What is the average age of losing your virginity?

Losing one’s virginity is an age-old rite of passage that has been taking place throughout human history. However, there is no simple answer to the question of “What is the average age for losing your virginity?” The truth is, there are a number of factors that can affect when someone loses their virginity.

Why We’re All So Curious About When People Lose Their Virginities

Let’s face it – talking about our sexual experiences and preferences isn’t always easy or comfortable. Nonetheless, people love speculating about when others have taken the plunge into sexual activity. Some may even feel a sense of anxiety around not knowing how “normal” they are in this regard.

Fear not though! In this article (promise) I’m going to walk you through some key things you need to know regarding who’s curious about what, why we may care so much (or little) as well as looking at real examples so that by the time you finished reading you will have all answers.

Defining What It Means To “Lose Your Virginity”

Before delving deeper into averages and statistics, it’s important to start with a clear definition – what exactly does “losing your virginity” mean? Whilst many consider penetrative vaginal sex as ‘the main event,’ however definition might vary depending on individual or cultural beliefs.

It’s important here we don’t become overly exclusive towards non heteronormative practices because consensual activity between individuals from same-sex or different sexes could also be seen as ‘losing their’virginities’. This example leads us nicely onto our next point…

Different Sexual Orientations Have Different Averages

It stands to reason that those who identify as lesbian or gay might lose their virginities later than those identifying heterosexuals due historical prejudices still present within society today , but research shows everyone is actually a little more mixed up than that

For example, studies have shown that whilst gay men lose their virginities later than heterosexual women., both lesbians and bisexual women begin experimenting sexually earlier on. In fact, researchers believe this could partly due to the presumption of sexual availability placed upon bi and gay women by some individuals.

Gender Matters Too

It may be socially accepted – read ‘encouraged’ in some respects- for guys seems to want to have lost their virginity (heterosexual orientated) as soon possible however we see it is quite common also that girls will feel a similar pressure with terms like ‘prude’ floating around those choosing not too engage straight away .double standards much?

Things are slowly changing nowadays though, gender roles , stereotypes being increasingly challenged resulting younger generations waiting til they’re reaaaally ready. Regardless of social factors some surveys indicate [1] average age (in US) for losing your virginity is approximately:

  • Men: between ages 16-18
  • Women: between ages 17-19

Quite different from olden days when teenagers would get hitched early twenties pretty !

Country Is Key…

The country where you were born/live/are currently residing definitely has an impact on the age at which people usually lose their virginities.It’s important here acknowledge conservative or religious cultures where premarital sex might not even occur altogether or result in harsh consequences if found out.

This all boils down cultural differences including education systems policies regarding access contraception/access safe-sex education etc… but there’s no statistically analytical way rank all countries across entire globe. You can instead check here

To take few examples :

Country Average Age-Year
Nigeria \~17
Mali \~20
India \~22
Canada \~18
France \~17

Coolest Myth Of All Time?

One popular myth about the average age for losing your virginity is that stars somehow hold sway over our sexual desires. Yep, you read it right, supposedly those sky orbs could indicate when we might be ‘ready’.

According to certain astrological charts, if your Mars sign (which apparently represents sex) is in a bold or “fire” constellation such as Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, then statistically speaking there’s every chance you will lose it earlier than others who’s astrological signs don’t align.

Now can we just take moment to breathe…! 😃

Thankfully, this old wives’ tale doesn’t have much basis in fact; however ridiculous leanings towards the supernatural do not seem surprised by claims that someone’s horoscope really was correct , still going strong . Even today some people think reading their fortunes based upon where heavenly bodies beautifully aligned come dream true.

The Actual Age You Lose Your Virginity Is Personal

At end day remember: there’s no hard and fast rules here for deciding what appropriate age should be (Personally I’m of ‘you’re ready when you’re ready’ philosophy ). Think on whether are adequately mentally prepared being sexually active with another human and realistically show genuine levels of consent.

This said experience itself isn’t universal some may walk away regretting experimenting became traumatic whole lot extra hastle – points aren’t awarded handing in card exclaiming “yay no longer a virgin”.

So while averages and people-watching all sound fun (okay sometimes weird ) at the end day important stay informed know how feel yourself which hopefully brought peace around inevitably awkward conversations often laden societal pressures dictated since dawn humanity.

Talk soon?


[1] https://www.talkspace.com/blog/2019/03/the-average-age-of-virginity-loss-around-the-world/