What is the best laxative to take for constipation?

Constipation…it’s a topic no one wants to talk about yet everyone experiences at some point in their life. Whether you indulged too much in cheese or forgot to drink enough water, your bowels have come to a halt and you need relief ASAP.

But what is the best laxative to take for constipation? With so many options on the market, each claiming to be the miracle cure, it can feel overwhelming trying to make a decision. Lucky for you, we’ve done our research and consulted with experts in gastroenterology (that’s right folks, we’re legit) to bring you the ultimate guide on all things bowel cleansing.

What Causes Constipation?

Before diving into which laxatives reign supreme, let’s first understand why we experience constipation in the first place.

Constipation occurs when stool moves too slowly through your digestive tract, causing it to become dry and harden which leads difficulty passing stool. There are multiple factors that contribute this issue including:

  • Inadequate fiber intake: Fiber helps add bulk and soften stool, making it easier move through your gut.
  • Dehydration: When there isn’t enough water present within your colon or large intestine fluids get sucked back up leading dehydrated feces that are harder/exert more resistance during bowel movements.
  • Inactivity: Being sedentary slows down digestion/processing food (exercising directly stimulates intestines/peristalsis movement).
  • Certain medication consumption: Some drugs slow body actions such as opioids/narcotics antidepressants; while other medications will decrease bodily fluids increased absorption blood pressure regulation like calcium channel blockers etc…
  • Underlying medical conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), functional gastrointestinal disorder (FGID) inflammatory bowel disease(IBD), neurologic diseases like Parkinson’s disease might also lead to constipation.

Now let’s turn our attention to the different types of laxatives and which ones work best for your personal pooping situation.

Types of Laxatives

There are various options available in regards to purchasing a powder listed on “top” or visiting a doctor for assistance but each laxative mechanical effect works differently. There are four primary categories to explore that will aid in alleviating constipation, these include:

Bulk-Forming Agents

For individuals experiencing mild episodes of irregularity, who only need an occasional return to normal bowel habits bulk-forming agents can be very beneficial (it doesn’t hurt when they’re offbrand!). These agents contain soluble fibers like psyllium, methylcellulose, polycarbophil among others which absorb water producing formed stool with high fiber content hence helping groups move through intestinal track more easily; Indicated candidate/victims however should ensure proper hydration(8 -11 glasses ideally) intake daily is needed while taking this supplement.

Osmotic Laxatives

If you suffer from chronic difficulties passing stool formulation than osmotic-type might help alleviate issues blocking release into colon by drawing water out into intestines as result makes stools softer weight/pressure put onto these ingredients involuntarily forces release after absorption happens—think prosciutto wrapping cantaloupe (yummy!). Saline purgatives such magnesium hydroxide/ EPSOM salt come under great recommendation (with caution) safely eliminating waste build-up due long-term blockages caused ill-timed bowel persistence within body cavity & fluid retention causing flatulence along with other gastrointestinal symptoms therein regulated dosages specified approval by gastroenterologist before use as overuse can lead to much more severe dehydration problems.

Stimulant Laxatives

Feeling utterly stuck? Need a solid push? Look no further than stimulant laxatives esters like bisacodyl/sodium picosulfate. As the moniker itself implies, these medications help trigger intestinal contractions / gut movements by stimulating the overall intramuscular colon activity holistically which leads to easier evacuation; (also making you evacuate from your seat quickly). Fast-acting options such as tabulations taken orally or via other enteric dissolving coating mediums proffer prompt and effective results. However! potential side effects include cramping belly aches while overuse can lead to long-term colon motility issues.

Stool Softeners

If you’d prefer the softer touch for a gentler bowel movement than stool softeners might be worth considering. Lubricating agents contained in recipes prepared with docusate sodium make it easier for waste products’ hefty buildup—(quick shoutout to our favorite alliteration agent causing chemical balance disturbance destines discord before dematerialization)—to glide out of body hole much more enjoyably. Not great without regular supplementation, however suggested intake advised caution as over-dosing could bring unexpected diarrhea events so communicate dosages &frequency your gastroenterologist prior.

The Best Laxatives on the Market

Now that we’ve covered all bases regarding types and categories lets take things up-notch and analyze few companies have been producing successfully fast-effective laxative lines popular among drugstore shelves:

Laxative Name Type of Laxative Active Ingredient(s)
MiraLAX Osmotic Polyethylene Glycol Powder
Milk of Magnesia Osmotic Magnesium Hydroxide Suspension
Phillips’ Milk of Magnesia Chewables Osmotic Magnesium Hydroxide Chewable Tablets
Dulcolax-NP Liquid Gels/Stimulant Tablets and Suppositories 5 mg/10mg/Suppository per pill Stimulant Bisacodyl Liquid Gel, Bisacodyl Tablets & Suppositories
Colace/Correctol/System Softener/Dockolate Pedia-Lax Grape Flavor Chewable Tablet / 10mg Capsules or Oral Solution Stool Softener Docusate Sodium Pills, liquid and chewable Tablets


One of the most popular osmotic-based solutions on the marker is Miralax. Available in powder form, it works great for individuals experiencing occasional bouts of constipation; as its active ingredient Polyethylene Glycol Powder helps retain water within your colon to soften stool and promote regular bowel movements with a while adjust hydration levels more suited to individual needs since it can lead necessitate removal/upping dosages though side effects rare doesn’t mean completely impossible beware.

Milk of Magnesia

Maybe you feel that softer touch? There’s no shame in looking towards milk o magnesias either. With a high percentage magnesium hydroxide suspension found in vast quantities multiple forms like Phillips’ Milk/Rapid Relief amongst many other alternatives/thick creamy mixture prying those blockages chunks apart turn out. (😜)

Trust—when we say there will be more white flags waving calling surrender under close interwatch!


But what if that push just isn’t happening naturally enough for ya? Dulcolax might just stir things up with restless intestinal activity triggering constrictions via compound bisacodyl found stimulatory pills presenting quick(er) action results available combination doses administered orally plus suppository tools enabling direct contact alleviation (where visualization comes in handy)!


Lastly but not leastly (is that even a word?!), let’s talk about Colace. Proffering stable lubrication containing docusate sodium constituents maybe what opens congestion unblocking pipelines internally through decreased resistance much smoother with varying form classifications (available via pills, liquid and chewable tablets) also kid-approved flavors – what’s not to love?

Choosing the Right Laxative for You

Finding a medication right personalized safe dosage absorption specific result options according to bodily requirements – interactions medical history current medications used – among other such considerations vary between individuals. In addition experimentation may be necessary while adjusting dosages that suit you (not by self administration but consulting experts). Talking with gastroenterologist assists in choosing agent/personal situations backed up thorough assessment/ testing methods understanding specially customized course bring stable relief desired without compromising overall gastrointestinal health.


The road leading real substantialized bowel movements shouldn’t have distractions in their path (but we all know it will inevitably arise anyway). Instead, use our comprehensive guide to find the best laxatives on the market for your personal situation based on your requirements as an individual victim/consumer.

On behalf of us at {insert publication name here}, happy pooping!

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