What is skelaxin?

Are you tired of all those muscle pains that make you feel like a thousand needles are poking into your body? Have you been searching for the right medication to get rid of the pain but nothing seems to work? Well, fret not my friend! I have just the thing for you. Its name is Skelaxin and it might just be exactly what you need.

The Basics

Firstly, let’s start with what is Skelaxin. Methocarbamol, commonly known as Skelaxin, is a prescription-only medication used for disorders related to acute musculoskeletal conditions such as spasms or stiffness caused by injury or strain. It works by blocking nerve impulses (or pain sensations) sent through your brain.

Mechanism of Action

Now bear with me because things may get scientific here. You see, when your muscles are exposed to stressors (physical activity), they release lactic acid which can cause cramps and spasms in skeletal muscles (the ones attached to bones). This causes an increase in calcium ions within muscle cells leading them to contract involuntarily causing these symptoms we mentioned before.

This mechanism has developed over years of evolution so that our bodies could perform better under fight-flight situations wherein we use high amounts of energy quickly and forcefully; however nowadays this tends to happen more often than needed causing discomfort during daily activities.

So how does Skelaxin help?

Well, this medicine binds/helps /act on GABA receptors found in central nervous system where it inhibits Renshaw cell function hence reducing motor output leading decrease frequency/ intensity although further studies are needed on its exact working principle!


The appropriate dosage varies depending on several factors such as age, weight and medical history. However usual adult dose is 1g given three times/day while children may receive up 2 tablets every 4 hours well not more than four doses/day preferably after meals to reduce mild gastritis and should be started with the lowest possible dose to prevent any adverse effects.

Side Effects

As with all medication, Skelaxin also has some side effects which may include:

  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness —> This is good news for people who wants a break from their busy schedule
  • Upsurge in saliva production – In excess amounts it can become problematic and inconvenient in terms of smell/ cleanliness
  • Headache (ironic right?)
  • Confusion – Well this one quite frankly scares me…

However, these are only temporary secondary reactions associated with its usage; consult your healthcare provider if the discomfort persists or worsen suddenly.

That being said, there are certain situations where patients should avoid taking Skelaxin entirely. These situations commonly includes critical liver/biliary illness cases since Methocarbamol goes through hepatic metabolism via Glucuronic acid hence caution must be taken when prescribing to elderly/pregnant women.

Remember kids: You have nothing but time–please wait until you’re old enough before imbibing medicine!

Drug Interactions

Skelaxin can interact negatively with other medications such as alcohol specially during driving so it’s important to disclose all medicines that you may currently be taking prior administration to doctor/pharmacist which includes over-the counter prescriptions because here quantity doesn’t equate quality i.e More wouldn’t always mean better!


All in all, while there is no definitive cure for musculoskeletal disorders, relief from acute symptoms can make life easier. With limited frequency/intensity of muscle spams further researches towards exact mechanism will hopefully create understanding surrounding Methocarbamol/Skelaxin’s precise effect on human system helping our lifestyles even more. So whether it’s just slight pain or unbearable cramps, you can find relief with Skelaxin.

Thank me later folks, cheers!