What is the third eye chakra responsible for?

The third eye chakra, also known as Ajna in Sanskrit, is often described as a mysterious and mystical center of energy located between our eyebrows. It’s believed to be responsible for intuition, psychic abilities, and spiritual insight. But what exactly does the third eye chakra do? In this article, we’ll explore the various aspects of this enigmatic energy center and how it affects our physical and psychological well-being.

What is the Third Eye Chakra?

Before delving into its functions, let’s first understand what the third eye chakra is precisely. The third eye chakra is one of the seven primary chakras that run through your body from your pelvis to your crown. Each chakra has different characteristics associated with it, influencing different parts of our lives.

Located at the forehead’s center above ​​the eyebrow line (and looking super impressive if you wear a nice temporary tattoo there), 3rd-grade-teacher-explanation-style; Its symbol represents:

  • A lotus flower with two petals.
  • Indigo color or dark blue hue.

Now that we know where it’s found let’s answer some essential questions!

What Does It Mean To Have An Opened Third Eye Chakra?

A balanced open third-eye-charka allows us to see situations unbiasedly objectively without fear or anxiety clouding our judgment by providing clarity on matters that may have seemed confusing previously. This openness can prompt deep self-reflection leading to higher states of consciousness / creativity/intelligence.

So how do you know if this particular insight-center around which everything revolves not just theory but real-life experience exists??

You start losing interest in gossip-not because doing so would make people think you’re more spiritually advanced than anyone else-no-but because those kindsa things lack substance once one recognizes their tangible distance compared to transcendent realities opening up when meditating.

You get irritated with toxic positivity and see the term ‘energy’ used to describe everything from looking up at the sky to arguing with that friend who can never admit they’re wrong…. Wait, don’t be too quick on this one as I could fall into this category- Do quotes about finding balance in life decorate your living space, or do you have a vision board? (Answer honestly.) If no action is being taken, stop calling it manifestation; you’re just daydreaming.

What Does The Third Eye Control?

The third eye chakra primarily controls our intuition by providing clear mental insight and focus on situations/ concepts that we may not have grasped previously signs of inadequate control include difficulty concentrating, inability to remember dreams / very vivid nightmares strangely reminiscent back-pains.

Here are some other ways this chakra affects us:

Higher Consciousness

An open and balanced third eye chakra helps people feel connected; it allows them to experience enlightenment known as Samadhi – nondual consciousness realization where there is no separation between oneself and others.

But waitaminute—

Before attaining higher states of being, work needs doing around lower realms: consciousness growth grounded in self-awareness… because harmonized takes deep breath third-eye-chakras prevent wandering minds from experiencing pleasure while letting go of self-judgment/ anxiety-filled-abstractions/’what if?’ scenarios playing over and over again like a bad jukebox song still stuck in your head whenever alone.

Y’all feeling me so far?

Physical Symptoms

Physically – improvements seen an increase in fine motor skills such as awkwardly putting together IKEA furniture without instructions focusing better improving dexterity during things like crochet knitting needlework…you name it!

Other physical symptoms that may improve when the third eye chakra’s energy is balanced/powered-up include fewer headaches (!!!), general improvement cuticle maintenance grade nails—although we cannot promise they will never break vivid dreams and positive mental well-being.


Psychologically; characterized by pure wisdom-bearing individuals with fluid perspectives who enjoy exploring the unknown to better understand themselves/ others. They are naturally more empathetic/ intuitive, able to express creativity through various mediums including writing poetry painting cooking all things aesthetic!

However, when this chakra is imbalanced, you may struggle with:

  • Inability to process/make clear decisions.
  • Difficulty making sense of situations emotionally ‘on edge’ without control/self-deprecation.
  • Living in a world consisting of black-and-white or grey areas defined by dogma / rigid beliefs.

Balancing The Third Eye Chakra

If you realize that your third eye chakra has been out of balance for some time, fear not! As the saying goes: there’s always hope. Here are some ways to balance your 3rd eye towards that juicy psychic abilities realization:
– Practice mindfulness
Take little moments throughout the day recognizing thoughts as they come up along w their associated body sensations feelings acknowledging them (not trying suppressing) bringing attention back present moment once done doing so note any patterns recurring identifying triggers leading into negative thought loops developing awareness around what’s going on internally helps counterbalance their effects allowing potentials for healthier habits/ increased presence tap into instincts telling whether something feels right/wrong

Engage in regular meditation
Opening/purifying energy points practicing focusing techniques progressively centers third-eye-chakras—Tip-on having difficulty starting try yoga poses such downward-facing-dog cat-cow pose supported bridge legs-up-the-wall child’s pose warrior I if none of these calls think like Harry Potter says “expecto patronum”(Just kidding )

Take care physically

Such as partaking in exercise regularly being intentional about breathing lying/dusting age-appropriate skincare routines consuming foods rich vitamin D getting plenty sleep half an hour prior bedtime putting away tech devices).

Spend time in nature

Consciously making sure getting outside/absorbing the beauty surrounding. You can also explore energy healing techniques such as Reiki crystal-healing.

In Conclusion

In a nutshell? Our third eye-chakra provides a more significant sense of intuitive understanding soul-knowledge beyond what’s seen on the surface, providing us with balance, creativity allowing increased flow creatively leading to enlightenment consistently transcending limiting beliefs and grasping deeper meaning universe’s purpose— Think about it this way: Whether casual hobbyist exploring these ideas someone fully dedicated sainthood must confess – life would not be half bad feeling able seeing beyond inquisitive stating evident opposites undivided explorations pursuits beyond material understandings- all because our precious… 3rd EYE CHAKRA

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