What is sorbitol made of?

description. Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol, which the human body metabolizes slowly. It can be obtained by reduction of glucose, changing the aldehyde group to a hydroxyl group. Most sorbitol is made from corn syrup, but it is also found in apples, pears, peaches, and prunes.

What are the dangers of sorbitol? Sorbitol is also harmful for diabetic individuals in high doses. Sorbitol can result in damage to nerves and blood vessels. Further excessive sorbitol can also result in damage of other organs like the eyes resulting in increased risk of cataract and kidneys.

Is sorbitol bad for You? Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol and popular sugar substitute that can cause a number of health problems. The most prevalent of these are gastrointestinal conditions such as diarrhea, bloating, flatulence, and electrolyte loss, making sorbitol a harmful substance for the digestive system.

Is sorbitol considered a natural? Sorbitol is a natural laxative and occurs in small amounts in pears, prunes and other fruits. In fact sorbitol solution is sold as a laxative through pharmacies (Sorbilax – Pharmacia & Upjohn).

Why is sorbitol used in toothpaste? Sorbitol is also used in toothpaste as a humectant and thickener. Humectants like sorbitol function to prevent the toothpaste from hardening when the tube is opened or when the paste is exposed to air.



  • Not recommended during pregnancy.
  • Measure dose using a dosing spoon/cup/syringe.
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Not recommended during pregnancy.
  • Measure dose using a dosing spoon/cup/syringe.
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Call doctor if vomiting, nausea or diarrhea occur
  • Call Dr if you have black stools or stomach pain
  • Only take longer than 7 days if directed by MD.
  • Over use can cause bowel dependence
  • Store at room temperature away from heat & sunlight

How to use Sorbitol?What if you missed a dose of Sorbitol?What if you overdose on Sorbitol?

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Was this helpful?Is sorbitol bad for teeth? The use of sugar alcohols in chewing gum and toothpaste in interesting. They taste sweet so we assume they are probably bad for teeth just like sugar, but that’s not actually the case. Sorbitol has been found to have protective effects against tooth decay and the development of dental caries (cavities).

Does sorbitol raise blood glucose? In addition, even though sorbitol is not the same as glucose, it can still raise your blood glucose level — which is especially important to know if you have diabetes or another blood sugar disorder. This is because sorbitol has some structural similarities to glucose.

Is sorbitol safe for your health? Generally, sorbitol is considered safe for human use. However, health problems may occur if the sorbitol is consumed in large amounts and over long periods of time. Symptoms associated with sorbitol side-effects are usually mild and result from stomach’s inability to properly digest sorbitol.

Does sorbitol cause cancer? Plum juice and prunes — a perennial, popular laxogenic food — contain sorbitol, a sugar alcohol that is behind blindness and nerve damage, including anorectal — a primary cause of age-onset irregularity and constipation which in turn may cause colorectal cancer.