What is the best thing to use for pink eye?

If you’re reading this, then chances are you’ve been hit by the dreaded pink eye. It’s not just an annoying cosmetic issue; it’s a full-blown medical emergency. Okay, maybe not that extreme, but let’s face it – nobody wants to walk around with crusty, red eyes that look like they just got punched in the face.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of remedies out there to cure those peepers and get them back to their bright and beautiful selves. In this article, we’ll take a humorous yet informative look at some of the best things to use for pink eye.

What Exactly is Pink Eye?

First things first: let’s talk about what exactly pink eye is. Medically known as conjunctivitis (bah humbug), pink eye occurs when the membrane covering your eyeball becomes inflamed and irritated due to bacterial or viral infections.

But don’t worry too much- while it may sound kind of scary (cue ominous music)rest assured that most cases of pink eye aren’t serious and can be cleared up fairly easily.


Pink-eye symptoms usually manifest themselves through:
Swelling around eyes
Gritty feeling
Sensitivity towards light
(because who doesn’t love photophobia?)

The type of treatment that would work best on an individual completely depends on its causes i.e., if bacteria caused it then one should go with antibiotics likewise if viruses were behind such infection antivirals drugs should be used.
So once confirmed by doctors#let’s dive into our options

Tea Bags oh yeah

Tea bags do more than providing us relief from all stressful day routine- we have another reason now! They also cure PINK EYE!

I’m telling ya, tea bags could really save your flawless look. The bagged tea will soothe your pink eye’s inflammation within minutes.

The game plan!

  • Steep some teabags in boiling water.
  • Let them to cool down to a comfortable temperature.

When ready,
1. Gently place the bags on each affected eyelid for approximately 5-10 minutes, then take deep breaths and kick back.

Do this twice daily until you start seeing that shine coming back!

Keep ’em eyes clean

Another way of handling the situation is keeping it simple!

This method might appear too simple but trust me on this one -keeping your eyes tidy!! This helps in reducing dirt which can affect your already irritated eyes

Here’s how it goes:
1.Clean cotton balls or pads, moisten them with warm water(www.aao.org)
2.Gently rub each ball over eyelids (in circular motion)→ like washing off grime from around edgesClassy
3.In between cleansing cycles remember not to use same cotton again(as infections easily transfer)

You may repeat the process up to 4 times in a day depending upon needs.

Stay Hydrated aka Drink Water FORGET DAT WINE HONEY 😉

As funny as it sounds do people really begin their cure by LITERALLY getting thirsty ? But hear me out!!
Ah yes,” Water” is what I am talking about—bona fide hydration spell for our pink eye-stricken friend.

When we hydrate ourselves enough using plain ol’ H20, specifically those struggling with bacterial pink-eye can expedite recovery through frequent urination causing flushing out more bacteria responsible for all mind-blowing pain and characteristic bloodshot appearance.(medlineplus.gov9).

Start sipping on six-eight glasses of filtered hydrolyzed elixir daily( NY Times); during infection till the recovery time.

Garlic for AAALLLLL seasonings

Garlic is DULL – is what no one ever said. Those garlic cloves can be a real gamechanger and not just for your sauteed shrooms! (Vegetarian recipes, dont mind me 😉 )

Ok so let’s dive in

Take 2-3 fresh garlic cloves
Mince these finely
Dilute minced pieces with clean water/natural carrier oil ~orderliness incoming~(as opposed to applying raw)

Gently apply the mix onto both of infected eyelids using q-tips or cotton balls; then rinse after an hour freshly with warm water.

Done ❗️ Do it twice daily if situation persists—kick out those instigators!


We live in good times folks. Have you heard about there being several outstanding pet grooming solutions? Well, we kinda got that too particularly when it comes to pink-eye treatment.

Those suckers A.K.A., epiphany inducing antibacterial/antiviral ointment made especially for our use; You see now why they are living up to their reputation? Well played chemists and Biologists!!

Here’s how:
1.Wash hands well! Pat dry mess free unwrinkled handshakes incoming!
2.Take opened ointment tube / prescribed dropper by doctors on each hand
3.Apply onto lower lash line/part of lower lid avoiding contact/irritation between product and unaffected parts―yikes!
4.Close lids gently massage any excess product along outer edges going outward(as direction dictates )

Voila!! Apply as often directed by your medical-dictator I MEANT DOCTOR..

==Optimistic Conclusion==
While there might not be a single definitive answer but choosing from among best options available all relay proven results Never ignore even minor symptoms like redness or itching around eyes; taking immediate preventive measures improves chances of speedy recovery! Good Luck! 😉