What is silver sneakers at la fitness?

LA Fitness, the ever-growing fitness franchise, has been pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a gym. In recent years they’ve done everything from offering free phone chargers in their locker rooms to hosting regular happy hours for members. But perhaps one of their most unique offerings is something called Silver Sneakers. If you’re not sure what that entails or if it’s right for you, fear not – this article will tell all.

The Skinny on Silver Sneakers

Silver Sneakers is an exercise program designed specifically for seniors. It was created with versatility in mind and aims to help older adults stay active by providing easy-to-follow workouts that can be tailored to each individual’s needs.

One major perk of Silver Sneakers is that it’s offered nationwide – LA Fitness being just one location – through participating insurance plans. That means there’s a good chance you already have access without even knowing about it!

This program caters specially to those on Medicare Advantage or Supplement plans but also partner with other private insurances such as Aetna and Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Program Features

But what exactly does participation in the program mean? Here are some important elements:

Basic Membership At No Extra Cost

Included alongside senior-centric classes and access at any time during staffed hours, basic membership grants access beyond just equipment use like pool areas and steam/sauna rooms giving a truly comprehensive approach towards physical health!

Customized Workouts

Your workout plan will take into account mobility limitations, balance issues, chronic conditions (such as diabetes), varying levels of fitness experience, safe strength-building exercises while keeping up with fun routine class activities like yoga sessions; helping minimize risk factors while promoting greater muscle function too!

Access To An Expert Team And Resources

Enrolled beneficiaries have resources guiding them every step along their journey: nutrition advice, social connections, and most importantly- the experienced trainers who understand physiology and other age-related illnesses.


The environment provided by this program is invaluable. By joining such a group of like-minded seniors, there’s a higher chance one will be motivated to attend classes as well as making new friends that share common health goals!

Leveraging Partnerships

Since variety is key in exercising especially for over 60’s, Local Senior Centers & even churches host regular activities alongside customized programming from partnering with AARP

This approach really speaks towards keeping seniors mentally healthy (which then further reinforces physical wellness), enjoying life around their peers regardless of need/ability all within arms reach.

Can Anyone Join Silver Sneakers?

Now comes the moment you’ve been waiting for: can just anyone join Silver Sneakers? The short answer: no. Only Medicare-eligible individuals have access but fortunately getting underway isn’t too complex nor costly.

All it takes to get started with Silver Sneakers is some paperwork! Contact your specific provider to see if they participate in the program and once confirmation arrives just show up at LA Fitness as scheduled!! You’ll usually need your insurance card or member ID number during sign-up which should go smoothly because easy access equality has always been the heart of this initiative!


So perhaps you’re not quite old enough yet to partake in Silver Sneakers – or maybe you think it sounds downright ridiculous. But before you dismiss it completely, consider what sets it apart from other fitness programs out there: its customization aspect, its flexibility, PLUS senior-only social events. It’s designed solely around those sixteen years+ so everything is tailored specifically towards older adults’ needs when they work out!

In conclusion – don’t be hesitant about looking into participating whenever eligible; your body will thank you for taking action sooner rather than later!

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