What is methyl alcohol found in?

Are you tired of being in the dark about what methyl alcohol is found in? Fear not, dear reader, for I have compiled a comprehensive list that will satisfy your curiosity and likely make you more knowledgeable than your peers.

Firstly, let’s define methyl alcohol. Also known as methanol, methyl alcohol is an organic compound with the chemical formula CH3OH. It’s commonly used as a solvent and fuel due to its high flammability.

Now onto the juicy stuff: where can we find methyl alcohol?

Windshield Washer Fluid

One of the most common places you’ll find methyl alcohol is windshield washer fluid. This may come as a surprise to some since no one actually reads the labels on their car products (come on, who has time for that?). However, next time you’re refilling your wiper fluid -take closer look at those ingredients!

Not only does this alcoholic solution clear away dirt and grime with ease- it makes sure our pipes don’t freeze over during cold spells! The wonders never cease…


Ah yes, paints- without them how would our walls change color so often? Speaking of that ‘color-change’, do take caution when handling these colorful liquids because it might just be loaded with dangerous amounts of megolamide resin which introduces hazardous levels of formaldehyde into the air long after drying which might give harsher damage to people working closely in paint industries ,acetone or METHYL ALCOHOL!

That’s right folks – A lot of paints, especially spray-paints contain up to 20% methanol among other chemicals such as Turpentine,a thinner called Naptha & Acetone among others making it quite important for painters whether artists or conventional ones alike reading those warning labels before purchasing any paint-based product. I know art comes from the heart but it doesn’t have to give you Methanol poisoning.

Jet Fuel

I bet you never thought about what fuel makes planes soar high up in the sky did ya? Well, jet fuel is one of those things that keeps us floating on a metal tube way up high. And… Yes! You’re right- It does contain methyl alcohol!

Check this out: JP-8, which is listed as the preferred jet fuel for military operations (in North America) among other types are found to contain trace amounts of methanol according to research carried out by independent bodies so have yourself some Tylenol or Lemsip coz someone’s gonna be hungover from 40,000 feet above sea level…

Frost Free Products

When winter comes around and frost covers our windshields we want nothing more than something fast and effective to help remove that pesky ice layer. When shopping for such products -choose wisely because believe it or not many frost-free agents use methyl alcohol quite commonly named as ‘methylated spirits’ also often used in bars when lacking vodka supplies 😉

So before guzzling these potions down like your favorite cocktail – Do check those ingredients ! Don’t make me say ‘I told ya so’….

Anti-Freeze Formulas

Here I am thinking anti-freeze means “no freezing” , boy was i wrong …This formula still involves some type of icyness giver -Often Enough ! To keep engines from experiencing a total freeze(a bit different than myself after reading all these articles) cars rely on anti-freeze, however not without adding substantial portions methanol into the mixture.

The presence of Aspartame(A sugar substitute mainly used by fizzy drink companies) along with compound MIs(flushing agents/materials )among others can have dangerous effects if ingested making sure proper gear(as goggles/gloves etc) is worn while dealing with such smelly chemicals.

Gasoline Additives

When filling up your gas tank, you may have noticed a sticker on the pump indicating that the gasoline contains detergents and other additives. These cleaners help improve fuel economy and reduce emissions, but they also contain methyl alcohol!

But do not worry- unless ingested in large quantities it is highly unlikely to cause serious harm -just remember when refueling at Mickey D’s’ always let them know “hold on! I said extra ketchup, Not Extra Methanol!”

Sterno Cans (Aka Cooking Fuel)

Outdoor entertaining is never complete without something deliciously hot over sterno cans isn’t it ? You probably recognize these little heating devices as those silver metal cans filled with heating gel found near-to or sometimes placed beneath dishes heated during events/dinners/occasions.

Unfortunately for many sterno-canners – these cooking fuels are typically made from denatured alcohol/methylated spirits(alcohol whose recipe has been altered) making cooking via sterno cans by definition ‘a round of poison roulette’ to say the least.

Nowadays safe alternatives are available which use chafing gel instead of methanol like this excellent quote from healthmetrix breaks down “ Instead, use wick chafing dish ethanol burners; clean-burning capsules containing diethylene glycol fuel”. Sounds great right? It definitely beats death via salad bar…

Wind Turbine Cleaner

Yes, your renewable energy generating turbines depend on an alcoholic solution to keep their blades clean and debris-free: wind turbine cleaner regularly known as MRC solution (Methane Reformate & Carbon solution)-Uses Methanol primarily due to its high thermal stability properties able prevent freezing unwanted matter attached .

Furthermore wind power brands try using solutions having lower toxins – My only question here is did anyone ask neighbouring cows if they are comfortable with glicoalcohols being used to help the planet? Are they ready for fuelled up flatulence finding a way on your plates ?


Folks, that concludes our full-fledged tour of what methyl alcohol can be found in. Who knew such a tiny yet volatile ingredient was hardly hiding anywhere? Killing two birds ‘alcohol + knowledge’ while we’re at it -hopefully this information saves you from either poisoning or maybe even starts intriguing questions within surrounding industry regulations and procedures, how would my life have turned out if i didn’t read this article(well probably better), anyway cheers to living well & learning something new each day !

Did someone say health insurance ?…..Hmmmm….