What is lasmiditan?

Have you ever suffered from a migraine and wished that lasmiditan would magically appear in your medicine cabinet? Well, let’s dive into what this amazing drug is and how it can significantly change the game for those who face migraines.

Let’s Define Lasmiditan

Lasmiditan is a promising medication used to treat acute migraine headaches. To simplify things, an acute condition is one that starts suddenly and lasts for a short period of time. Essentially, think of lasmiditan as a fire extinguisher that zaps away the vicious flames of headaches caused by migraines. It works by providing relief on two fronts – reducing inflammation in the brain while simultaneously soothing pain signals.

Sounds like some kind of magical elixir brewed up during Harry Potter’s potion classes at Hogwarts, right? But don’t worry – no witches or wizards were involved in creating this science-backed medication.

A Brief History Lesson

Lasmiditan was created by Eli Lilly and Company – an American pharmaceutical corporation founded back in 1876. They are known for developing drugs to fight cancer, diabetes, mental illness, Alzheimer’s disease among other medical conditions.

How Does Lasmidintan work?

So how does lasmidatan cast its spell over migraine headaches? The mechanism behind it all lies within our brains’ serotonin receptors (those magic little proteins located on nerve cell surfaces) Migraines occur when these receptors go haywire because stress levels are high or specific triggers (such as too much caffeine) lead to abnormal activity inside brain cells known as neurons.

Think about it: Your body regularly uses neurons, which help transmit information throughout your entire body via electric or chemical signals; but if there exists too much stimulation or excitement going on with these bad boys, they follow suit by causing migraines. This results in excess inflammation around nerve pathways leading you down each path of suffering. (Yes, inflammation doesn’t happen only in your busted up ankle as a result of tripping on stairs at the shopping mall)

Lasmiditan does what we all wish we could do when dealing with migraines and stress-induced situations – it relaxes us. In more technical terms, lasmidatan increases serotonin within our brains whilst activating specific receptors called 5-HT1F. This increased activation results in two things: fever down (i.e., reducing inflammation) and relief from pain signals being generated by those haywire neurons.

What Is Serotonin?

Serotonin is a chemical messenger that’s vital to your mental health because it regulates mood, appetite, sleep, memory and many other cognitive processes that keep you going throughout the day.

How Effective is Lasmiditan?

The effectiveness of any medication usually stems from clinical trials – studies done on volunteers who take part in them so researchers can evaluate how well the drug works under controlled conditions.

In 2019, AstraZeneca presented positive data results for their Phase III studies evaluating Ridelin®(lasmiditant mesylate) tablets for patients whose primary symptom was pain associated with episodic migraine with or without aura.

From this study dosing at rates between 50mg (although some doctors vary reports they have reviewed locally), lasmiditan had shown significant reduction in painful symptoms which resulted from migraines; compared to placebo after initial six hours onset. The biggest takeaway was there were few significant side effects – proving once again that elixirs brewed up during Harry Potter potion classes are not required!

It’s worth noting that even though Lasmidatan has show great promise clinically speaking(results always vary personally still depending on different circumstances/personal reasons); everyone’s body reacts differently to medication, so definitely discuss it extensively with your doctor or medical provider if considering taking LAS!

Administrating Lasmiditan

When it comes to migraine relief, timing is crucial.

Your doctor should guide the process in terms of when and how much lasmidatan you should take depending on symptom onset as well as personal history. A rule-of-thumb dose is 50 mg initial, a figure that may increase over time based off trial-and-error with your medical provider.

You don’t need to worry about making Nigella Lawson-quality meals ahead of ingesting medication; these are formulated for quick release into bloodstream meaning speedy relief acts swiftly- but consistently under review of clinical effectiveness for individuals varies widely.

Side Effects

No medication ever engineered can come without some sort of side effect or two (although a miracle all-natural one would be great – hey very hopeful folks!) Just like anything else we put inside our bodies from food / diets/ sugar consumption etc., different drugs will be metabolized differently depending on individual factors so results always vary!

Commonly reported Lasmidantan side effects include dizziness and fatigue (which some could argue sound like remnants left behind after an amazing night out) while rarer ones include sedation & exaggerated sensations here or there.. Could it also help explain why Jerry Seinfeld once exclaimed he doesn’t want to be a pirate!?

Overall though, since Lasmidatan doesn’t contain aspirin or other common migraine-medications additives that deterence stomach bleeding etc… those who have reactions due such ingredients can rest easy! As always however: Talk through this medication with your doctors thoroughly before using it.


So there ya have friends! While none of us particularly enjoy head-splitting migraines (if you do? Wow -ok) we know now how mysteriously wonderful occurrence known as lasmiditan helps stop said suffering in its tracks by inhibiting brain inflammation cells at root source plaguing you throughout each episode…all whilst helping relieve pain signals generated within neurons….sighs in relief

Hopefully, this article passes the migraine-generating experience of reading something technical and kinda’ dry. If you do have more questions or need additional information regarding lasmiditan; a comprehensive list summarizing its benefits (again- clinical effectiveness can vary then on per individual cases discussed extensively with medical provider) is available to talk through with your healthcare professionals or providers at time of next check-up!

[Thanks for rolling out till end dear Reader…Seinfeld’s reference was nice touch huh?]

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