What is sudden sweating a symptom of?

Sweating is something that we all do, but what happens when sweating becomes uncontrollable? Suddenly breaking out into a cold sweat can be alarming and confusing. This article will explore the possible causes of sudden sweating.

Excessive sweating or Hyperhidrosis

Sometimes our body produces an abnormal amount of sweat even though there may not be any triggers such as exercise or heat. This condition known as hyperhidrosis affects about 3% of the population.

Primary hyperhidrosis

This type occurs when your nervous system overreacts to stimuli causing excessive sweating.

Nobody wants to feel like they’re swimming in their own skin, absolutely nobody!

Primary hyperhidrosis typically affects specific areas such as hands, feet, armpits and face; these are more likely to start in adolescence than later in life.

Primary Hyerhidrosis Symptoms
heavy perspiration
strong smell
difficulty holding objects

Secondary hyperhidrosis

Secondary cases commonly arise due to some pre-existing medical conditions for instance,

  • diabetes
  • anxiety disorders
  • menopause
  • parkinsonism among others.

The reasons behind this possibility are quite extensive since it involves malfunctioning organs or glands which produce hormones responsible for metabolism and bodily functions leading to profuse sweating one common example would be:

You won’t need a sauna if you have secondary hyperhydriosis

Hyperthyroidism is thought by many doctors worldwide to cause most episodes (sometimes called night sweats). In addition asthma management often requires medications prevent airway inflammation notable beta-receptor agonists which stimulate the sympathetic nervous system leading swings between temperature mucosal sweats ## Menopause & Night Sweats Watching Netflix???

Menopausal symptoms while incredibly sophisticated regarding mood should also come with a warning for hot flashes!

If you notice sudden periods drenched with sweat punctuated by chills then you probably have an affinity for a natural temperature control phenomenon happening to women. There is no need to be embarrassed or ashamed, it’s just your body going through changes getting ready for the next phase.

Don’t count yourself unlucky if night sweats frequent during menopause

Night sweats symptom noticed were treated with hormone replacement therapy, however safer and effective treatments like endogenous hormone production should now be sought under medical guidance.

Medications as a cause

Taking certain medications can induce sweating leading to an appearance of sudden sweat symptoms:

  • antidepressants
  • antipsychotics
  • opioids
  • other anti-anxiety drugs eg benzodiazepines

Tell-tale signs include sticky palms despite it being 20 degrees Celsius outside! The best course of action if any suspicions arise would be consulting your doctor who might recommend alternatives such as diet & exercise forming stronger relationships between the mind and body ## Thyroid issues – Goiter what?
The thyroid gland secretes hormones rich in iodine which most significantly affect metabolism. If active substances are absent excess iodine puts stress on thyroid tissue resulting in dangerous enlargement aka Goiter.


In some instances infections can bring about ticks related to excessive sweating above normal levels commonly known as fevers or malaria attacks.


Sudden sweating happens, whether its due to secondary causes such medication use or overactive thyroid glands they don’t ever let us forget that our bodies do more than work behind closed doors!

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