What is in the organ system?

Hey, you! Yes, you. Are you wondering what exactly is present in your body’s incredible, awe-inspiring organ system? Well, look no further because today we are going to delve into the enigma of human organs and discover all that these mystical entities hold.


The organ system can be broadly divided into eleven chapters; each chapter represents an integral part of our human anatomy & physiology – well 10 since one gets its own distinctive category.

Skin – The biggest wardrobe staple!

Let us start with what covers all other organs- our skin! We wear it every day (well, unless there’s a specific dress code). It covers everything from our heads and necks down to toesies while protecting our innards from the outer environment. It also acts as a sensory organ by interpreting touch sensations so we can feel emotions like love or pain.

Cardiovascular System- Pumping blood throughout via CV squad

First things first: remember when they taught us about those loops in elementary school where water keeps moving to different sources? Well similarly, let’s understand how oxygen moves through-out our bodies… Enter “The Cardio vascular system”/CV Squad!. With the help of 3 main elements i.e., heart,lungs and vessels (aka pipes carrying the good stuff), this gang make sure it delivers life sustaining oxygenated-blood everywhere!

Heart: Thump-A-Thump

Every time you fall head-over-heels for someone or something( perhaps while binging on food,) have appreciation for some pal who never takes time off from work.-Your Heart which ensures proper circulation occurs around-the-clock….a thankless job! This vital muscular-clad Bodyguard is responsible for pumping purified blood back into-system.Now imagine if Hematopoietic stem cells could unionise; then WBC would go on strike citing ‘unfair working conditions’

Lungs: The respiratory ninjas

It’s not just beaches that offer sun and sand. Our lungs do, too! They have tiny sacs called alveoli that help in absorbing O2 molecules like those beach shorts absorb sand. So if you see someone on the beach gasping for breath, suggest they try inhaling salt air instead of smoking weeds..or maybe smoking some after-inhale makes more sense? Just a thought!

Vessels: ‘The Paved Pathway’ You will love to walk on.

Picture this – Oxygen is ordered from the kitchen by brain cells; waiters (RBC’s/Red Blood Cells) come around with proper mesh baskets i.e.,haemoglobin to take food(Ordered Oxygen)catering suitable environment(diameter of vessels),for them to travel easily whereas excess water + sugar will be segregated away as waste products(though we never complain when rich sugary delicacies are served)

Respiratory System- Breathe In ,Breathe Out

We guess Rajnikanth must be aware how crucial inspiration & expiration for survival…it becomes even more exciting when we introduce him to our Respiratory system (our own sort-of-superhero squad).

Thus it comprises Nose(more than facial adornment),Trachea,Lungs(Bros aka respiratory epithelium)+Diaphragm(but let’s not break his harmony).Dont miss snorting your way down memory lane thinking about tricolor chole/kulcha Naans which unknowingly may make Breathing difficult.

Let’s dig deeper into these bad boys (Respiratory epithelia): As countless particles enter along with each and every breath you take(and don’t give back); patiently waiting cilia moves up-downwards hustling outside intruders towards exit doors(tearing up eyes whilst doing so sometimes!)

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