What is the reason for left eye flickering?

Have you ever experienced sudden left eye flickering, and wondered what could be the reason? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Many people experience this strange sensation, for various reasons. In this article, we will take a humorous (yet informative) look at the causes of left eye twitching. So sit back, grab a bag of popcorn (or kale chips if you’re healthy like that) and let’s dive right in!

Understanding Left Eye Twitching

Before discussing possible causes, it’s important to understand what exactly ‘left eye twitching’ means. Medically known as myokymia, eyelid muscle spasms can occur in both eyes or only one. Prolonged stress or fatigue lead to involuntary contractions affecting specific muscles in our bodies- including those around our eyes.

In many cases , these twitches tend to be minor inconveniences which last only a few moments . Nonetheless they can turn out quite distracting especially when they persist / interrupt other activities.

Now with that cleared up, let’s go through some common triggers!

Stress — The Silent Eyelid Spasm Inducer

We don’t need science 🤓to tell us there is nothing beneficial about being stressed;. All types of stress- from being under pressure at work/school ,having relationship issues 😭or even refreshing your exam results page while waiting eagerly for them– if persistent enough will culminate into dramatic changes/ imbalances within our body systems .

Tension headaches – tension migraines insomnia … but also👹… Myokymias!

They say ‘Don’t lose sleep over it’ but how hard is that? Sleep deficiency hampers concentration ☕️❌and cortisol levels shoot –we end up so stressed! Cortisol increases heart rate and blood sugar levels – slowing down repair processes in our body – induced fatigue… .and ooooh – left eye flickering 🙈.😩

Side-Effects of Caffeine and Alcohol on Eyelid Muscles

“I can’t function without my morning coffee,” you say? Understandable! But what you may not be aware of is the effects of drinking massive amounts of caffeine daily ☕on your eyelids.

Despite caffeine’s ability to ward off drowsiness(people often consume it for this very reason!) , consuming too much comes with side-effects – like sudden mood swings or anxiety, that could lead to a bout left eyelid spasms..

Alcohol works similarly, building up certain by-products at night which interfere with neurotransmitters in charge of sending signals from our brainstem…a cause for possible spams in yout lids🍻 Remember, people are different and we just won’t all react to substances in the same manner .

The bottom line is moderation — limit excess consumption if need be!

Electronic Gadgets Effect on Eye Health

In today’s world – screens are everything /possibly most things 😜But unfortunately there’s always something wrong about good things |/ excessive 💁use always does have side effects.No one wants blurred vision + tossing meds everyday because they didn’t take proper precautions while using their gadgets.

A lot happens within your eyes when observing electronic displays. LED monitors generate high-frequency light pulses &eyestrain leads to dry 👀eyes/burning sensations; headaches/muscle tension;eye twiching….We should exercise care whilst undergoing activities requiring us use devices so as not encroach upon helpful activities such as video calling friends after an exhausting day.

Blame it On Nutritional Deficiencies

Sometimes these annoying involuntary muscle contractions result from minor nutritional deficiencies — specifically those connected with low magnesium levels. Magnesium plays a vital role in hormonal balance and muscle relaxation.

If you experience prolonged twitching hops🌮,nuts ,spinach 🍃and more pumpkin seeds which happen to be a great source for magnesium could bring long term relief.

Dealing with Left Eye Twitching

So now you know some possible causes of your left eye twitching, but how can it be managed? Well, like many other problems out there, prevention always helps:

  • Cut back on caffeine/ alcohol consumption
  • Take frequent breaks while using electronic devices💻
  • Exercise stress management techniques such as yoga or meditation 🕉️(‘Ohm’)… Let go of the pent up tension!
  • Eat foods rich with Magnesium/minerals
    Above is simply advice that will help elevate effects felt from eyelid spasms

In conclusion; as much as we may hate 💔sudden spams when trying to read our favorite book /use that insightful smartphone app ; know these episodes often cease spontaneously; As long as they are infrequent …you’ve got nothing to worry about!

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