What is maskne?

Do you ever feel like just when life throws one too many curveballs, it decides to throw some more? Like how we finally thought we were done with acne after puberty, but nooo! Now our skin has decided to add another level of chaos by throwing maskne into the mix.

But don’t worry folks, I’m here to shed some light on what’s behind this modern-day inconvenience and tell you everything you need to know about maskne.

The Basics: What Exactly is Maskne?

Maskne, as the name suggests, is a type of acne brought forth due to wearing masks for prolonged periods. It usually shows up in areas where your beautiful face meets the cloth – around your mouth, nose and chin – causing pimples and other forms of inflammations.

So Why Does This Happen?

Well well well…aren’t we curious ones today. Turns out there are a couple reasons that work together like bff’s at a sleepover party:

  • When you breathe under your mask; sweat, bacteria and oil build-up on skin causing clogging in hair follicles.
  • Friction between skin and fabric leads to rashes or breakouts depending upon a person’s sensitivity.
  • Then again have you given any attention towards environmental aggressors such as pollution or dirt that might have merrily hitchhiked their way onto your matchmaker ‘mask’?
  • That said if Pimple Pete was always among us than so was Uncle Prevention: washing/cleansing/facial massages….with all the love in world didn’t hurt anybody!

It doesn’t take anyone familiar with skincare routine tips revolving around ‘face cleansing’ very long (this bit goes without saying) that residue oils etc (basic encapsulation wear-downs) attracts bacterial growth sometimes causing infection chances leading to inflammation, redness and breakouts.

What Are the Symptoms of Maskne?

Not one to play games, maskne shows up with simple yet acute symptoms. Some of which include:

  • Those cursed zits that show up on your chin.
  • Whiteheads around your nose area.
  • General redness around mouth or cheek areas
  • Inflamed or irritable skin

How Do You Prevent Maskne?

“Prevention is better than cure” goes an old adage. So, it’s always good to take preventive steps instead of waiting for a Pandemic-free world where you can toss away your masks like badges of honor and head back towards smooth-faced lives (we know that’s not happening anytime soon honey…).

So here are some maskne prevention tips for ya’, princesses!

Choose the Right Masks

The ‘right’ type of mask would sometimes even depend upon someone’s personal preference but generally tighter/denser ones offer more protection so they might attract sweat/block breathability- hence leading chances for pimples etc.

In fact, recent research published in ACS Nano suggests trying out face-wear made from hybrid hydrophilic-hydrophobic fabrics as it minimizes moisture accumulation under our beloved ‘masks’

Pick cloth masks over throwaway plastic ones – who knows how many years will pass till you’ll stop discovering crumbled plasticky thingamajigs lying places unreachable!

And while we’re at it – Don’t reuse disposable surgical/medical masks; that’s easily avoidable pimple-provoking factor right there my friends. 

Keep Your Skin Clean & Moisturized

Numerous studies have proven facial cleansing techniques keep skin conditions in check by removing accumulated impurities stuck between pores due to daily exposure. This leads us onto another bit: “over-cleansing”.

Getting too invasive/frequent with being “hygiene conscious” can be a double-edged sword, friends. In fact over scalp washing/ shaving facial hair/ daily soap usage can also disrupt skin barriers leading to flare-ups.

And you’d never pass up the golden opportunity of moisturizing: oil based lotions, humectants and peptides oh my! These ingredients help retain water, keeping your shmmoooooth…………

Apply Lighter Makeup

Chances are even those Rihanna-esque products you put on for Instagram reviews showcase wrath on masks wink (jk). Jokes aside try and opt for lighter/more natural mineral-based makeup which won’t clog pores given that oily makeup is believed to be one strong acne inducer so word to the wise: when in doubt -go minimal.  

Top Maskne Prevention Tips You Can’t Neglect

Avoid touching your face mask throughout day
Always carry extra clean masks 
Remove or wash re-wearable masks often 
Use fragrance-free/dye free laundry detergent on mask

So there we have it folks- some tips & tricks that might just make living with a mask on slightly more bearable!

Treatment Plan for Maskne:

Now let’s tackle the treatment regime rolling out depression drums as if there isn’t already enough stress surrounding us.

Over-the-counter Acne Medication

Mild cases of acne -an outbreak here or there- sometimes simple combing through drugstore aisles will provide breakouts solutions containing potent acid agents like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.   Another product-of-note includes retinoids formulated reducing inflammation fight off wrinkles..

Or if in doubt consulting experts and find stronger prescription meds since “treatment” part should not be taken lightly by our end,

but remember all these come with side-effects jumbled-yet-reducing irritation risks & scaling down current acne flair-ups.

Avoid Irritation

While tempting, squeezing pimples or touching it with dirty hands can lead to worsening inflammation and even more pimples popping up. Same stands for sleeping pills/creams leading to residue on masks while wearing them leading chances of irritation.  

In situations where getting rid of mask all-together isn’t an option try emollient moisturizers acting as a barrier between skin and masks thus reducing irritant effects!

Dealing With Maskne:

Now that we’ve covered prevention mechanisms from impending taunters like masknes -onto how looking fabulous regardless!  

Being conscious about environmental factors such as humidity levels triggering sebum production through our faces taking moisture away leaving skin dry unskippable instance.

And hey…take these times as a moment to experiment: turns out dabbled glitter makeup around half-covered face onto cheekbones does “not” look bad at all (who knew!)…

With patience and consistent efforts going hand in hand embrace the struggle that comes with having “maskne” until then live one &noop:true happily-ever after amidst this modern world’s demand whilst keeping you face well-nourished..you got this amigo!

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