The Skull

We might as well start with the big one: the skull. This particular cephalic (fancy word for head) portion comprises many bones interconnected through sutures and stitchings alike.

But as much as cracking open someone’s skull is part-and-parcel when opening up zombies like coconuts, when living humans sustain any trauma around here – even minor ones – significant problems could manifest.

Fracturing Your Cranium

Although technically not considered “breaking” due to its intricate structure, fractures within this area carry substantial risks along with them such as:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Memory loss
  • Seizures

And let’s not forget traumatic personality change! One moment Jon Snow was mingling happily among his friends beyond-the-Wall only for him then turning into Ned Stark!

Errr…wait?! Ignore that last bit.

Of course mental health issues apply far down throughout breaking any critical zone around here but imagine how freaked-out everyone would be afterward? You’re struggling to remember why you’ve become a blank slate, and everyone around is acting like it’s the future! Petrifying!

The Spine

Next up: the spine. This bone foundation, formed by vertebrates stacked on top of each other with cushiony input by your discs separating said vertebrae. Your lower-back area (lumbar region) is particularly susceptible when exposed to osteoporosis breaking bones far more easily.

Broken Vertebra?

Sustain an injury in this area resulting in something as severe as a broken vertebra located anywhere along there – even just one-, will carry serious repercussions such as:

  • Paralysis
  • Bowel/bladder control issues

“John?” “Yeah, Ted” “You know that intense pain I keep experiencing whenever we move me?” “Uh-huh.” “That seems very strange, does it not?”

Breaking all those protective barriers encasing spinal cord means losing function/control way below-the-belt areas requiring surgical operations or even spasms too which if rendered permanent would lead to endless butt jokes over the coming years. Bottom line (pun totally intended) it’d be awful.

The Pelvis

Here’s another important bone – the pelvis– for obvious reasons; three bones fuse together forming while giving participants balance throughout their daily lives frequently becoming overwhelmed carrying stress not-always shown healthy outcomes.

Breaking It All Apart

Many studies have found that pelvic fractures impose severe medical complications within victims from potentially life-threatening blood vessel ruptures bleeding throughout surrounding organs upon triggering.

Making things worse? You risk never being able to sit comfortably again putting pressure constantly onto newly-forming scar tissue creating aftereffects lasting years –ones possibly unpredictable now-. Between having shooting sensations going during sneezing episodes engaging-in standing vs sitting wars making people wonder whether they’re always alright mentally…

If considering career options between taking a sledgehammer to your pelvis or opting out of that glorious window seat on flights – alongside enabling you the option to reenact popular figure skating moves-, go for the latter. Trust us.

The Arm

Next on our list, let’s move into the arm, specifically the humerus bone; I mean, the name itself reeks-of comedy gold (Awww come-on think biology humor!).

It’s Humorous!

Breaking this strong-hold-bone possessing job-responsibility throughout much of-day-to-day activities allows us things such as:

  • Carrying groceries
  • Driving
  • Using smartphones

Have-n’t we all been there during our teenage years when dealing with particularly stubborn pickle jars?

Snapping these bones means learning new tricks (and not just “playing an instrument”, Bob) like figuring out how to wipe oneself post restroom-victories using only one hand! Difficulty upping above when said victims navigate making and receiving phone calls while wiping their bums at work!

The bandages tend becoming ornamental around this area given nothing can honestly fix it other than time waiting which nevertheless results in numerous snickering from coworkers every-time somebody uses their “ovary-action” as a way around.

The Leg

Now for everyone’s favorite: the leg. This guy explains itself due to having two separate dangerous possibilities worthy-of-expanding here. Let me break them down more efficiently…

Broken Femur?

Remembering back during ancient-days involving chariot races? Spectators had no choice really but hoping nobody broke too many legs since those people never made it inside emergency rooms unlike what House would tell us

Femurs are known taking so long healing thanks stresses imparted upon this largest central pointer within extremities caused both by gravity-support needs along-with-it regularly used therefore fractures needing surgical interventions). And should something extremely-unfortunate take place during a race, slingball, UFC match alike meaning taking the hit directly around here? Your gruesome regret will become anything from:

  • Disability
  • Deformity

But hey, you’ll always have something to help address that pesky itch on your lower calf area given one of them was now poking through anyway.

Oh My Achilles!

Arguably even worse (and somewhat more common than other leg-breaks listed), tearing the Achilles tendon creates heavy difficulties too. Portions featuring indirect results when inside rotator-cuff sustain injuries after years-overuse-tearing often affect those during their golden-years-for-getting-tannen/inspired-basketball-season ones!

Imagine telling everyone at work for over two months that it wasn’t really soccer injuring yourself playing with…but from stepping off-a-sidewalk-wrong resulting in a partial or total detachment’of-the heel cord region putting someone as immobile-as-ever forcing/prompting them rethinking most life choices! Walking up-and-down stairs can literally leave sweat popmarks upon head-and-neck areas surprisingly quickly.

Wrapping It Up

Ultimately there is no ‘winning’ where fracturing bones are concerned; going under the knife and facing large amounts-of-pain means experiencing unwarranted additional discomfort amid recovery periods just on-top-of everyday living’s unique happenstances thrown all around us constantly..

All things considered though maybe staying cuddled-up indoors hoping bad moments happening only through LifeAlert commercials isn’t such-an-outlandish-proposal-after-all. Stay sharp readers (pun totally intended!).

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