What is pepcid ac used for?

If you’re someone who spends their evenings guzzling hot sauce like it’s going out of fashion, then heartburn is no stranger to you. That burning sensation that creeps up from your stomach, making its way all the way up to your throat – isn’t it just delightful? Well, maybe not so much.

That’s where the wonder drug ‘Pepcid AC’ comes in. So what exactly is this magic medicine used for? Let’s find out!

The Basics: Understanding Heartburn

Before we dive into what Pepcid AC does, let’s first understand what heartburn is and why it happens.

Heartburn is a common condition caused by acid reflux. When our body digests food or drinks liquids, everything passes through our esophagus (the tube connecting our mouth and stomach) down into our stomach. At this point, a muscle located at the end of the esophagus called LES (Lower Esophageal Sphincter), which acts as a valve between the two organs should close tightly after passing food or liquid into your stomach.

In people with GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), however,LES does not close properly, allowing acidic contents from the stomach to move back upwards into your esophagus; thus causing heartburn.

So now that we know about heartburn let’s see how can Pepcid help us get over it.

How Does Pepcid Ac Work?

Pepcid Ac works by reducing acid production in your stomach and inhibiting histamine receptors found on parietal cells( specialized cells in digestive glands)

Firstly histamine stimulates parietal cell to increase secretion of HCL(acidic component). Tissues lining internal organs including digestive system contain 3 types of specific Histamine receptor –
– H1(parallel blood vessels)
– H2 (in stomach)
– H3 neurons in brain

While Pepcid’s primary role is in H2 receptor, H1 plays a vital role in constricting blood vessels.

Going back to how Pepcid Ac works–when we consume the drug, it essentially goes through our bloodstream and inhibits the H2 histamine receptors located on the surface of acid-producing cells present inside our stomachs’ lining. This chemical inhibition prevents these cells from creating more acid while decreasing already present levels of acid that moves upwards towards the esophagus; thus resulting in relief from heartburn symptoms.

Who Can Use Pepcid?

If you’re someone who experiences recurring heartburn or related conditions like GERD, pepcid ac may be suitable for you—there is no harm in using it occasionally either when consuming spicy food or alcohol as preventive care.

However always ensure not to increase dosage beyond recommended levels(single adult dose – 20mg). It’s because taking too much pepcid can cause harmful side effects both short term( all diarrhoeal episodes) and long term(predisposition to osteoporosis)

So with every medicine we know there are Pro’s and Con’s similar lies with this wonder drug let’s understand them better:

Advantages Of Using Pepcid Ac

Here are some benefits of using Pepcid AC:
– First off, as mentioned earlier – if you have occasional heartburn due to excessive consumption of hot sauce/masala gravy/Pizza toppings then having pepdid AC handy could potentially provide quick relief
– Secondly , If anyone faces mild Heartburn after doing moderate exercise(e.g jogging / weightlifting workout), they could also benefit.
– And thirdly, compared to traditional antacids(or other over counter medication) which only temporarily neutralize existing acid content -by forming an acidic barrier covering inner gut tract butpepcid actually slows down formation of new Acidic components altogether( using acid pumps) giving longer term relief rather than just reducing short term symptoms.

Disadvantages Of Using Pepcid Ac

Here are some cons of using Pepcid AC:
– If you have severe or persistent heartburn, it’s critical to seek medical advice as long-term reliance on medicines like pepcid ac is not advisable for a chronic condition.(Also-called acid rebound)
– Some people may also experience side effects when taking this medication, such as diarrhea or constipation.

When Should You Avoid Taking Pepcid Ac?

It’s recommended that you avoid the medication altogether if you’re allergic to famotidine—its primary ingredient—or any other substance present in the product formulation. Since available formulations may contain inactive ingredients that could cause allergic reactions.
Moreso anyone with prescribed medications including ionising radiation (CT scans), all should consult their doctor before consuming pepcid as they can interfere with these drugs and treatment.

Other instances where one should abstain from consumptions are -(rare group cases):
– Impaired kidney function
– certain forms of liver dysfunction

If someone has skin rashes/hives near neck /face consumption must be stopped immediately .

So we at this stage we know what heartburn is , how does PEPCID functions , Pro’s and Con’s.Let’s take a look at our final verdict!

The Wrap Up: Is Pepcid Worth It?

Many times in life, we don’t always get what we deserve but only sometimes…and thankfully Heartburn isn’t one of them! Because if suffering from Acid reflux – yes frankly speaking “you do deserve” to feel relief,internally and externally too.

In most cases where excessive heaty cuisines, pre workout/ Post workout exercises or occasional drinking leads up-to mild GERD Symptoms then having an over-the-counter medicine option like ‘Pepcicd’ handy useful ensures quick relief.’

Moreover what sets Pepcid apart from traditional antacids & other over the counter meds is that it does not form a barrier to neutralize existing acid instead slows down formation of new acidic components altogether, thus acting as preventive rather than only treatment focused.

You must always ensure safe consumption limits without potential side effects and consult your doctor before consuming with prescribed drug combos.

So why suffer when we’ve got access to such an easy solution!

Finally, there’s no harm in having a few chewable tablets available at home for those heartburn emergencies. Because as they say: Better Safe Than Sorry!