What is the generic version of yaz?

Are you tired of shelling out all that cash on name-brand contraception? Have no fear! The generic version of Yaz is here!

What Is Yaz and Why Do People Use It?

For those unacquainted with it, Yaz is a prescription birth control pill used to prevent pregnancy. Furthermore, it can help reduce acne and treat symptoms of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).

What Is the Generic Version of Yaz?

The generic version of Yasmin (which contains the same active ingredients as Yaz) goes by many names: Ocella, Syeda, Loryna, Gianvi… shall we go on?
No matter what name it goes by or whether you opt for the brand-name or generic variant,the important thing is that you stay protected against pregnancy, am I right ladies?!

Why Go For The Generic Variant Rather Than Brand Name Pills?

While there’s no difference in efficacy between the two types[], people like to switch over because they perceive generics are more affordable- which could be true if your insurance plan covers them. Additionally,some prefer sticking with brand-name just to play safe – can’t afford any ‘slip-ups’ ya know!
Note: While rare; some users may observe differences in side effects.

Here’s a list comparing prices:

Brand Price for 3 packs
Yaz $400
Ocella/generic (Drospirenone-Ethinyl Estradiol) $235

Keep scrolling down this article- you might want tips on how to afford contraception without having your wallet cry non-stop😉

Most Birth controls differ a little bit from each other while being effectively identical so going for their less pricey co-generic alternatives makes sense.

All these fancy drugs mystify me. Writing about medicine feels like I am unloading sacks of freshly plucked jargons. Troglitazone? Tigecycline?
I think your health deserves to have medication that’s affordable, safe and accessible to all. That being said, don’t make the mistake of changing anything about the dosage or how often you take any medicine without consulting a professional- only because it is lying around in your friend circle useful for ‘that time’ (eye-roll).

Pro tip: If someone offers Yaz for ‘cheap’; THAT IS VERY SUSPICIOUS!

Final word before we call it a day- Say YES to CONSENT every single time 😉[See what we did there?]
Remember ladies – choice and knowledge are paramount when making decisions regarding contraception. Stay informed & catch ya on the next one!

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