What is oregano?

Welcome, dear reader. Today we are going to embark on an exciting journey of discovery – into the depths of a herb that has caused some confusion over the years. Yep, you guessed it right; we’re talking about good old oregano! Are you ready to become an expert in all things Origanum Vulgare? Hold onto your seats because this article will be nothing short of a wild ride!

The Origins

Before we dive deep into all things oregano let’s talk about its origin story. Where did our beloved herb come from, and who was responsible for introducing it to humankind?

It turns out that oregano belongs to the same family as mint (Lamiaceae). And like most great culinary discoveries, this one also traces back to ancient Greece- circa 400 BC.

The Greeks were the first ones ever recorded using oregano (or at least they named it Orī́ganon). They used it frequently in their favourite dish: pizza… I meant stew! In fact, ‘Oreos’ means mountainous or rocky hilltops while ‘Ganos’ depicts profound fascination or delight.A Greek mythohistory suggests that Aphrodite planted her “magical garden” atop Mount Olympus with wildflowers including some similar herbs such as marjoram and thyme.She said birds could nest there but no others.The presence of bees collecting pollen must indicate something insider-y here since Aphrodite was associated with fertility.

## Anatomy 101

From afar and up close too – leaves pungent aroma.They portray oval-shapes extending upto 1-4cm long surrounded by purple-red flowers occasionally.In other cases,nature blesses them in white colors.Every part of this plant is usable,but its leaves stand out.

Trying out various forms may involve eating raw,dry,time alone or as a vital ingredient in cooked dishes.A mere two teaspoons of dried oregano hold 8 calories,1g protein and fiber.The herb is also enriched with Vitamine K & A,copper,manganese,dietary fibers among others.

Competition for Gastro supremacy?

While oregano has retained its position as an essential player in Mediterranean cuisine (Greek,Turkish,Iitalian), perhaps it’s only reasonable to wonder if modern substitutes have surfaced for such.

Firstly there’s Marjoram. This close cousin tends to be milder and sweeter compared to O.Vulagare.Lemon balm brings some zestiness while basil offers licorice-like flavors.On the other hand,thyme boasts citrusy notes infused with minty undertones.As the saying goes though quality or quantity? Scratch that!You’ll need all four,plus rounds of oregano,to reach gastronomical greatness.Kidding!No Shaaaaaadeeeee…

## Health Benefits

We know what you’re thinking; how many new health benefits can one single herb possibly have? Well, buckle up buttercup because we’ve compiled a list.

  • Boosts Immunity- Thanks mainly to carvacrol – a medicinal compound found in different whole plants like thyme- which exhibits remarkable antimicrobial activities.It could change pathogens’ membranes kinda making living difficult generally(long coverage) adding significant value post-recovery stages.(save coin ready budget)
  • Reduces inflammation-nothing ruins your day quite like inflamed joints,and researchers are still exploring this ancient remedy’s potential on Inflammation symptoms available ingredients offer.Buckle yourselves up folks time travel hop aboard.Yesterdays research suggests anti-inflammatory agents inside bears responsibility.
  • Fights Bacteria: Think foodborne illnesses,but worse.Consider Oreganos’ ability hence presence insuring you’re left feeling safe when consuming contaminated delicacies The rosmarinic acid and thymol inside this herb have shown resistance even in pathological spaces such as pools.
  • Promotes digestion: Is life beating you down with bloating, constipation and other gut related problems?Many tablets prescribed for indigestions may not solve much taste wise,however oreganos’ composition leaves every meal lighter or heavier all deliberate.Speaking of stomach issues researchers predict its effectiveness on esophageal tumors to be a breakthrough. (I’m smiling)

## Culinary Uses

Ah cooking- the one thing that brings everyone together!Oregano could very well be the missing puzzle piece to perfect eating.

Some areas around Italy use it mainly in bolognese,cacio-e-pepe etc. In Turkey -alongside paprika-flavoured lamb kebabs seem incomplete without sprinkles.However, Mexican love channeling thus boasts a different practicality;courtesy of their famed combination mocksrud,oregano works alongside cumin,chili pepper and ground coriander.Getcha-taste buds-dancing!

Burgers,pasta,tacos,salads,fish dishes,e.t.c,you name it.Recognize what’s about to go down?!If not,I doubt if Chef Ramsay would excuse your flawed food knowledge.A penny tip,buy a jar of dry oregno from any supermarket(Mom-and-pop-farms are preferred though),thereafter let us know how many O.V-laced delicacies ressurected after being entranced by ballderdash.That should be easy right?

### Basic Flavour profile
What makes Oregano unique is arguably its powerful essence.Kindly bear some caution when using.The root smell encased is quite potent instead aromas depicted later relate better.Compounds present include:Eucalyptol(pungency,dimethylether-like traits)which increases secretions eventually softening coughs(Eye roll).And corcymene; responsible for oreganos’ unique smell

### Dry Vs Fresh
You may become one of those fierce food critics describing Spanish sauce(the tomatoey blend often found at Chipotle) ‘suspiciously acrid’,thanks to unfresh O.V.To this end,however some foods cannot afford fresh herbs;such examples being pasta and caramelised onion dishes where toppings routinely come after heat application instead during cooking.That’s the moment when dried oregano comes in like a stunting rescue helicopter.Now picture both visualities…

In Conclusion

Who knew there was so much to learn about oregano? Not only does it have an interesting backstory, but it also boasts an extensive list of health benefits(both physical&emotional), is superior for culinary gardens & you can find spritzes almost everywhere.While we’ve explored the most crucial aspects in today’s article,details left out shall be discovered by adventurous self-discovery.Don’t sign-off yet!What are your most preferred recipes with Oregano as the pillar ingredient?Please write below.

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