What is joint disease?

Joint disease, or arthritis as some folks would call it, is an umbrella term used for more than 100 different conditions that are related to inflammation of joints. The pains associated with this kind of disease can be mild or excruciatingly severe depending on its cause.

Fun Fact: Did you know that even dinosaurs like stegosaurus had arthritis!

In layman’s terms, joint diseases boil down to one thing – wear and tear on your beloved body parts. It could also be caused by injury, infections or underlying diseases in the body. Now let’s dive deep into understanding what exactly happens inside our bodies when we have joint ailments.

Types of Joint Diseases

The most common types of joint ailments include:

  1. Osteoarthritis
  2. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  3. Psoriatic Arthritis
  4. Gouty Arthritis
  5. Septic Arthritis

Let’s take a closer look at these problematic punks.

Osteoarthritis – Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

Osteoarthritis hits us where it hurts the most: hips and knees! Caused due to everyday wear and tear on your joints, leading to inflammation and stiffness; osteoporosis affects millions worldwide over 60 years old says Dr Naresh R Shanbhogue, who by no means should be mistaken for a Healer from Hogwarts.

Rheumatoid Arthitis – Enemy Within Us All (Okay Mostly Women)

Rheumatoid arthitis can kick you right in the guts! Affecting women (I’m sorry ladies), but men may get knocked down too; here immune system mistakes healthy cells for harmful ones leading to painful swellings.

Psoriatic Arthr-, came here expecting Dino Rhymes?

Why yes I did., lol, but psoriatic arthritis actually means one thing. Imagine being plagued with the horror of having painful and itchy skin rashes due to psoriasis and joint pains flaring up too? Just when things couldn’t get any worse!

Gouty Arthritis – The Royal Pain in your Big Toe

If Carlsberg made big toes….they probably wouldn’t make memorable ones thanks to gouty arthritis! Due mostly to eating unhealthy-rich foods and not enough water (Don’t be lazy people, drink agua.) It usually starts with a painful big toe.

Septic Arthritis – Not Wanted at Parties or Friends Group Chats

Septic arthritis is basically a party crasher you do not want around since it’s caused by bacterial infections that rush and wreck mostly knee joints. Best place for bacteria should be inside your gut – this should brighten our day huh?

Symptoms of Joint Diseases

So how can we tell if we are dealing with joint problems? Here are few signs:

  • Painful Joints
  • Limited Movement
  • Tender Joints which feel warm due to inflammation.

Other symptoms may vary between types of joint diseases although they all share some common characteristics like fatigue, malaise etc.

Although none of these sound good on their own let’s take solace in knowing that our bodies give us warning signals beforehand so we can nip things in the bud earlier.

When Should You See A Doctor About Your Joints?

Here are few signs that signify rather than keep procrastinating its time someone else(Doctor) took charge especially if you experience:

  1. Sudden swelling or pain accompanied by other illness nuances as fever.
  2. Limping while walking or sudden trouble moving around without feeling sharp pain stabs##
    3 Trouble sleeping well most nights because weather changes increase your discomfort levels on repeating patterns such as bending over movements or during cold snaps.

A medical professional could always help diagnose the type of joint problem and provide a suitable treatment plan or prescriptions (and don’t worry it ain’t overpriced to see one – your life matters!).

Treatment methods for Arthritis

There are different methods health professionals recommend for dealing with arthritis:


Over-Counter Meds-Superheroes like paracetamol/acetaminophen, Advil etc. designed to suppress fever & inflammation serve well for mild relief aches without involving stronger scripted drugs.

Prescription-Meds/Painkillers – When you can’t stop grimacing in pain despite taking OTC meds, prescription meds such as Celebrex which target painful inflammations may be prescribed### but let’s not win ourselves another hospital bed-staycation by abusing them!


Physical therapy first usually aims at maintaining joint flexibility is put forward if there no surgery concerns. Exercise regimens/light routines such Yoga sessions built around respiration techniques/clight resistances prove useful too This program must run under your Doctor’s supervision though##

Occupational therapy is recommended mainly when joints involved interfere with everyday tasks being difficult to complete previously completed easily. Canes/Crutches/Walkers aimed at supporting injured areas compliment this sort of undertaking.

Understanding what causes/arthritis/is pretty straightforward really – most cases point towards age-via natural process wear and tear on our bodies. Other times from mere accidents/injuries sustained whilst indulging in physical activity performing exciting feats! Always better safe than sorry so exercise caution, don’t hurt yourself playing with T-Rex%!.

So there we have it folks, an overview of what Joint Diseases are all about; these tips/advice help us lead fulfilling lives while countering mental & emotional stress levels allowing healthy minds/body harmonization thus making even when arthritis does afflict us,treatment runs smoothly ultimately the aim towards faster healing begins earlier on!