What is natural estrogen?

You may have heard about estrogen, but do you know what natural estrogen is? If not, don’t worry. In this article we’re going to give you the lowdown on this important hormone and everything you need to know.


Estrogen is one of the essential hormones in both male and female bodies. Although it’s commonly referred to as a ‘female hormone,’ men produce smaller amounts of it too! This powerful substance plays many crucial roles in our body- from regulating our menstrual cycle for women to causing mood swings, hot flashes, and other symptoms during menopause.

But what actually IS natural estrogen?

Definition of Natural Estrogen

Simply put, “natural estrogen” refers to any form of estrogen that occurs naturally within the human body (as opposed to those synthesized in a lab). It can be broken down into three primary types: estrone (E1), estradiol (E2), and estriol (E3).

Let’s take a closer look at each type!

Estrone or E1

This is the most common form of estrogen produced after menopause in women. The ovaries lose their ability to produce high levels of estradiol after menopause resulting in more significant production by fat cells converting testosterone into estrone.

Women who are overweight typically have greater concentrations due very high conversion rates by adipose tissues rendering them prone riskier conditions like breast cancer endometrial cancers.(stay away from junk food ladies)

Estradiol or E2

Commonly called 17-beta-estradiol( which sounds kinda serious) , this type predominates during reproductive life with peaks seen midcycle i.e during ovulation.Hormonal contraceptives interfere with normal secretion patterns leading reduced PITUITARY-GONADAL feedback (idk wtf that means TBH)leading hormonal irregularities and lack right levels in the body.

Estriol or E3

Estriol (E3) is the weakest of all three estrogens but most abundant during pregnancy. The hormone produced in high amounts from placenta and helps with keeping off stress responsivity as well helping to build a better immune system against infections(pregnancy glow?Blame your hormones).

Benefits of Natural Estrogen

So, why do we need natural estrogen?

Natural estrogen plays various roles in our bodies; here are some examples.

Reproductive health

For women, one of the most significant roles that naturally occurring estrogen plays is regulating reproductive health! It promotes breast development at puberty, contributes to menstrual cycle regulation including ovulation and thickening uterus lining for implantation.

It’s also crucial during pregnancy when it influences fetal to placental growth needed for healthy delivery prolonging fetus’ gestational time frame . For men producing less than normal amounts results in more feminine traits. Menopausal symptoms arise due reduced production interfering sexual functioning quality life adversly(sorry guys!blame your genes)

Bone Health

Natural estrogen keeps bones healthy by inhibiting osteoclasts which release calcium from bone matrix increasing likelihood of fractures especially seen menopausally so ensure checking on preferred supplements at this stage. (remember milk won’t fix everything)

Protective effects occur chaperoning ions like sodium,potassium/ chloride that controlling water ratio within cells.(2 thumbs up?)

Cardiovascular System

Natural estrogen protects heart blood vessels via dilating mechanism whereby improving elasticity enhancing metabolic rate allowing blood detoxifying mechanisms work optimally.Menopause puts women an increased risk clot formation events leading fatalities(Quietly packs bags & leaves) PMS-blaming session tips.

Luckily there are ways you can try incorporating these into daily routines check out chart below(?):

Type Exercise Diet
E1 yoga/tai chi/pilates cruciferous veges/omega 3 eg nuts/seeds/salmon/chia seeds/flaxseeds
E2 cardio/dancing/high intensity training | ( not morning person) some dark chocolate too won’t hurt\” | 😉 ” “
E3 prenatal exercise classes/mommy&me groups/swimming “ spinach /carrots/ kales/broccoli/ methylxanthine coffee/alcohol(not recommended for pregnant women)”


This article has given you a brief overview of natural estrogen and its vital role in our bodies. Understanding it is the first step towards maintaining good health- not only physically but also mentally! Remember, there are different types of this hormone, and each one plays crucial roles in your body separately.

While Hormone Replacement Therapy can be provided to manage conditions resulting from hormonal imbalances (whoa), Lifestyle changes should never be overlooked by taking care diet-wise, making physical activity part mundane,negotiating stress levels – may ward off risks associated with many disorders such as osteoporosis(We know gym memberships could get boring sometimes,and bullet-proof minerals-infused smoothie cupboards —don’t forget it helps giving competitive edge while staying informed)

Lastly,don’t downplay worrying symptoms related menstrual functions(that sanguineous gang is nothing to joke about!) ,it’s essential always seek professional medical attention.