What is the fastest way to gain weight?

Are you tired of being called ‘skinny’? Do you want people to stop mistaking you for a lamp post? Look no further because in this article, we’re going to teach you how to gain weight faster than your roommate who eats pizza every day. With the right diet, exercise routine and mindset, gaining weight can actually be fun! So put on your stretchy pants and let’s get started.

Understanding Body Fat

First things first, let’s talk about body fat. This is the stuff that makes us look plump or downright chubby. It’s also what helps protect our organs and keeps us warm when it gets chilly outside. But despite its many benefits, excess body fat can lead to health problems like diabetes and heart disease.

Types of Body Fat

There are two types of body fat: white adipose tissue (WAT) and brown adipose tissue (BAT). WAT stores calories while BAT burns calories as heat. Some researchers believe that increasing the amount of BAT in our bodies could help us burn more calories overall without even trying too hard at exercising (wouldn’t that be nice?).

Caloric Surplus – How Many Calories Should You Eat?

Now onto the most important part: eating more calories than your body needs aka creating a caloric surplus (sounds fancy but just means eat more). This is achieved by increasing your calorie intake through food or liquid until your total daily energy expenditure exceeds what you consume each day.

To determine how many calories YOU should be consuming each day involves some math using height, weight, age & activity level but we won’t bore you with those details right now (phew!) Basically if currently maintaining/gaining wait 15-20% more would create caloric surplus which will directly contribute in gaining healthy weighht.

It might sound daunting at first especially if all your life you’ve been told to avoid fats and carbs like the plague but trust us, it’s worth it in the end. Just make sure to increase your calorie intake slowly over time to prevent any unpleasant side effects like bloating or indigestion (yikes).

Protein – The Muscle Builder

Protein is known as the building block of muscle which is why a lot of body builders are obsessed with this macronutrient. As someone who wants to put on some healthy weight quickly and effectively, protein will play a vital role in helping you achieve that goal.

Aim for 1 gram of protein per pound(or kg?) of bodyweight each day by incorporating foods such as meat, fish and eggs into your diet (yum!) Regardless if you’re vegetarian or vegan, incorporating lentils & other beans would be great plant-based alternatives that are packed with proteins.

Carbohydrates – Your Friends

Carbs have received a bad reputation thanks to low-carb diets promoting their elimination from our diets altogether. But truth be told they are an important component when trying gain mass quickly because nothing gives us energy quite like carbs do!

This doesn’t mean grabbing junk foods loaded with sugar thinking they’ll help gain weight overnight — complex carbohydrates think fruits/vegetables (sweet potatoes, carrots,squash), whole wheat breads/pastas/rice(!?!?), oatmeal etc provide lasting energy throughout the day without leaving behind much fat at all (win-win situation)

Make sure majority calories come from carbohydrates (about 60%) along with adequate fat(~20-25%) & remaining protein-centric (~15-20%).

Resistance Training

Resistance training isn’t about just lifting heavy weights or looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger after only one month at the gym(aww shucks…that would have been ideal 😉 ), rather creating micro tears associated muscles while working out stimulates growth & when recovered properly they form back stronger, denser and thicker.

At the vigorous pace of a an aerobics class is not going to do this job for you! Plan at least 3 sessions focusing on compound movements that recruit many muscles groups such as squats, deadlifts, push-ups or chin ups per week.

Resistance training can also lead to increase in appetite which directly contributes towards achieving those daily macro goals!

Sleep – Your Best Friend

Ahh sleep (zzz..). It feels great but did you know it’s actually one of the most important aspects of gaining weight too? Whilst sleeping growth hormones are released allowing our bodies to repair damage caused by resistance-training workouts mentioned earlier saying “a day off keeps the muscle gains away” would be WRONG here since results take slightly more effort than that..

Most adults need around seven to nine hours of sleep each night for optimal health benefits so aim for getting sufficient shut-eye (catching up binge watching Netflix late-night-date shows isn’t recommended)
AND these benefits will help in overall productivity towards #gainz incorporating focus and alertness
during workouts while maximizing recovery phase outside gym!

The Wrong Way To Gain Weight

There’s a dangerous trend among people looking to put on weight quickly: relying solely on junk food. While chips/waffles/ candy sounds like a tempting solution because they’re packed with sugar/fat/carbs all together your body just won’t respond well (trust me) .

Not only does relying heavily on junk foods make it harder to gain muscle mass but also contribute in worsening cardiac-health-risk factors making such choices simply not worth taking risks upon(Can hardly Wait…Oops sorry💭😉)!

Additionally too fast too soon is never good approach ! Specialists suggest that increasing total calories intake gradually (~300-500 kcal/day) till significant caloric surplus without any serious digestive discomfort should be followed over time.


By increasing your calorie intake, working out and following a healthy diet plan that’s high in protein and complex carbs you can gain weight fast in a sustainable way. Sleep well each night, don’t rely on junk food, resistance training efficiently & give yourself time to reach the ideal goal weights (don’t rush it; slow and steady wins the race). Remember transforming bodies takes significant patience/passion so have fun(?) undergoing this journey while aiming for an end destination where you will achieve life-changing transformation/rewards!