What is sitz?

If you’re one of those people who thought sitz was a fancy French pastry, don’t worry (not judging, promise). In reality, sitz is a form of therapy that involves sitting in warm or cold water to help with various medical conditions such as hemorrhoids, childbirth recovery and post-surgery wound care.

But where did this strange but effective therapy come from? Keep reading to find out!

History of Sitz Therapy

Sitz baths have been around for centuries and were first documented use by Hippocrates way back when. The “father of medicine” would advise women taking sitz bath after birth to cool their lady parts (yes he actually suggested that)!

Fast forward several millennia later and doctors still recommend sitz for some health issues like sacroiliitis- inflammation located at the base on the spine…again weird name but we’ll get there eventually.

How does it work?

The brilliance behind sitz therapy comes down to two factors: Water + Simple physics.

Essentially as you submerge yourself in water your buoyancy (an upward force) reduces your body weight (yay less pressure) making sore or swollen areas feel more comfortable.

For an extra kick many suggest enhancing the benefits by adding salts, herbs or even booze(stares blankly), while some might think indulging in whiskey while “healing” probably isn’t best approach still researchers say few drops wouldn’t hurt especially if someone suffering through extremely dry skin.

Cold-water temperature tends bring opposite effect; reducing blood flow thereby decreasing swelling thus easing pain.(relief!)

Generally speaking these factors lead into reduced inflammation overall which speeds up healing process so much better than just popping pills left-right-center without ever knowing what’s happening inside our bodies :O

Yes you heard us right (well saw actually) Sitz therapy has a basket full of astonishing benefits let’s have a quick look

Relieving Hemorrhoids

Sitz therapy proves one the most effective methods when treating hemorrhoids, without side effects unlike chemical creams. The heat and alkalinity soothes lump causing less discomfort.

Post Child Birth Recovery

To all mothers out there, you rock!

Postpartum recovery can be an arduous journey but using warm sitz baths speeds up healing process reducing inflammation in lower abdominal region which aids in great relief(ahhh!).

Boosts Relaxation

Adding Epsom salt as method to relax is well known effect.With this treatment bath people expose themselves at warmth for specific period its relaxing like sauna so it’s especially helpful after stressful day or night shift work.

Healing Skin Infections /Wounds

Injuries and surgeries often leave wounds that take more time than usual to heal properly-SITZ acts as protective barrier around affected area which boost immune system aiding smoother recovery bringing us back on track with healthy living(every healer would advise that)!

So if now your thinking about going home filling up your tub with gallons of hot water and start enjoying the benefits DON’T ! certain precautions are necessary before trying anything own your own:

  • Never use ice directly on skin.
  • Avoid using any hot water because too much temp will do more harm then good undermining entire purpose!!!
  • limit duration – keep schedule sessions alternate 20 minutes until no longer needed.
    Basically don’t become “Bath Burnt” patient!

Now It makes perfect sense why doctors recommend try these inexpensive treatments(while under supervision)before turning towards medication. Sitting in comfort of our homes & helping ourselves is refreshing approach conducive for both physical plus mental health who wouldn’t want that?

Overall whether you’re undergoing surgeries, treating injuries or simply want to pamper yourself from after long tedious day;Trying sitz therapy could the next good thing that happened to you So go ahead and give it a try!

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