What is psychiatric therapy?

Psychiatric therapy, also known as psychotherapy, is a fancy term for those expert physicians who help us to overcome our serious mental illnesses. The first assumption that many seekers of psychiatric therapy assume is that these professionals bring out their magic wands and make all the issues disappear with just one wave. However, it’s not a fantasy; instead, it’s actual science.

In this guide, we’ll delve deep into what exactly psychotherapy entails and how you can utilize its fitful arts to improve your life.

Psychotherapists: “The Magicians”

If psychiatrists are magicians in human form than ‘psychotherapists’ would be termed as forensic officers who go after little tracks of evidence that criminals left behind! Don’t get confused by the example because I’m no sadist like Professor Umbridge or J.K Rowling – oh wait! Anyways let me explain further.

The field of Psychiatry deals primarily with medication management whereas Psychotherapy hits different corners such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Psychology etc. In simple words, Psychiatrists are pharmacologists while Psychotherapists solve issues through talking therapies helping you move away from behavioral patterns causing problems so they can disappear eventually!

So grab your popcorn folks – hope you enjoy this entertaining explanation on hot potato topic…let’s start 👌♨️

Why do People Need Psychiatric Therapy?

Human beings struggle every day due to five important elements:

  • Feeling extreme low or high emotions
  • A feeling of worthlessness.
  • Sudden changes in appetite patterns
  • Significant sleep disturbances.
  • Self-destructive habits.

These kinds of sudden emotional drops cause people to recoil inwardly, which might further exacerbate their state according to experts at WHO (World Health Organization).

Types Of Psychiatric Therapies

There are varieties of treatments available under Psychiatry –

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

In short, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) investigates the prevailing thinking pattern of patients in sufficient depth to unveil assumed thought patterns for reassessment by the therapist.

Once this self-defeating thinking is identified, it can be controlled and reprogrammed in a more functional manner. This treatment works perfectly well for depression or anxiety-related disorders.

Psychoanalytic Or Psychodynamic Therapy

Okay! let’s first break down these terms into bite-sized basics – ‘psyche’ means mind and ‘analysis’, well you know what that means!

So basically Psychoanalytic therapy dives deep into childhood memories since many experts believe that these are often responsible for nurturing any stressful feelings which ultimately turned into our present-day behavioral patterns unknowingly.

This treatment focuses on underlying cognitive processes making sense of human behavior rather than abruptly trying to change them using some direct approach like CBT.

The understanding part opening up entirely depends upon patient-willingness yet if done effectively, diagnosing certain mental illnesses prompts appropriate changes towards more positive directions over the course of time.

It might sound simple but hey ‘nothing is easy until you try it out.’

Existential Therapy

However much we hate pondering upon heavy topics such as death, belief systems etc.; however doing so inevitably becomes essential at some point in life – this is where Existential Psychotherapy comes handy acting as compass giving direction when things don’t go according to plan.

Furthermore unlike other therapies whose main aim lies primarily at treating various forms of mental illness such as anxiety depression mood related issues; Existential psychotherapists strive around providing guidance about larger questions which impact us all causing confusion within individual minds and emotions regarding hopes aspirations etc.

Although only available with highly advanced psychologists dealing primarily with terminal diseases or post-life subjects aren’t taken lightly hitting every fiber nerve aligning ourselves with philosophical aspects providing mankind hope from utter darkness resulting purely from lack of motivation keeping up optimistic energies relatively aligned.

Humanistic Therapy

The fundamental essence behind this therapy lies in opening and understanding individual self striving for the best by believing nothing’s impossible if you’re focused enough.

Humanistic therapy focuses majorly around tapping into one’s innate potentialities encouraging an individual to reach their maximum potential via various approaches such as meditation or group therapies often channelizing culminated energy coming off pre-existing emotions neglected otherwise pushing individuals towards well-defined goals resulting from positive frames of mind portraying full potential possibilities prevalent among certain human beings!

Interpersonal Therapy (IPT)

So let’s say I give a puppy named Bob a chew toy & his friend snatches it away eventually calling him unaffectionate, boring & whatnot. This would have caused great stress not only on the innocent pup but also might impact its personality later on. Likewise, even we kind humans feel alienated because of minute things creating sudden improvisations in already existent lifestyle; does not promote pleasant vibes at all.

Therefore Interpersonal therapeutic approach deals upon helping people with emotional torture arising due to troubled social structures involving lack of communication promoting healthy relationships instead taking pleasures within own shellheads that are detrimental longterm – generating happy passionate possessive relationships forming core aspect shaping who we ultimately become.

How Long Does Psychotherapy Last

It entirely depends upon personal preference since some treatments may be concluded over weeks while others may require years before hitting success benchmarks however traditional psychiatric therapies last between 12-16 weeks typically per session spanning upto an hour aiming follow up sessions either fortnightly or monthly depending on severity levels detected initially making treatment comparatively less costly & time-efficient compared with other available non-drug based alternatives affecting prolonged personalities detrimentally in absence first-hand expert counsel when required most by those nearest and dearest causing ripple effects gradually manifesting into graver issues big-picture-wise rendering open growth zones inactive sabotaging brighter futures carelessly! So folks always prioritize your mental health as it is the way towards reaching greater heights in life!

The Bottom line?

Psychotherapy remains a definite hope for individuals looking to reinstate full functionality within their lives with special attention regarding mental disease management. That being said, everyone suffering from any mentally-related issues out there should purely trust themselves while also taking professional help so that they can optimize themselves well without undue or over-burdening problematic effects arising from neglect consisting of devastating consequences.

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