What is the dangerous level of high blood pressure?

Blood pressure, that’s the old up and down. That thing you have no control over but can destroy your health quicker than Last Call at a swingers party. You can’t see it, taste it or feel it, but there’s certainly nothing funny about having high blood pressure. So what level should your blood pressure be at? Is 140/90mmHg really cause for concern? Great questions! Get ready as we dive into a sea of medical jargon and just enough humor to keep you from getting bored (or dead).

Ah, the much-dreaded millimeters of Mercury (mmHg), something we never stop hearing when doctors measure our BP. Just try asking them what this means – they’ll respond with enigmatic phrases like “systolic,” “diastolic”, “hypertension”, “prehypertension” ad infinitum. But don’t worry yourself – we’ve got your back!

Systole What?

Perhaps the more perplexing measuring term is systolic ; which measures the amount of stress placed on artery walls during a heartbeat. According to almost every healthcare practitioner in town; it’s best if this exposes or exerts between 110-120 mmHg.

Diastole Who?

The \”d\” word in question here mainly refers
to when heart are relaxing between beats, diastolic measures since excessive amounts hint towards underlying health issues that may crop up in future life dramas – take note won’t ya! Normal levels should usually be around 60-80 mmHg

Now let us break down hypertension

If you’re afraid someone might give standing ovation even though you aren’t giving any cinematic performance par excellence anytime soon then I advise against high blood pressure, But jokes apart it is said that if your systolic level has climbed beyond 140mm Hg; Or if you’ve managed to hit a diastolic of over 90 mmHg, then say “Hello!” to the world of hypertension.

Don’t be scared, trust me! Whilst Serious, high blood pressure isn’t going to eat away at your liver like an alcoholic binge; there are plenty of lifestyle changes and medications available for treatment.

Weigh Your Lifestyle Options

Do you weigh more than Ramdev Baba’s bullshit? Actually sorry we know ,that wasn’t helpful either – let us try again!

Are you overweight ? Be a sport and get up outta that bed–slide into those sneaks and shed off some pounds by making healthier choices plus maxing on exercises like Pilates or Crossfit ( whatever floats your boat ) can help regulate BP numbers better than prescription meds in many people.

Also Smoking leafy green herbs puts one’s BP way higher than Nelson Mandela Tower- so put down the joint man!

What about Copious consumption of alcohol whilst turning the other cheek towards moderation has never done any harm (:D), it’s yet another factor causing havoc with both heart rate and blood pressure levels.

Lastly stress takes one for surprise round everytime when any discussion about health pops up because they contribute almost equally just as our very own genetics does. Therefore unwinding(funnily) needs taking center stage – through yoga practices, bubble baths even fishing have been proven effective in reducing BP readings after all what screams ‘calmth from chaos’ quite like catching fishes instead dropping names ?

Small changes make big differences folks !

A few simple lifestyle tweaks here and there may well be enough to take hypertensive feet back down closer toward solid ground. Try adopting these suggestions :

  1. Get moving – exercising at least thrice weekly helps maintain solid BP levels
  2. Ditch the junk – high sodium diets ramp up every BP reading possible, try sticking to green vegetables.
  3. Embrace a little release – relaxing hobbies help drop blood pressure readings by as much as 4 mmHg ((Astounding isn’t it ?!)

You might think you’re not necessarily going through anything terrible if your gut isnt churning like Adam (Jesse Eisenberg) did during his stint in Now You See me but hypertension’s most insidious symptom is that there aren’t any obvious ones : no sudden dizziness or welling up of heartburn- nadda.

Uncovering The Stats For Hypertension

In India alone,LORD KNOWS how many people suffer from hypertension , which translates into roughly 1 person amongst every three adults across both sexes and age groups.Some research even suggests 90% present in emergency rooms arose due to hypertensive crisis – signs& symptoms may include:

  • Severe headache
  • Blurry vision
  • Shortness of breath
    fainting spells(Damn we KNEW Voldemort was more susceptible!)Regular chest pains

Who’s At Elevated Risk?

Let this action be your precautionary measure ALWAYS folks since several risk factors are typically only perceptible over a long duration of time:

1.People who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes(precursor)
2.Folks already dealing with kidney diseases/severe bladder obstructions/the use of birth control pills/hormone replacement drugs.
3.African American communities have double chances too and so do those related one way or another to people with blood pressure problems.

If you calculate that such occurrence runs rampant in your family or friends +you’re over 30 ;then checking BP daily doesn’t hurt .In other words stop ignoring yourself harder than men ignore their mental health (BIG OOF)

You’ve Got The Power

Now it probably sounds like we want you plotting a funeral or cowering beneath the bed , but in actual sense – YOU are fully capable of keeping those BP levels strictly within healthy ranges or at least can keep trying to push for optimal blood pressure readings. Here’s how :

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Keeping tabs on your physical activity trackers
    • (psst someone reminded us listening about cracking alarm-y tones that makes getting up groggy and uncomfortable -oops)
  • Leave aside a day or two each week specifically meant for NO alcohol consumption.
    • Allow yourself room instead to toss back green tea for something fresh.

Final Thoughts

High Blood pressure is no laughing matter folks; it’s crucial however not taking your body lightly,NOT joking around regading prolonged hypertension as risk factors cumulate over time leading to perhaps greater complications later.So If necessary, take medication under doctor supervision! Also always remember –

\”Forcing humor,- learning new hobbies with pacifying health benefits(poetry sessions anyone?) helps big times in calming hypertensive bouts- even BP.“

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