What is the alternative to eliquis?

Eliquis, the blood thinner medication prescribed to prevent conditions like stroke and pulmonary embolism. It is a widely used drug, but what if you are looking for an alternative? Fear not! There are several alternatives to Eliquis available on the market that work similarly without causing many of the side effects associated with it. Here we have listed some outstanding alternatives that you can try:


First up on our list of potential eliquis substitutes (who needs them anyway?), we have Dabigatran. Isni’t it fun trying new medications just for kicks – your body being a quinea pig? This medication inhibits thrombin (coagulation factors) resulting in a thinning agent similar in restriction as Eliquis.


Now let us discuss this idea: Putting more drugs into your system. Rivaroxaban is another option considered by healthcare providers when replacing Eliquis as it works effectively by reducing coagulation perpetrating effective prevention from reasons such as everyday weather changes (yes, even humidity!) or abnormal platelet levels.


You must be bored reading about all these newer meds by now. However tough luck pal – In reality there isn’t actually one correct answer given they all do practically the same job, which leads us nicely onto apixaban; The backup plan majority patients receive due to its compatibility make-up intended for people adjusting towards modern medicine styles.wink wink


Irksome apologies again folks, yet another newcomer makes our list – edoxaban binds specifically through factor Xa enzymes opposed clotting; thus very successful in reducing prevalence while improving any lack of motion caused irregularly throughout every day activities,such as going out buying groceries.


Remember yesteryear? When people use to pop warfarin regularly without asking questions. Ahh, memories! In this decade-old blood shed reliever has been in circulation for a plethroa of uses; getting rid of clots as we all know is just one reason not much appreciated being cited by patients. (finger crossed)


Here again, folks! What’s ellipsis when you can swap it with heparin!? Although an iv drug but also comes in specifically formulated applicators due to prevailing preferences and health visits requirements making it particularly easy access.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Well, there’s no denying that each medication has its benefits & side effects – your physician should have already made their choice after properly evaluating your clinical history and tolerance levels towards medications:

  • Eliquis(thrombocytopenic purpura)
  • Dabigatran (anemia)
  • Rivaroxaban(nosebleeds)
  • Apixaban(dyspepsia),
  • Warfarin(critical bleedings)
  • Heparin(bruising)

As the name suggests, every single member among them serves essentially the same functionality designed mostly along with current patient needs.

Comparison Table

Let’s take a quick look at how these drugs stack up against eliquis through our comparison table:

Drug Name Half-Life Dosage Side Effects
Eliquis 12 hours 5mg/10 mg Thrombocytopenic Purpura
Dabigatran 17 hours 75mg twice daily Anemia
Rivaroxaban 7 hours 20 mg once daily nosebleeds
Apixaban 12 hours 2.5mg/5 mg twice daily Dyspepsia
Warfarin 6 hours 1-10 mg daily Critical bleedings
Heparin varies based on dose 5000 units via injection subcutaneously(<???? c)

The Verdict

With all that information in mind, it can be difficult to decide which medication is best for you when looking to replace Eliquis. But at the end of the day, it comes down to your personal preference and how well you tolerate a particular medication.

So if you’re unhappy with taking Eliquis or simply cannot take it anymore due to side effects then there are plenty of alternatives out there with similar mechanisms of action as eliquis; such as dabigatran,rivaroxaban,apixaban,wafarin and heparin specifically targeted towards preventing blood clot formation -without any further clotting problems (if lucky!).

Thus this concludes our list showcasing some promising new treatments that can help reduce thrombosis risk while being less excruciatingly painful than ever before!

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