What is proud flesh?

Have you ever wondered why your horse’s wound keeps on coming back, like a bad case of acne or your ex? You thought it had healed perfectly fine until it started to grow an alien-like bump that looks pretty much ripped from ‘Men in Black.’ Well, welcome to the world of proud flesh! In this article, we’ll break down the ins and outs of what is proud flesh and how you can handle Mr. Bump’s situation like a boss.

What Is This Alien Bump?

Picture this; it’s been a few weeks since your equine has gone through an unfortunate scenario. Embarrassed by his clumsy move leading him towards a cut or scrape, he heals up fastly! However, all hopes die when you notice another issue arising at the site. It seems like thanks to Godzilla who built itself right into where there was once skin – some sort of lump has risen which doesn’t seem appealing at first glance.

Well congratulations mommy/daddy equestrian person because you just got yourself some Proud Flesh! Nothing gives me more pleasure( after chewing gum loudly) than telling ya!

If there were Academy Awards for animal bumps – I am sure that elephantitis might win every year but trust us-Buffalo humps ain’t as cute as they sound either!

So What Causes That Disastrous Thing?

Hang tight cowboys and cowgirls because things are about to get technical here- When our equines accumulate wounds in their legs(or any other body part)- there is constant tension created due to muscular movements while walking around causing delay in healing sometimes even squeezing out granulation tissues pushing them away from each other resulting in growths called Excessive Granulation Tissue (EGT), otherwise known as Proud Flesh.

On top of muscle movement being a pain with new tissues attempting recovery during stall life.even moisture and dirt can play a huge role in delaying the healing process as well.

Proud Flesh: Friend or Foe?

Alas, this topic has been debatable since it was discovered by our horse-junky pioneers. Some will tell tales of how the aliens have risen to save the day( let’s call these folks- “Golden Proclaimers!” while others just want to desert them in Mississippi! So which side are you on? -Well, proud flesh can be your nemesis entirely since left unhealed they might act like “morning people” and unwillingly grow apart preventing skin from ever coming back.

But What If You’re One Of Those Golden Proclaimers?

Look who loves an oddity-It is “YOU“. Golden proclaimers firmly believe that proud flesh helps save tissue loss with granulation tissues making progress however they should not last longer than expected otherwise things could turn around pretty quickly unleashing radioactive gamma rays all over again! Bless us all!

The fact remains -Proud flesh is an obstacle in itself so removed effectively(more about that later) within initial days of growth surely takes less time to heal overall without presenting problems related later down the road.

The Nightmare Unfolds

One fine morning(by Fine I mean Fantastically Awful), you may head out towards Buffaloes hump city finding It suddenly tripled its original size-the kind of realization one gets when discovering not winning the PowerBall Lottery Ticket.(Gut wrenching!) Keep calm though because now more than before we stand fearless behind facts full throttle ahead:

  • Wetting EGT is necessary
  • Overgrowth should ideally have no scab.
  • Medication doesn’t help always

There isn’t any quick fix available for removing big caparisons settled upon thickened tissue atop wound site but hold tight because there sure are ways (and means)to stop them right away!

Dealing With Those Aliens

To fight against proud flesh and never look back, you need to grab that Mr. Incredible suit (kidding)- well not really suited for horses.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

Now listen- Some of y’all would rather clean the area with household cleaners but let’s nip this attempt in the bud straightway- Our furry friends come first, folks! A suggested solution is to dilute hydrogen peroxide into water and then flush out of areas affected-pronto!( Twice a day effectively) Bacteria build-up eliminated -you can turn up that smile of yours knowing you are winning!

Let’s Grab The Scissors(nope!)

Scalpel meets wound site sounds admirable since it takes less time considering all circumstances but remember your horse’s pain threshold before concluding what seems faster treatment-wise may ultimately be more discomfort than an improvement. Painkillers for such scenarios help numb sensitivity( )

Ointments To Boot!

Sometimes God willing creams specifically recommended by veterinarians such as Nitrofurazone or Reducine become proud flesh cell assassins because they contain certain chemical compounds accelerating cellular destruction too busy doing happy dances at music festivals instead!

Bonus Insight: Beware though sometimes particular antibiotic ointments such as Neosporin or triple antibiotic cream don’t give effective results hence applying them non-preferred.

Precautions That Matter

Not only do we want our equines healthy but also taking precautions ahead don’t hurt nobody-nope sir,

Even though humid environments prove problematic keep the wound location moist (not wet) allowing optimal healing conditions while being wary about dirt from creeping in since it easily disrupts overall procedure(flow).

Can We Stop Proud Flesh From Reoccurring?

This has been a golden question persisting through ages amongst equestrian circles leading most individuals towards consulting vets prescribing a combination dressing deal that consists largely of topical corticosteroids -once dressed up playtime can begin -aka pony goodness!

In Conclusion

Dear Horse Mommies and Daddies,

I hope this article has brought light to one of the beasts in our equestrian world. If nothing else, let’s realize that proud flesh removal is about keeping your horses healthy which needs lots of love and care on a different level! No matter what steps you take along the way remember always that it’s those small victories upon stumbling blocks helping you reach the big ones!

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