What is the treatment for scabies rash?

Have you recently developed an itchy rash that just won’t go away? If you’re like most people, you have tried scratching and ignoring the problem, but to no avail. Well, my friend, I am here to tell you that it’s time to face facts: You may have scabies.

Scabies is an incredibly common skin condition caused by tiny mites known as Sarcoptes scabiei. These pesky little critters burrow into your skin and lay eggs which leads to itching and sometimes even a rash. But fear not! There are plenty of treatment options available that can help get rid of those pesky mites so you can stop scratching once and for all!

Diagnosing Scabies

Before we dive into the best ways to treat scabies rashes (which trust me, we will) let’s first make sure we properly diagnose the issue at hand.

The symptoms of scabies include intense itching in areas such as elbows, wrists, between fingers or toes or any other body parts with folds. One might also witness small bumps resembling bites.\

If what seems like a mosquito bite doesn’t heal by itself after some days; it might be because there are ‘hotel sarcoptes’ under one’s skin.^1

Once diagnosed with this condition though (which isn’t something anyone likes) it’s important to begin treatments promptly before things get worse!

Treating Scabies Rashes – A Comprehensive Guide

Now comes the fun part! In this section (don’t worry- I’m not going anywhere!) we’ll discuss various methods for treating scabies rashes; from traditional medical approaches to natural remedies using raw plant extracts – gotcha! Sorry thought I was too serious !

The Conventional Approach

The first line of defense for treating scabs is using prescription drugs both topical and oral as recommended by the doctor. Here’s a breakdown of drugs that your healthcare provider might recommend for treating scabies:

Permethrin cream

This is one of the most commonly used and effective treatments available in the market. It has to be applied all over, then removed after some hours ( usually not less than six). Re-application may be required depending on severity in between an interval of seven days^2.

Benzyl benzoate

It works by suffocating these pesky mites until they’re eliminated once applied from head to toe . Although this medication can have serious side effects such as irritation or hives if you’re allergic to it ^3.

The More Natural Approach

For those looking for more natural ways to treat their scabies rash, there are several (surprisingly well-researched) options available too!

Neem Oil

Derived from neem plant this oil a great option against scabies, many use it topically before bed so that its active ingredient azadirachtin act while they sleep^4. Remember to never ingest any essential oils as it can lead to harmful consequences!

Tea Tree Oil

You’ve probably heard about tea tree oil, famous worldwide for its antifungal properties but did you know the same properties also make it an excellent anti-bacterial agent? Apply diluted tea tree oil on affected areas using clean cotton balls throughout the day till symptoms subside.^5

Let’s get rid of ‘em in our car and clothes Using Good Ol’ Detergents!

To stop scratches and marks from becoming worse right after treatment one should focus on washing every cloth button pillow jacket or even with which they come into contact along with their bedding with detergents specifically manufactured detergent strong enough/to remove tiny organisms like Sarcoptes Scabiei (can’t believe I really became educated about tiny mites!) Just pour in a little and never let those pesky things redevelop.

Prevention is Key!

Now comes the big secret; to treat scabies rashes effectively, one needs to prevent their onset in the first place – refer back up again mites that are hard to spell out of fear^6. We derely(really) cannot stress enough how important it is that you avoid direct or prolonged contact with individuals/patient suffering from this condition.

Quick Tips for Preventing Scabies:

1- Wash your clothes thoroughly after visiting any public place such as gym or open-mike nightclubs

2- Avoid sharing personal clothes items socks towels etc, comes in contact with someone who recently had scabs

3- Keep hand sanitizers nearby especially if you might have touched any surface exposed to an infected person eg lifts gate handles ^7

4- Put furniture belongings into sunlight: Bare minimum once every two weeks as leaving them can act as a hotbed for these organisms.

Well folks,(better late than ever!) we made it! By following our comprehensive guide on treating and preventing scabies rashes, you’ll be ready to defeat the tiny Sarcoptes Scabiei creature making countless burrows under your skin (sounds ghastly I know).

Remember though always remember that prevention should be taken seriously along wuth proper diagnosis by healthcare providers before starting medications / essential oils for treatment~

“This article references general formulations based on raw plant extracts haven’t been evaluated by regulatory bodies its use shall be at own risk consult healthcare providers”

[7]- Editorial Hopkins_Nursing – August 8th 2019