What is the best nicotine patch?

Nicotine patches are a great way to kick that nasty smoking habit. But let’s be real – there are so many options out there, it can be hard to know which one is worth your time (and money). Fear not, fellow nicotine patch hunters! I have taken on the noble task of trying out multiple different brands and types of nicotine patches to determine once and for all…What is the best nicotine patch?

Let the Testing Begin

First things first, let me just say that sticking an adhesive square onto your skin every day isn’t exactly fun. But when it comes down to improving my health, I’m willing to endure some discomfort – especially if it means I can keep telling everyone I meet that “I quit smoking!” Seriously, guys. It never gets old.

Anyway, back to testing these bad boys. Here’s what went down:

Types of Patches Tried

  • Clear
  • Translucent
  • Stepmate Chew-able
  • Stepmate Classic
  • NicoDerm CQ

Testing Criteria

In order for a nicotine patch brand/type to earn top marks in my book, here’s what I looked at:
1. Delivery: does it deliver consistent results throughout the day?
2. Side effects:are they minimal?
3. Stickiness level: will this thing stay put or fall off at random times during important meetings?

Let’s get started!

The Great Patch Showdown!

Clear VS Translucent

Right out of the gate we’ve got ourselves a showdown between two very similar looking patches from two different companies.


The Clear Patch had pretty good adhesion overall but was super thin and barely noticeable under clothing.


The translucent option was slightly thicker than its competitor but still unnoticeable. The trade-off, however, was slightly weaker adhesion power

Winner: Clear. Its adhesive proved stronger than translucent’s and it doesn’t show through clothing.

Stepmate Chew-able VS Stepmate Classic

Now we’re getting into some more serious territory with two different brands battling it out for patch supremacy.

Stepmate Chew-able

The name may sound appetizing but these patches tasted like diesel fuel – not that I would know what diesel tastes like or anything… Needless to say, these were promptly spit right back out after one final jab of disgust. Wearing them wasn’t much better; the texture felt slimy and uncomfy on my skin.

Stepmate Classic

While claiming to be classic in design, this patch fooled me by standing out from the rest due to its extremely sticky adhesive (think duct tape). This patch stayed put even during intense cardio workouts which proved beneficial for improving my fitness routine aside from helping me quit smoking.

Winner: Stepmate Classic. Sure StepMate chew-able has potential with lesser side effects noted compared to a regular gum yet sticking factor & toxicity levels just won us over towards classics whilst undergoing competitive walking test under rain & wind situation too!

NicoDerm CQ

This brand stands apart from all others in terms of appearance as well as price.

NicoDerm CQ

The NicoDerm CQ patches claimto provide long-lasting results, but the high price made my wallet cringe. These are also thicker than most other nicotine patches making them harder to conceal discreetly under clothes.

Winner: None! Sorry folks but the benefits didn’t justify spending an additional penny besides burning your pocket along eventually succumbing yourself towards addiction once again!

Final Verdict!

After copious amounts of testing obstacles and highly scientific experiments…ok fine we did stand on our heads to see which patch would stick the best, but don’t judge me!…the winner of The Best Nicotine Patch goes to – drumroll please –


Aside from their gripping adhesion power, Stepmate patches didn’t fall victim towards classic smoking letdowns such as headaches/mood swings; helped increasing focus on workouts and they were relatively easy to place.

Remember folks, quitting a cigarette addiction is no joke (though I sure got some laughs out of this article), so make sure you have an effective strategy in place that works for you. By cutting down nicotine doses gradually along with proper diet & exercise levels not only will it help improved breathing patterns but will also develop healthy lifestyle habits too!

So there you have it, my fellow ex-smokers. The hunt is over and we can all rest happily knowing that we’ve found the holy grail of nicotine patches.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go shower off some residual adhesive before a business meeting – because what else says “professionalism” like bits of nicotine patch stuck all over your arms?