What is hysterical neurosis?

When it comes to mental health diagnoses, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s just a bunch of nonsense. But when you hear a term like “hysterical neurosis,” you can’t help but wonder: is this some kind of joke? Well folks, I’m here to tell you that hysterical neurosis is no laughing matter. In fact, it’s a serious condition that affects millions of people worldwide. So let’s get down to business and figure out what the f hysterical neurosis really is.

The Basics

Hysterical neurosis (also known as conversion disorder) is a condition in which a person experiences physical symptoms without any underlying medical explanation. These symptoms may include things like paralysis, blindness, or seizures – basically anything your hypochondriac roommate has likely googled at 3am on WebMD in order to diagnose themselves with before finally settling on ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’.

These symptoms are believed by psychiatrists as often occurring involuntarily and call them Psychogenic– This means they stem from psychological rather than physiological causes such as tumours etcetera( please let us not go there.)

However unlike these annoying Roommates who think they’re sick every time they listen deep enough into their bowel sounds after Chipotle; convert patients aren’t just making sh up for attention or looking for excuses! No sirree Bob! They actually believe that their back hurts so bad because aliens penetrated their spine with intergalactic probes last weekend!

Breaking It Down Further

So How does one end up having these invisible pains anyway? Simply put “the mind plays tricks” At least that’s the magical fairy tale way it was described back in yesteryears gone-by. Today however we use semi-quasi scientific modes more…like saying things such “there may be underlying psychological conflicts, emotional issues or traumatic experiences that have led to the development of these physical symptoms”.

On a more granular level this can include repressed emotions that stem from any one event such as the loss of a loved one, sexual abuse, and other traumas interpreted by an individual’s overactive/ reactive subconscious. This could mean anything ranging from simply not coming to terms with anxiety building up all your life…to full blown psychosis stemming from childhood trauma where nobody bought you a McRib sandwich at McDonald’s.


Here we go! Did you guys think I was only here to make jokes? To diagnose Hysterical Neurosis then; doctors will first perform an examination in order to rule out any medical causes for whatever malaise seems rampant. Once there is no evidence available pointing towards organic impairment,(as in real body/hormonal imbalances) psychiatrists instead prefer diagnosing using roundabout methods like talking about events from our week on zoom calls. Or some even mix it up and pull out tables labelled MMPI Personality Tests (or Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory tests). These are specially designed quizzes used evaluate mental health conditions.(Don’t worry folks- they tried lab cats too but somebody complained- Snowflakes!.).

Doctors may also conduct what’s called neuropsychological testing which analyses how aware parts of your brain respond during cognitive-behavioral therapy sessions – so The next time someone asks if you want them to read your palm, show them this article and offer “I’ll let you run me through Neuropsych Testing Then Kev!” He’ll love it!


You’ll be pleased(ish) (Hey come on- I’m trying my best here!)to know that hysterical neurosis is very treatable through counseling, psychotherapy approaches… ohhh great just when we’re getting comfortable….also drug therapies ^yay^!.

According to some sources, the most effective treatment involves addressing underlying emotional conflicts through psychotherapy techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) or analyzing dreams to understand mentality.^^whee!!^^

Other strategies may include hypnotism which is obviously not just something Carney folk practice and it has been recognised for its cerebral rewards It’s said that a person opens up more accessibly during hypnosis than they would ordinarily while AWAKE – so Dr Singh- you might want to whip out your clippies and wake me up in 2017 LOL!

Another therapeutic method called “Isberdian Therapy” Is thought by some doctors^someone I think^(to be extremely effective!) – And no folks–even after three hours of deep web surfing; we failed miserably at finding a reference for THAT! Aarggh!

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it folks – everything you ever wanted(?) to know about hysterical neurosis. While this condition may seem strange or even laughable on the surface(beep beep), underneath all that irrationality but lies very real struggle faced by those suffering from these conditions . Although mental health diagnosis can often suffer unwarranted ridicule due public perception towards them… The good news is that help does exist out there for people who are dealing with Hysteria.

The process takes an open mind, professional guidance, patience and will ultimately lead leads patients struggling down road back to greater understanding of their own life story. With humility in my heart though I honestly must confess: Even until this research/my psychiatry rotation , before now; when someone had mentioned ‘Psychogenic Pain… I’d assumed they were referring only to Fashion Week heels-induced agony…. Who knew right???

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