What is prid?

There are few things in this world as confusing and contentious as the LGBTQ+ movement. For those of us who aren’t part of it, or haven’t taken a deep dive into its history, all of that pizazz can be quite intimidating. But look no further! In this article we’ll bring you down to Earth with an entertaining explanation and hopefully some laughs along with the way.

Part 1: The History

When you think about it, LGBT really isn’t just one acronym. It’s a mouthful of letters representing overlapping identities which includes gay , lesbian , transgender , nonbinary people et al… but how did they come together in one colorful pride-filled community? That’s where PRIDE comes in! Or better yet:

  • Progressive
  • & Responsive
  • Inclusion Driven
  • Empowerment celebrations!

“Who knew acronyms could have so much depth?”

The Pride Movement has become associated internationally around “equality” encompassing different subcultures and marginalized groups that exist within society largely increased public awareness against discrimination towards said group/s providing them equality ensuring their basic human rights are not being violated.

So why do Queer communities need their own set of awardees?
Pride festivals came out from necessity.
Most older generations defines queer identity solely by sex stereotypes than other aspects such as attraction someone may feel for another person regardless gender at birth often leading to stigmatizing behaviors.
Still marginalization persisted due to criminal prosecution—there most significantly resulted lack legal protections despite efforts mounting various activist organizations like Hollywood actor Matthew Shepard foundation™ advocating for policy changes via intersectionally effected advocacy techniques.

Stonewall Inn Rebellion was significant uprising which occurred near Greenwich Village Manhattan NYC June 28th-July 1st in year nineteen sixty-nine thus birthing civil right events unfolding nationwide eventually internationally refer towards “Pride Week/Month” Festivals commonly transpiring June across US.

Part 2: The Celebration

The Pride parade is a symbol of unity, despite being decentralized with varied influences by legal factors often placing activists in front of them.
It is said to originate from the late nineteenth century when various communities celebrated their struggles and triumphs.

Basically its one great big party to celebrate diversity and bring attention to issues that need addressing. You won’t see the same type of blandness like Christmas card photos! Instead you’ll find people united and proud… just colorful!

Here are some ways Queer people come together for pride:

  • Drag shows

Who doesn’t love watching someone else pretend they’re somebody else? (or themselves). DRAG queens/kings are artists who embody a new level creativity through style blending comedy dressing up as celebrities throwing shade while grasping microphone commanding performance art skills.

  • Museums/Galleries/Youtube™ Celebrities

In case you haven’t noticed—the LBGTQ+ community has produced an impressive list creatives throughout history—artists/writers/musicians/actors/directors—they’ve done it all!

Few favorites popping minds include Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, David Bowie … okay actually naming few would be injustice however below included here might provide you sneak peek what I mean:

Björk Guðmundsdóttir promoting imaginations through musical vision quests on YouTube™–multi-talented trailblazers challenging normativity far beyond confines establishment change worldwide views breaking barriers everyday.

  • Discussions at coffeehouses/joint events/Celebrity Speeches/

Nothing feels better than finding acceptance in group settings where sharing identity stories or discussing progress/oppression can sometimes lead highlight conversations real-world statistics thus continuing activism until no person goes without equal rights protection, dignity recognition appreciation regardless how different we may seem or think.

At the end of the day though, PRIDE is really just about being your authentic self in a world that can sometimes make it hard. It’s about celebrating your own personal journey and standing with others who have gone through similar experiences.

Part 3: The Future

So what’s next? Where do we go from here?

There are still many issues facing the LGBTQ+ community today, such as:

  • Discrimination in housing and employment
  • Violence against trans people
  • Limited access to healthcare
  • Looming uncertainty regarding transgender rights under new presidents administration

But there is hope! With groups like PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) advocating for inclusivity on all fronts as well as celebrities opening up conversations about their identity publicly via social media—it seems now more than ever possible peacefully harmonize together inspite differences greater understood appreciated foster good deeds.

After all, whether you’re gay, straight or somewhere in between—everyone deserves to be loved for who they truly are…even if that means they also compete fiercely on reality TV shows!

“PRIDE isn’t just an acronym; it’s a movement that represents everything which makes us unique beings connected by one bond – love.”

And finally,

Until every single person treated equal matter appearance/identity/beliefs/values orientation–Pride revolution will never cease bringing communities closer facilitating acceptance unity eventually encompassing worldwide change societally shifting towards better livelihood available resources prompting fulfilling lives toward each other peace harmony equality defining elements human culture.

At least until space Pride celebrations become regular events!

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