What is low b12 a symptom of?

Have you ever felt drained of energy, constantly fatigued for no apparent reason? You might be low on vitamin B12. This essential nutrient aids in the formation of red blood cells and assists in maintaining proper neurological function. As such, it plays a vital role in overall wellness.

Here’s everything you need to know about what low b12 is a symptom of?

The Basics of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 belongs to the family of water-soluble vitamins that play an important role in many bodily functions. It helps maintain DNA integrity and facilitates healthy cell division while enabling the synthesis of neurotransmitters that support cognitive health.

Your body cannot produce enough vitamin B-12 on its own; therefore, it must obtain it through diet or supplements.

Mostly found naturally occurring only from animal-derived food products like meat, fish milk products (hence often not accessible to vegans), the typical daily recommended intake amount ranges between 2-3 micrograms with dosages potentially extending up to higher doses therapeutically by prescription under medical supervision such as intramuscular injections.

Symptoms Of Low Vitamin-B 12

Barely getting RDA minimums or less can lead to inadequate levels prompting minor symptoms at first sight but inducing dangerous consequences if left unaddressed over time when severe deficiencies start setting camp down there:


One primary negative effect is pernicious anemia – one type caused specifically by insufficient levels solely coming from respective intrinsic factor atrophy directed related tissue sources preventing absorption deficiency due digestion incompetence inherited immune disorders; genetic mutations (MTHFR) also implicated here serving indirect causes towards nervy system degradation implications along other conditions like dementia almost resembling mere milady Mary Mallon isolated cage syndrome except more complicated requiring lifelong supplementation routines which could save macromystery longer-term trial anyways because who wants THAT: yanking out iron stores and disrupting oxygen transport mechanisms and flushing away vital electrolytes in the cascade while cyanide is released from inactive B-12 conversions.


More generic but more popular signs that some may attest to first are symptoms like chronic fatigue or tiredness, somnolent slump patterns throughout the day maybe even with sleep disturbances; sometimes anxiety about ever feeling better saps motivation adding horrid habitual negatives spirals almost turning into physiological depression along frustration: exasperated breathlessness when exercising or climbing stairs due lowered hemoglobin resulting poor intense muscle stress oxygenation. This creeping lassitude makes one feel like they’re stuck in a time machine running through hours of unbearable living without an end in sight — just endless exhaustion begetting at everything including yourself, situations around you et al

Neurological issues

Low B12 levels may also cause neurological complications such as peripheral neuropathy which could lead to pins-and-needles sensations or tingling feelings involving legs feet arms hands regions generally extended parts below head;

Another symptom manifesting itself is muscle twitching sharp pains spasms especially bundled-in restless leg syndrome sending waves of disruptions extending far on mood swings overwhelming dissonance mental confusion fogginess memory loss frustrating everyday transactions leaving doors open unattended hairbrush forgotten drawers left halfway incomplete sentences stuttered awkwardly forgot numerals dialled telephone blindly because duh its already stored helplessly wincing cringing all over against shocks of electricity down neck shoulder back whilst your fingers numb!

What Causes Low Vitamin-B 12 Levels?

Not eating b12-rich foods mostly: this includes meat, fish eggs moving towards dietary restrictions following personal preference religious philosophies medical conditions lack survival skills hunted animals with homemade spear (our ancestors would have been proud!) probably provided sufficient supplementation needs via liver kidney bone marrow absorbed quantities can not meet minimal nutrient quotas (although fresh grass-fed beef heart makes consumption less irksome).

Additionally Atrophic gastritis, this pesky lesion found in the stomach, is an autoimmune condition causing inflammation that destroys healthy stomach lining cells secreting acids and enzymes required to separate vitamins from food sources. This limits the intrinsic factor’s production leading to lower vitamin B-12 absorption since it requires its presence for optimal levels.

Lastly: Pernicious anaemia account for some cases where antibodies produced conflict own cells leading to a long-lasting depletion of these molecules capacity further nutritional carotenoids stealing eventually guaranteeing deficits becomes resourced timescale needs backfilling hence supplementation remains any viable option until healing confirmation clinics can be contacted through referral requests.

Testing For Vitamin-B 12 Deficiencies

Tests measuring b12 levels in blood are most typical ways but would likely miss more extreme versions occurring (like pernicious anaemia) which will require specific tests like assessing antibodies directed towards parietal cells inside your body flagging your immune system attacking them marking down their tracks invaded territory location code allowing testers estimating when conditions seem right effectively.


Don’t ignore symptoms related low b12 deficiency diagnosed by simple blood test chances diagnosis warrant intervention large enough dependent on individual severity wouldn’t rely requirements consuming off dietary categories first step supplement use necessary assistance once availability established reached definitive health outcomes numbers somewherebetween therapeutic thresholds depending taking action harness tool combative resistance takeoff beyond everyday agony.

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