What is it called when you have low self esteem?

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re feeling blue – or your curiosity got the best of you. Either way, we’re here to discuss the ‘D’-word: depression. But wait! Before your mood plummets further down than a penny in a wishing well, let’s take a deep breath and focus on something that affects so many people: low self-esteem.

What does low self esteem mean?

Low self-esteem is exactly what it sounds like: not liking yourself very much for one reason or another.

But don’t worry if people tell you how great their senior year was and now they have perfect mental health. We all battle with some version of negative thoughts about ourselves at different stages of our lives.

Let’s break down the meaning behind having low-self esteem:

Lack of Self-Worth

When someone has little confidence and doesn’t trust their abilities to succeed in different activities or handle tricky situations, then said person has bottom-of-the-barrel belief in themselves. This leads them to undervalue themselves which ultimately lowers their motivation leading them towards passing off opportunities that would otherwise promote personal growth.

Past Failure

We all fail at some point; However getting past a failure can be quite hard especially with things like criticism from family/friends/ colleagues coming into play making us feel worse about it than needed. If every mistake feels like the end-all-be-all top-of-Everest level defeat no matter how minute it may seem for everyone else around us odds are skewed more toward poor mental-health balance.

Negative Experiences

Life wouldn’t be sweet without its sour bits along the way but prolonged traumatic experiences such as bullying; abusive relationships or cycles where negativity constantly surrounds an individual directly contribute towards creating an unhealthy and disturbed psyche leading to damaging consequences including loss of confidence and depression.

How to Know if You Have Low Self Esteem ?

Maintaining self-awareness can be difficult at times but identifying when you are having low self-esteem is crucial in order to improve your mental health. Here are some common symptoms that could indicate poor self-esteem:

Feelings of worthlessness

If you feel like a burden or constantly think others would do better off without/are thinking negatively about you , then these feelings should raise the flags of low-self esteem.

Negative thinking patterns.

When every thought, no matter how inconspicuous it may be, turns into a major disaster scenario limited only by our fears and doubts there’s potential danger just around the corner. It takes immense conscious effort , at first ,to rewire those neurons which have been fed on fear for so long.

Avoiding Social Situations

“Sorry not tonight. How about another day,” eventually turn into “Maybe I’m bothering them.”

Not wanting to hang with people who uplift us can quickly spiral us towards isolation leading further down the hole.

Causes of Low Self Esteem

Understanding where we began heading down this path allows for corrective measures – let’s lace up our boots and start correcting our trajectory!

Here are several causes that result from someone finding themselves battling against the tide due to what they’ve experienced in their lives :

Unsupportive Families

Our families although well-meaning; However get things wrong sometimes especially while raising kids as diverse individuals everyone has different experiences – some parents unintentionally damage fragile young egos this impact lasts lasting until adulthood.

Family dynamics shape personalities right from a tender age through consistently reinforcing messages and behaviors toward an individual – Breaking out of these molds becomes extremely challenging since its imprinted onto individual psyche over time .

Unfortunately many cultures & societies perpetuate harmful traditions emphasizing strict roles such as imposing ideals upon children at home whether that includes insisting boys don’t show emotion or girls always be pretty tending to grooming.

Negative Life Experiences

When one fails at something or faces a challenging situation, it’s normal human behavior to ruminate on shame, blame and berating the self. If experiencing negative life experiences leads towards a toxic framework for future decision-making processes then snagging onto loops full of doubt becomes easier leading us further down into an absolute abyss.


In today’s world everyone constantly is chasing their tails trying to reach unreachable standards – social media only increased this pressure. Making even ordinary folk wade through unattainable body types; occupations, relationship dynamics et cetera while enforcing self-doubt and bordering borderline overthinking in everyday tasks.

How to Cope with Low Self Esteem

Coexisting with depression isn’t easy but there certain ways that may help mitigate effects when dealing specifically with low-self esteem:


Overworked body exhausts our mind just as much as vice versa – taking care of ourselves is important not only physically but mentally too! Whether it means getting your daily greens on time or taking up knitting because you’ve always wanted intricate scarves which are never available in store keeping busy boosts confidence by delivering successful outcomes regardless big small

Change Behaviors

Breaking out of old habits allows you to take-on new perspectives challenging preconceived notions that may have been hurting mental health giving clarity about causing factors energizes toward maintaining better work-relationships personal-space conversations etc

Challenge yourself!

It takes some effort along the way towards improving inner thoughts behaviour models however positive action steps offer concrete reassurance towards achievable targets enabling consistent growth attaining/improving intrinsic happiness levels

Low self-esteem can surely creep-up at times bringing down individuals’ outlooks; However instead engaging with tangible action-steps highlighted above successfully might easily break constant negative feedback-loops (Feedback cycles) urging greater momentum moving forwards positively replacing doubtful with hopeful sentiments – Good luck folks!