What is sebaceous cyst removal?

Are you tired of people mistaking your sebaceous cyst for a third nipple? Look no further, my friend. In this article we’re going to dive into the world of sebaceous cysts and What is sebaceous cyst removal.


First things first, what even is a sebaceous cyst? Essentially, it’s a small bump on the skin that contains gooey stuff. The gooey stuff consists mainly of dead skin cells and oil called sebum. While usually harmless, they can become inflamed and painful if left untreated.

How are Sebaceous Cysts Removed?

Good news! There are several ways to get rid of these unsightly bumps:

1. Excision Surgery

The most common method involves cutting out the entire sac that surrounds the cyst along with its contents (contents can include hair or other types of debris) through excision surgery under local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic.

2. Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing uses an intense beam of light directed at your skin to vaporize the top layer away until it reaches deep enough to remove all traces from underneath without leaving any scars in many cases.

3. Cryotherapy

This approach makes use of extreme cold liquid nitrogen applied directly onto & around spots causing them become frozen instantly before destroying by natural death processes subsequently following up within weeks after treatment takes place making it one more option worth considering when everything else fails!

So there you have it – three different methods designed specifically for sebaceOMGous(ly) removing those stubborn lumps once and for all.

Now that we know all about those pesky little bumps (at least too much so) here’s how you might identify one

Identifying Sebaceous Cysts

Want to be sure you’ve got yourself a pesky little cyst to deal with? Here are a few telltale signs:

1. Appearance

They tend to be small and dome-shaped, often resembling a little blister (or if you like descriptive terms it could look like an oversized pimple that refuses to go away).

2. Texture

Sebaceous cysts have a tendency to be soft and squishy when pressed, which is great news for all the readers who can’t resist giving things a good poke.

3. Location

Cysts are usually found on the face, neck or trunk of young adult males in particular due mainly because their bodies tend secrete more sebum thus making them prime candidates (not politically) for such skin conditions.

Now that we’ve got everyone itching – in one way or another – let’s dive into what actually causes these bumps

Causes of Sebaceous Cysts

It doesn’t take much looking around social media platforms ([cough cough xXxHyp3rskan420BlazeitxXx]) long enough before stumbling upon broad-based explanations by laymen ranging from eating oily foods/fizzy drinks/alcohol/chocolate/etc… but the absolute bollocks! In reality, sebaceous cysts result from damaged hair follicles or excess testosterone production caused under certain circumstances over time etc.. ad nauseam..

The following long paragraph will dig deeper into this issue:

Particular health factors can play pretty significant roles as well: history has shown us pimples may arise at any age regardless whether healthy humans lead unhealthy lives; just remember too oily faces do cause additional acne breakouts leading many irritable teenagers down false paths going about their daily routine defying basic hygiene protocols whilst impregnating their pores against medical advice seeking attention begging via Gofundme pages targeted towards victim-centered marketing campaigns- But I swerve off topic.

While there isn’t really anything you can do to prevent these sorts of cysts from appearing, particularly given the vast number internal factors play pivotal roles and few steps that could be taken after it appears (useful section as yet under development), being super diligent when it comes to skincare is always advisable – for in improved outcomes both physically and mentally comparable with champagne moments.

When Should I Visit a Doctor?

As we previously discussed, sebaceous cysts are typically harmless. But there are some telltale signs that you should visit your healthcare buddy regardless (assuming one has other known maladies) which include:

1. Rapid growth

If you notice a significant increase in size within short periods (no pun intended);

2. Pain

They can become especially inflamed if left untreated leading too severe situations requiring more drastic measures which nobody wants;

3 Infection

In addition they sometimes turn into an infected mess leading excruciating inflammation and redness-might even require antibiotics or draining efforts

Whilst their existence has been likened by author Evan Andrews akin aliens living inside the host haunting them eternally ala science fiction novels; many agree how destruction is perhaps overstatement-word usage but nevertheless removal at some stages is strictly advised throughout.

The Verdict

Hopefully, by now, you have enough information about sebaceous cysts and What Sebaceous Cyst Removal entails.

Like most things in life (& Twitter trends) they largely vary person-to-person whilst not directly associated with hygiene nor skin care practices short & long term complications might still arise while receiving proper diagnosis/treatment alongside recommendations will help ensure swift recovery period surely there’s always something else lurking underneath our skins/beyond subcutaneous tissues begging for further investigative procedures!

So why not go out there today and join the thousands who’ve triumphantly bid adieu to their pesky little bumps once and forever alongside encouraging newfound collective action movements?