What is sedol?

Attention, fellow earthlings! Today we’re going to explore the intriguing world of Sedols – an entity that has mystified many for years. From its quirky name to its fascinating function, we will delve into everything you need to know about this bizarre creature.

So what’s a Sedol anyway?

To put it simply: SEDOL stands for Stock Exchange Daily Official List. It’s an alphanumeric code that’s assigned to publicly traded securities and entities where they’re domiciled or listed on exchanges in the United Kingdom, Ireland or other countries such as Canada and India. (See how easy that was? You didn’t even have time to swallow your coffee…)

But wait, there’s more!

The code consists of 7 characters comprising of a combination of letters and numbers; each digit represents specific information pertaining to said stock security but don’t worry – it’s nothing too complicated. We humans created this system just for fun… (FYI, only aliens would think something like this was “fun”.)

Let me break it down further…

The anatomy of a Sedol:

Before we can tour the galaxy with our newfound knowledge tucked away in our minds, let’s first examine its components:
Level 1 Identifier: This denotes if the stock security being described is registered inside or outside the United Kingdom
Level 2 Identifier: These characters provide specific details regarding any stocks issued within similar regions
Issuer Code: Unique codes allotted by London Stock Exchange Prefixed with alphanumeric strings
Issue Number: Sequential numbers starting at zero allocated by each issuer

These four components come together like Voltron® champions form one mighty robot when combined generate your seven character universally unique identifier known as ‘SEDOL’.

The History Lesson Behind Sedols:

Here comes history class!

It may surprise you, but these jumbles weren’t invented last yesteryear! The SEDOL system was established back in the early 90s by an organization known as the United Kingdom Investment Management Association (now called “The Investment Association” and we have no idea why they changed it. Marketing, maybe?).

SEDOL codes have become crucial when identifying different types of securities traded around the globe since providers like Bloomberg, for instance, widely use them today.

Why Do We Need Sedols?

Wow – fascinating stuff so far. But why do we truly need these boring numbers and letters instead of just winging it and hoping for the best on our investments?

To keep things simple: Sedols smoothly communicate stock security attributes throughout various trading platforms across numerous countries making transactions seamless while avoiding any ambiguity due to improper identification or input errors – messy can be quite costly indeed!

Getting A SEDOL:

Now that you understand what a Sedol is let’s move onto how one gets their hands on this mysterious code.
It’s important to note that you can’t simply declare yourself worthy; issuers must apply for Sedols through The London Stock Exchange group or BLOOMBERG FINANCE L.P., though there are other distributors depending where your locality may lie.

Once an application has been submitted, calculation machines from another dimension within London SE calculate each component into a unique alphanumeric stream exactly 7 characters long which is then granted. Congratulations! You are now one with the galaxy…

What If You Already Have One?

Let us say you come by later and decide you want more cool stuff found inside this vast universe; applications will not be accepted if duplicates already exist (you imposter!)

However don’t panic, if a mistake has been made once in issuance all hope isn’t lost totally – every ‘awakening’ allows alterations reopening new possibilities fate throws at them… wait…what were we discussing again? Oh yeah… moving swiftly along…


And that, friends, is your sedol crash course. Who would have thought boring codes could be so interesting? Whether you’re planning to invest or just wanted something to casually read on a lazy Sunday afternoon (hey we all get those sometime), understanding the universe of Sedols has undoubtedly been fulfilling for most.

It’s time for me to descend back into my own world now; just remember that when handling equities, the support provided by SEDOL dramatically reduces costly errors and eliminates confusion providing continued trust among issuers and traders across this vast galaxy…until next time fellow earthlings!

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